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Author Topic: Abstinence club  (Read 6692 times)


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Abstinence club
« on: September 23, 2016, 06:40:21 pm »

The Abstinence club is not exactly what it sounds like, unless you read the H-manga which I'll link below


I think I would like to touch on more of what chapter 1 was doing and some of chapter 2, slowly acclimating the girl into sexual things with a misunderstood concept to abstinence. While we could either focus on a random girl or have it be your sister (considering that anette already has her webcam show corruption i don't think she'll be a good fit but it's out there)

The girl can come approach the principal kind of the same way compared to the manga. After the sexy school uniform rule is passed and enforced saying that she's not comfortable with this rule and the boys in her classes keep staring at her and making obscene comments and the like and you can respond with

-you will talk to the boys in the school about proper behavior (will repeat event every x days as long as criteria are met)
-ask her if she has considered abstinence (start the even chain)

(From here it's basically the mangas first chapter extended)
Principal: keeping the boys in check would be quite a challenge, lets try a different approach instead, if you get accustomed to sexual things then the boys won't even faze you. I'll help you out, we'll start a club just so i can put it on paper to sanction a room for you (PTA meeting room perhaps? since it's secluded by the principals office and she'll feel safer there) after school for this, we'll be the only members of course. I'll slowly provide you with sexual experiences so you'll grow a tolerance so you won't be bothered by the behavior of the boys and they'll lose interest and move on. In short we'll be suppressing your libido the more you have these sexual interactions. Lets call it the abstinence club.
Girl: Your help is really appreciated I don't think I can thank you enough principal, I feel so lucky you'll be giving me personal attention after school.
**nothing will happen until you actually open up the club school club tab

events will happen maybe every 3 or 4 days, i think that every day will escalate to fast while once a week would be to slow, so with it being every 3 assuming these events can only happen on school days there's a chance you can trigger 2 events in one week
i think events should also repeat until the next one is triggered
(for sake of brevity P is principal and G is the girl student)

event 1-
P: lets just start off slow and take off your top
G: B-but then you'll see me in my bra
P: it's only natural we start there I won't be seeing your naked body and it's not like you're covering anything up with a bra that's not being covered up by a bikini.
G: I don't wear bikinis though, they are to revealing, I much prefer wearing a one piece swimsuit.
P: While you may like that I think it's only because you're still in your comfort zone, this is why we started the club, but you won't be making any progress if you don't start somewhere.
G: You're right, plus you're going out of your way to help me with this, I may be nervous, but if you think this will help I'll do it.
She takes off her top and reveals her bra, you two keep talking until club activities are over to help her get accustomed to this

event 2-
P: Now that you've grown accustomed to showing your bra, I think it's only natural you let me look at your panties next.
G: My panties?! I think this is escalating too quickly
P: No, it's only natural that the boys will want to look at your panties even more than your bra, you need to get accustomed to that...in fact if you think about it while you walk upstairs some of the boys might already be peeking at them.
G: I never thought about it like that *she covers her skirt with her hands* you're probably right, I can't believe that boys could have been looking this entire time
P: Yes so I think this is a crucial step in learning abstinence since regardless if you quit or not, the boys will probably just continue doing this. We can't have you freaking out by just having your panties be seen.
G: You're right, I need to do this to suppress my libido like you said
She takes off her skirt and reveals her panties, you two keep talking until club activities are over to help her get accustomed to this

event 3-
P: I hope you're feeling more comfortable than when we started
G: Yes, going slow is definitely working, I am starting to feel more and more relieved each day
P: That's great, I'm glad that you're getting accustomed to being in both your bra and panties so I figure today you should be in just your bra and panties, you're not nervous are you?
G: N-no...well just a little, I know I have made good progress so far thanks to your help, I have no reason to doubt you now
She takes off her clothes only to be in her bra and panties, you two keep talking until club activities are over to help her get accustomed to this
P: I'm glad that you're making progress and I think it's time we give you a little homework
G: What do you mean? Be in my room in just my underwear?
P: Well that wasn't what I had in mind, but that is a good idea. In addition to that I want you to go out shopping and buy some panties that show more skin, it's all about keeping your libido in check.
G: Ok, I will go to the shopping at my earliest convince, wait just panties?
P: Yes, I'd like you to stop wearing a bra from now on. I would like you to get used to the sensation of clothes rubbing against your breasts compared to the padding of a bra.
G: If you say it will help me out I will start, I mean stop wearing a bra.

