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Author Topic: Staff addition: Cleaning crew  (Read 8063 times)


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Staff addition: Cleaning crew
« on: September 14, 2010, 10:39:07 am »

Every school tends to get 'dirty', in our case in more ways than one ;) so you have to hire a cleaning lady/ladies

This could be implemented on any kinda school. Events could be something like this:

As long as you don't have a cleaning crew, your reputation suffers

When hired, the cleaning lady/ladies could be an addition to your camera's and give you information on explicit activities - like finding evidence of sexual activities in certain places. Depending on their loyalty to you, this will influence your reputation.

This could be implemented on the magic school too, but there they wouldn't be just cleaning up dust, but also lingering spells.

Their quality of work is relative to their loyalty so they need to be paid good so inspections of PTA and such will not find what they should have cleaned up - resulting in loss of reputation and trust of PTA etcetc

The idea isn't completely 'fleshed' out as you can see, but I'd thought I'd share it anyway. Howboutit?



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Re: Staff addition: Cleaning crew
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2010, 03:17:21 pm »

Me likes! And I can just see how some of them might become friends, then a little more "friendly" in the store rooms while the pupils are in class. When and where they're sure no-one will notice... ;)


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Re: Staff addition: Cleaning crew
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2010, 10:28:36 pm »

If someone wants to write it up, I see no problem with it.
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Re: Staff addition: Cleaning crew
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2011, 08:46:25 am »

Hmmm, let me dive a hand into this..... (I'm Armored Raven from FP)
These are just testing ideas, so I'm waiting for people to agree to put this in the next installment

Janitor events -

If Sex is between 0-20, Moral is 100-80, Behaviour is 100-60
"The janitors are taking it easy. They are already trying to clean the exterior of the school environment such as walls, gutters and fences, leaving the windows and other places for daily student clean-ups"

If Sex is between 0-40, Moral is 79-40, Behaviour is 80-40
"The janitors indirectly complain about the unusual appearance of garbage on odd places, while having caught some of the students apathetically throwing garbage onto the floor, not bothering to dispose them with nearby trashcans, increasing their workload"

If Sex is between 30-60, Moral is 59-30, Behaviour is 69-30
"Some of the janitors are surprised that some students are masturbating or even having sex during their cleaning times, sneaking up on them..."
-condition(low loyalty) "...They take note of their appearances and report them to other teachers"
-condition(high loyalty) "...They proceeded to make an 'offer' to ensure the students keep it clean, while one of the janitors made a move right away on a seemingly craving student"

If Sex is between 61-100, Moral is 29-0, Behaviour is 69-30
"Inside the janitor's room, there's a student bound in nylon ropes in an apparently lewd manner as soon as recess started, with degrading words scribbled onto her body where the uniform may cover. Unable to tell apart friend from strangers due to a makeshift cloth blindfold, the student drools as she utters the word 'More' time and time again"

Same condition as above, Reputation below 30
"The janitors take it into their hands to punish students who openly litter onto the floor, by raping them. The ones who littered don't seem to mind having this kind of punishment again and again"

Same condition as previous, Reputation above 50
"Some students act pretentiously close with the janitors, with one going so far as to cling onto a janitor's arm, uttering words of pleasure. Then you see that a janitor is busy having 'quality time' with a student inside a janitor's room, while others must be waiting for the couple to finish their turn"

If Sex is between 40-100, Moral less than 40, Futanari must be activated
"A horny janitor is lewdly displaying her physiology on cleaning matters to students, begging for attention as she rubs her body and wiping cloth onto the window..."
-If you allow "...The janitor blushes under your approval of such display of depravity, and ejaculates onto the window afterwards, calling it her special cleaning agent"
-If you ignore "...The janitor moans lewdly, distracting all who passes by while she continues to do so window after window"
-If you talk her down "...The janitor blushes before tucking herself back on with her clothes, bowing profusedly for being unable to restrain her sex drive"
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