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Author Topic: How to Write Events  (Read 9378 times)


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How to Write Events
« on: May 28, 2013, 10:43:47 pm »

This is a general guide to writing events and developing "story". The current plan is to also have game-specific guides in their relevant sections to discuss how to write it in that game. If you have suggestions, feel free to let me know and I may very well edit this document.
So, you want to write your own event? Well, stop in and take a seat! This is a brief tutorial to help YOU to contribute to possible events.

What you'll absolutely need:
  • Picture(s)
  • The Plot

What is very useful:
  • A spell checker (ie Microsoft Word, many web browsers, Online Spell Checkers)
  • Knowledge of how to format the scripts (Game Specific)
  • Know what technicalities are involved (ie stat changes, conditions, etc) (Game Specific)
  • Knowledge of how to program (Game Specific)

The "Absolutely need" category above covers the things that are completely essential. An H-scene is only an H-scene if it has words and a picture. The "useful" ones are to speed up the process and give you more control over your events. They could be decided by other programmers as we implement them, but not only is it easier to already have a scene, your original goal may not be interpreted the way you're imagining it.


Getting Pictures:
To get pictures, we have a number of resources.
  • The HHS Galleries are probably the most obvious source of pictures.
  • The Art Discussion should be another obvious choice. There are a few downloadable images and you can open discussions specifically for finding art, which all forum goers can assist you in.
  • E-hentai has a number of useful galleries at your disposal. Try the Artist CG, Game CG, and Image Set categories to narrow your search. In addition, you can narrow it further with various tags, such as schoolgirl, teacher, etc.
  • Hentai CG is another site that allows you to download various CG sets, also defined with tags.
  • Sankaku Complex
  • Gelbooru

When selecting your drawings, pick things that do not have text. This includes speech bubbles, overlaid text, and logos (though remembering the source is useful for when people ask). Also, pick colored images. This is super easy since most of the images you'll find are colored anyways.

The Plot
There are two ways you can go about this:
  • Write a story and find some images to match it
  • Pick the images and write a story that matches them

They both have their own pros and cons. Personally, I find that if I try to write a story first, I cannot find images that properly convey the sequence. Thus, using the second options would help keep the images most relevant and increase immersion. However, if you have something that you absolutely want to write the story about, by all means do so! Just don't think in terms of "I want to do an event with the Onsen owners who are a pair of identical triplets identical triplets except one has blue hair, one has red hair, and one has tentacles for hair". You're not going to find matching images. Be willing to change the specifics a bit based on what images you've found that have inspired you.

Spelling and Grammar
I understand that many of us are not native English speakers. That being said, please try to use a spell check. These are available in Microsoft Word, Libre Office, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. Just copy and paste your script into one of these and work out what does not work. If you need help, just ask on the forum. Those of us who are fluent in English can help you out with specific questions that a spell check stubbornly refuses to answer.

Formatting the Script
Depending on what game you are writing the scripts for, this can vary a bit. For the most part, be aware of how much space you have to write with. With that being said, there is a standard format you can use. There's an example below, although I'm sure someone can come up with something better than this :\

Code: [Select]
[show image bathgirl1.jpg]
"You see a girl getting ready to leave after cleaning up the equipment. Everyone else has gone home."
Claire "Finally! I need to rinse this sweat out of my hair!"
  Choice 1: Leave
    "You turn away from her as she removes her clothes to let her bathe in peace"
  Choice 2: Watch
    [show image bathgirl2.jpg]
    "She removes her clothes and gets in the shower, giving you a great show of her athletic body"
    "You rub one out while she sings the school's victory theme, splurting it into a nearby drain. A victory indeed!

OK, so maybe not exactly how Shakespeare would have done it, but it's pretty decent. Notice what we did:
  • Background: We stated exactly what was supposed to be showing and when we start showing it.
  • Who's talking: We're clear when someone is talking, such as Claire. You also have access to a generic narrator voice, which are the lines without a name in front of them, and choices for a branching plot.
  • New Page: Although not required, we showed where new a new page starts. By that I mean that when you click during an event, it displays the next page of text (page? screen? I'm not sure of the terminology). The programmers could do this themselves, but it makes it a bit easier for them if you can separate the lines. Don't put too many letters on one line if you can help it.
  • Indents: Notice the indentation we used. This clearly shows us how it starts, then indents for the choices. Each of the choices is indented a bit with the contents of that choice even farther indented. This makes it quick and easy to identify what lines are part of what choices. Technically, you can have choices inside choices and still make sense of it using this format. I put it in Code and just put a few spaces in it. If you want to see it yourself, click the "Quote" button on the top of this post and scroll to the bottom to see the details.

Note that this does not include the actual programming. Anyone on here with a good idea for an event can do this much regardless of their programming skills. I'll post links to the programming tutorials when we have them up (HHS+ technically has one, but we're about to change them so meh.). Typically you can get advise on programming in the relevant threads.

Again, feel free to post feedback.
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Re: How to Write Events
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2014, 01:13:32 am »

I just started making events yesterday and you made a really good points, sometimes it is hard to find images that suit a storyline you wrote first. When I had people check my event, it was noted that 2 out of 4 of my images used were loosely following the storyline that I made.

After getting that feedback, I decided to search for pictures of certain types with certain elements and then place those pictures into my event and use the pictures themselves for inspiration on the text. I think this will greatly improve the content of a said event.


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Re: How to Write Events
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2018, 09:47:08 am »

I like the story that you bring to talk very much. Because it made me find more information to talk to you.
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