**next event can only be triggered by a scene in one of the hallways
the guys are walking thru the hallways near the female student whispering and telling (some generic text) everyone that she doesn't have a bra on and that they think they can see her nipples too
event 4-
G: All the boys were saying such perverted things today about me, everyone noticed.
P: Well the point is to not be bothered by their reactions, were you?
G: yes I was, one boy said he was gonna fap, this is getting out of hand.
P: No, no, it's just starting to escalate which is why we need to get started on our meeting here to day so things like this won't bother you, take off your top, I will start to fondle your breasts today.
G: What?!
P: Yes, after what you just told me I think that the boys will probably start to try to "accidentally" touch you on either your breasts or butt so we'll ease into it by fondling your breasts first, but before we get started, lets see if you completed your homework, can you show me your panties?
G: Ok, you're right, I'll undress, I mustn't let the boys get to me.
P *starts groping and fondling her breasts G moans*
P: I'm glad you completed your homework and got more revealing panties, but you can't react to this, if you react that just means that they will win. Your moaning will be sure to get them aroused, you must keep your voice down to the bare minimum if you can't manage to just be quiet.
G: O-okay...I'll be sure...to keep...myself...composed at all times.
*you notice a few wet spots on the floor, she must be starting to get really wet if it's going thru her panties like this*
P: Ok, I think that's enough for today, we can continue where we left off next meeting

event 5-
G: Thank you so much for helping me, I feel like I've become better acclimated since we've started...but
P: Let me guess you're still thinking about the other day when the boy said he was 'gonna fap', you're still bothered by the idea aren't you?
G: Yes, how'd you know?
P: I noticed a change in your body language ever since, I was thinking that maybe, how do I put this? Oh, have you ever tried masturbating before?
G: No, I have never masturbated before, you think that's what's bothering me?
P: Precisely, although I think it's just from not knowing what the experience is actually like, you need to experience the pleasure first-hand. I'm sure the thought of it after your done won't be bothering you anymore, why don't you try it out now?
P: I'm not sure if you've noticed but I've been locking this room so that no one else can get in here ever since we started, your privacy is of the utmost importance to me, besides how will I know you you do it at home, your parents might keep disturbing you. I've also seen your boidy before there's nothing to be ashamed of and you can go at your own pace.
*G sits down and starts to rub her pussy*
G: This is how I'm supposed to do it right?
P: That's how people start off generally, just to start getting your love juices flowing, you'll find that you'll experience a lot more pleasure if you rub your clit. Also try rubbing and pinching your nipples, it'll help get you more in the mood
G: It feels really good...so boys also...feel pleasure like this when...they fap?
P: Something like that, the pleasure of a penis and a vagina are different sensations so it's hard to compare, but you to do more than just rub your pussy, try inserting a finger.
G: Ahh..it feels really...really good
P: I know this is your first time and you're doing great holding in your voice, but I think we can make an exception here, be as loud as you want, you should be experiencing your first orgasm soon. Why don't I lend you a hand.
*P starting eating out G*
G: *moans a lot and loudly*
P: *licks lips* Well how was your first orgasm?
G: It felt amazing, I can't believe I haven't done this before.
P: Good, now I want you to masturbate once a day, so you'll get used to the feeling and as practice to keep your voice to a minimum when you cum.
G: I think this is the best homework assignment anyone could give me
*After G leaves*
P: I bet that she's not the only student that doesn't know about sex, maybe a theoretical sex ed class wouldn't be such a bad idea, I'll bring it up to the PTA
**option to have theoretical sex ed vote at PTA now available

event 6- *note if female principal peter hooter is required as stand in*
P: I think it's time we get you used to a man's body now
G: Wait what do you mean by that?
*reveals penis if man/futa*
**if female walks an already naked peter hooter in and explains how he has been a vital part of helping out the school and can be trusted**
P: This is a penis, I think I can say confidently that this is your first time seeing one in person.
G: Y-yes, you're right.
P: I see you're still getting nervous, but you're improving which is good. Anyway, there's nothing to be afraid of, touch it. Hold it, squeeze it as you would a pole, grasp the glans gently.
G: It feels weird, it's kind of soft, but yet it's hard and firm.
P: You're not doing bad with your hands, but lets advance a little further for the moment. I want you to stick out your tongue and lick it, don't be rough or it will hurt.
G: Yes <sir/miss>
P: That's right, don't bite down, just lick and suck on it like you would a lollipop. Mmm, that's right grasp it with your lips and suck on it. Yes that's the way to do it I want you to practice on a dildo as your homework.
G: But I don't have one, do I really have to buy one?
P: I didn't tell you to stop, but since you're still early in your acclimation I don't think I want you to go into a sex shop just yet, I'll get one for you. Now continue to stroke the dick as you lick the glans. Suck on the glans slowly and softly then follow thru with the rest of the shaft.
P: Get your hand away from your pussy, the objective is to get your acclimated to these things, not for you to pleasure yourself while you give pleasure.
**If Peter is present he will state that he's close to cumming**
P: I'm about to cum so I want you to take as much of it in as you can and to help minimize the mess a proper lady always swallows so be careful not to spill a drop.
P: Don't swallow it all just yet, keep some of it in your mouth, I want you to savor the taste, you must become accustomed to it after all.
G: Yeth, I actuarry tink I liieke ith
P: Oh? You like the taste? If that's the case then you can swallow it now. On another note I'll be sure to get you a dildo to practice with club is over for now.

