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Author Topic: Cleopatra  (Read 8552 times)


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« on: October 31, 2015, 02:17:18 am »

So apparently the story of how Cleopatra had a giant sex religion is surfacing on the net again, did a little research and found a good abridged article


I think that we can make some events with this, maybe something like Keller 'should' be teaching history first and focuses a lot on egypt and whatnot. And then she wants to get into her sex ed classes, AND/OR we can have the cosplay club have an egyptian day. Maybe even have a few students(or keller) wanting to do this event of sorts using a classroom that isn't being used (or with keller using the dungeon even though it's a bit different maybe we can add a sub-section of the dungeon like a punish room and reward room).

The document the honor students hand to you to approve the activity (since it might not be club related) doesn't have an end date (or is obscured, but overall you don't care it's an empty classroom for what you assume is one or two days) while the summary of the event is basically a history lesson on ancient Egypt while they use Xroom overnight (as a choice given to go with I guess Keller to supervise if YOU decide you don't trust them enough overnight). Their event will go on from fri night to sun night. if you choose to check on them on the weekend or on friday after X time, the first time you get an even saying you never agreed to this giant sex orgy and you will not have it, while one of the honor students hands up a copy of the activity event paper you signed off on to you, saying they used some ink that shows up only under certain light, light used in photo copiers oddly enough. They threaten your position with these copies saying that 'you allowed this kind of event while we can act all innocent saying we were trying to pull a prank to see what you'd do' if you decide to do anything to disband or disrupt this event. And this can go further too probably, if you're submissive maybe they can blackmail you into being a part of this weekly orgy, or if you're dominant we can make you a dom in this weekly orgy.

If we can, and I think it's doable, we should add in some of 'cleopatra's personal teachings' (it's from one of sinner's artworks with elsa's dungeon) I mean to be fair we could give it to Keller too


for those not wanting to click the link
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-breaks her hymen (which might be debatable to work that in)
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Re: Cleopatra
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2019, 08:48:30 am »

I'm going to sign up for this forum to get more insights.
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