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Author Topic: School/Home mascots for the (slow witted) Principals  (Read 4387 times)


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School/Home mascots for the (slow witted) Principals
« on: October 31, 2017, 04:59:19 am »

Warning: Long post.

Hey fellas, i decided to throw in a suggestion for those like me that screwed up so many events without knowing (I thought i needed to be fit for a quest but i needed to be swift) that ended up needing to start all over again... several times until checking the wiki was the only option... to find that some events are either completed halfway or no-one has made a walkthrough about it...

So i bring a somewhat easy event that will lead to a more flexible way to get ready beforehand to quests, if handedly properly it can work as a jack of all trades-of the sort system, depending on your choices it might allow you to manipulate your enviroment more easily or work against you and screw you over, the difference is that the choices would be so painfully obvious that only the players would be at fault if they screw up.

...I'd rather put this on the Game Developement seccion but i guess that's only for higher ranked users?... W/e let's keep going

The idea is finding a pet, but having a small cute animal and raising it to adulthood would take a lot of time, even by dog years it needs 2-3 to reach adulthood, so finding a street one that doesn't look so bad would be better, the Principal or if s/he wants to give the job to someone else would end up nursing the dog/bitch in a spawn of a few days, the mascot would lead to events like:

Slightly increase in happyness, reputation and loyalty with a teeny tiny added chance that more students join because of the pet.

Decreases happyness, reputation and loyalty if the pet was badly nursed or trained by the Principal to be hostile

Lure more animals leading to a club that would take care of the mascots, also a club that would lead to students taking care of other people's mascots

Decrease happyness and reputation due no one cleaning the messes that the pet/pets leave.

Increase reputation and loyalty by training the mascot to chase off suspicious people (well other that you)

The principal could also take the mascot as the house pet as well leading to the Principal to walk around with the mascot, leading to earn affection from certain characters.

Walking with the mascot would have a random chance of getting a clue for a quest (if not trained) or triggering events that would give from a small to major club (if trained properly)

Increase lust or lower inhibition because you altered the pet with drugs to cause that effect.

Carefully lower inhibition/increase lust on certain parts of the city or the school itelf when taking the mascot out for a walk.

Causing that the mascot/s enter in heat more oftenly (the canines and more specifically the bitches enter in heat once or twice per year at random times)

Leading the mascots to fuck in the park arousing people (drawback inhibition increased until enough lust and low-mid corruption requirement is reached)

Making people in the park start a sudden orgy if you walk by enough times or letting the mascots to fuck enough times to trigger the event

Making people to make out or try to have sex with you or others in random parts of the town if the town is lusty enough, it'll help you or hinder you depending on how corrupt the population is. (I've yet to see scenes in other areas that in the park, aside from the ones triggered by the exhibitionism club)

And finally i'm showing my true colors by stating what'm really after on this idea.

Have sex with the dogs/bitches (Human_on_feral male_on_feral human_male_on_feral human_penetrating ... that one doesn't exist male/male male/female) (This is outside of what i'm into but yeah, the reverse aplies as well)

Have an orgy with the dogs/bitches (Principal being the alpha is optional)

Having the mascot  have values that could make him/her your lover (s/he's constantly lusting for you or just getting extremely used to having sex with you that it becomes a second nature)

Having your mascot assault people due jealousy and Principal not training or being to lenient on the mascot's behavior

Having the mascot trying to assault the principal in public places, leading to positive response or negative response (high lust, mid corruption) also while waking up (if the player decides to keep having sex with the mascot at any time) leading to losing time

...I hate sharing... but... what's fair is fair...

Having the students have sex with the dogs/bitches, but reducing reputation, happyness and loyalty if corruption and lust is not high enough

Letting the school have orgies with the dogs/bitches, same as above but in a greater scale... no guts no glory i guess...

Bestiality orgy in the park, same as above but... hey, new scene... also an even greater scale.

Beast dating site (also beast prostitution) club as a way to earn money

Besides that giving the principal ideas like a proposal to have a pet system (this is petty much why i just used mascot to refer to the animal) on each classroom (also for the teachers, the parents and let's never forget the Principal), being the students the pets (i'd assume that from here people would notice that it'll basically boil down to something akin to having cumdumps on each clasroom, but the female students are also invited to join the fun).

TL;DR: Add Bestiality and classroom pets(tudents) in the game.

Sadly there's just but a major issue here (for me and it obviously is) the fact that there are almost none if not just outright no eroge/game cg/artist cg that features human male having sex with beasts, well, more specifically human male being the one doing the penetration (yeah, traps becoming mainstream is starting to show the changes on beasts penetrating human males)

Also the painfully obvious part is that this event has the principal as the constant driving force since he will be the one calling the shots on this one and the mistakes will call him out for screwing up... now that i think about it, this could also work to make the players develope a sense of self-awareness for their actions.

EDIT: I am not saying that everything should be put in or even considered, i'm just pointing out things that i find useful or are just around my corner... for most of the part, it could just be something simple that has a chance to be developed by someone else as a mod or something like that.
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Re: School/Home mascots for the (slow witted) Principals
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2019, 09:50:14 am »

I want to find some information from this story.
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