*requires you to give her a deluxe dildo/put it in her inventory*
G: I didn't expect you to get me one so big
P: Only the best for you to practice with, it's highly detailed
event 7-
P: Ok, I'm going to pleasure you today, I'm just going to simply finger you and see how long you last, you have been learning how to hold back, right?
G: Yes, I've been trying my best each night that I masturbate.
P: Each night that you masturbate? You should be masturbating every night to learn how to get this under control.
G: I understand and I'm sorry some nights I just can't because my family wants to do things and I also have homework and this club to attend as well.
P: No excuses will be accepted, you will start masturbating every night from now on.
G: Y-yes.
P: Ok, lets begin.
G: Nghh ahh
P: Ahh, you're moaning a lot less, that's quite the progress you've made.
G: Thank you, it hasn't been easy, b-but i've got you to thank for it Ahhhh
P: Oh my, while you have gotten quieter you're still moaning quite loud as you cum. This is unacceptable which is why this is proof that you need to masturbate every night, also you came entirely too fast and need to practice lasting longer.
G: I'm sorry it's just your fingers were so-
P: I said that no excuses will be accepted, if you're like this with just a few fingers I fear you're not understanding the whole point of this club is to get you acclimated to this, this is why you can not afford to slack off.
G: I'm sorry I will do better, I promise.

event 8- *same circumstances with peter hooter apply here as well*
P: Could you undo a few buttons on your blouse?
G: Only a few?
P: Yes, today you'll be learning about how your breasts can be used for sexual pleasure, a titjob, now insert the dick in-between your breasts.
G: Is this alright?
P: Oh-hoh! Yes, it's tighter than i was expecting.
G: Tighter?
P: Yes, you see penises feel more pleasure in tighter places, which is why I told you to unbutton your shirt just a bit, so it'll be easier for you to do this for your first time.
G: The smell of your penis is so strong, it's driving me crazy.
P: You must learn to keep your libido in check after all, just focus on this, I'm about to cum so do you remember what to do?
G: Yes, I must drink it all.
*cums to titjob*
P: Ahh, such a sweet release.
G: Mmm, the taste is so strong, I really like it.


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Re: Abstinence club
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2016, 06:40:53 pm »

event 9- *scene will vary slightly depending on gender*
P: You want to quit the club? Is there anything else wrong? If you have any other problems I'd be more than happy to assist. You were very into it after all.
G: No, I uhh...after all the club activities we've done I've gotten a lot less nervous about dirty things so, I think I'm fine now. I'm pretty used to it after all.
P: Ahh, so that's why, I understand. It's great that you've become accustomed to male sexual matters, however...
*P rips off the skirt of G. G is soaked with skimpy underwear*
P: Would you mind explaining this to me?
G: Nooooo!! This isn't-I'm not!!
P: This isn't what? This is clearly your vaginal discharge, you're soaking wet. Your lust must be building up so much that you can't bear it am I right? Look at yourself, you're wearing something that can barely be called underwear! You expect me to believe that you're not lustful and are in control of yourself. The truth is that you're lustful. You won't get any better if you don't get the release you need.
*P forces her down and is about to start to have sex with G*
G: No, please don't!!
P: With how wet you are, I don't need any lubrication.
G: Ahhghh
P: Oh my, did you just cum from the insertion? Your insides are still so nice and tight even after you just came.
G: Don't move! I can't! Ahh!
P: I bet you were getting wet all day during classes weren't you, you dirty girl.
G: No, I'm not a dirty girl. Don't start with my nipples now.
P: I see now, I started this club for you with pure intentions and somewhere along the way you decided to just use it to succumb to your own pleasures. So the cause of all this moisture down here was just for the excitement of when I would finally stick it in you. Do you know what girls like you are called? They're called sluts.
G: Slut? Me, I'm a slut? I'm... I'm a...
P: What's what, I can't hear you.
G: I'm just a dirty slut who comes to her principals club just to satisfy her own sexual needs! I've been wanting your dick for so long! Please lets have more club activities until my dirty slutty pussy is cured!!
P: I guess I have no choice. Ever since I looked at this lewd pussy I thought I'd have to give it thorough instructions.
G: Y-yes please give my slutty pussy an intense lesson!!
P: I'm about to cum to your lewd pussy.
G: Yes! Fill me up with lots of cum!!
*more generic cumming noises*
P: Your lustful pussy will be a tough case indeed, but I will guide it thoroughly until you can abstain from such lust.
G: Yes principal, I will see you at the next club meeting.

**would like to implement an egg vibrator/egg rotor item and be required to purchase at least 1 for next event**
event 10- will actually require you to call her to the principals office at the start of the next week
P: I'm terribly sorry, but I can't stay to attend today's club activities, I have some paperwork to catch up on that can't be put off.
G: Oh, so I guess there will be some sort of homework you'll give me then?
P: Well, I wouldn't so much call it homework as I would classwork.
G: Wait, what do you mean by classwork?
P: I bought you an egg rotor for your pussy and I'd like you to wear it during classes, we need to get you to abstain from such lustful acts and I think one way to get you to get your libido to calm down is to get you to wear this in public places like school.
G: But at some points I'll be cumming right? I don't think I can do this, it's such a big step.
P: No, the point is that you should be controlling yourself so that you won't be cumming.
G: Oh, so it's kind of like a practical test to control myself.
P: In a manner of speaking I guess one could phrase it that way.
G: OK! So just during my classes or?
P: I think it would be best that you put it in you before you leave your house and use it all day at school and take it out after you finish your homework at home, this way you also get some practice outside of school on how to concentrate. You can start tomorrow, since the day is already partially over.
G: I just realized, I never said thank you for all of the gifts you've given me, thank you principal.
P: You're quite welcome, anything to help one of my precious students resolve a problem they have.

event 11- will be triggered in principals office before 11AM after at least 3 days have passed
P: Oh hello G, what is it, morning classes haven't ended yet.
G: I'm already at my limit, I've had this rotor in me for what feels like 3 days straight, I had to run in gym and everyone was watching me, I just couldn't endure it any longer. That's why I've come to give you some payback.
*she starts to give you a titjob/licking your pussy*
P: You really are a slut aren't you?
G: You say that, but you have a boner too/you're completely soaked down here. I can't wait any longer I'm dripping wet, please stick it in.
*she stands up and spreads her legs*
P: Amazing, I can't believe you were attending classes like this. But...
G: Please don't be so mean stick it in, I can't wait.
P: It's too soon, let me do this.
*you take the rotor out of her pussy and stick the rotor in her ass and she cums from that*
P: What you had right there was what people call an anal orgasm, most girls deny that they feel any sort of pleasure from using this hole, but I'm glad that you're at least being honest with your body. Now I'm going to give you what you want, but I want you to notice the pleasure you're also getting from that vibrator in your ass too.
G: Y-yes!! this is what I wanted, it feels so good, I just came again from you sticking it in my lewd pussy, my ass feels so good too.
P: We just started, remember what we talked about, you have to give pleasure to your partner first and foremost.
G: Yes, please use this slutty pussy like an onahole until you're satisfied, I can't believe you're hitting me all the way inside, this is the best.
P: I can't believe how tight you still are, I'm gonna cum, get ready.
G: Yes! I'm about to cum now too! I'm gonna cum!
P: I want you to know that I have actually bought more than one rotor before, so here's another, I would like you to keep one in your pussy and one in your ass from now on, following the same schedule of course.
G: But then I'll be turned on twice as much, how will I ever concentrate?
P: Consider this like an exam, if you can't manage it you'll fail and I'll have to disband the club. Now not only do we have to keep your lewd pussy in check I'm going to have to do the same with this hungry asshole of yours.
G: *giggles* yes, I guess you will.

event 12-
P: I'm going to blindfold you and tie you up today, I think you reached the point where we need to start being a little more extreme.
G: Ok, I'm in your trustworthy hands.
*after tied and blindfolded*
P: Now I visited each of your afternoon classes today, you weren't paying much attention, even though you're one of the top students in those classes.
*pokes pussy with rod or slaps with whip depends on principals fetish list*
P: C'mon, explain yourself, you're actually one of the top students in school. I can't have you slacking off.
*pokes/whips pussy again*
G: Yes, I can explain, I was thinking about naughty things all day so I couldn't actually concentrate.
*pokes/whips pussy*
P: I see, so you're blaming yourself?
G: Yes, it's all my fault.
*pokes/whips pussy*
G: I'm a slutty girl who can't control her lust even when the principal tries to help me learn abstinence.
*pokes/whips pussy*
P: So I suppose I have to punish you then for being a bad girl and not being able to understand my teachings.
*pokes/whips pussy until she cums*
P: You got my tool all wet with your lewd juices, you know I use this outside of having to discipline you right? Make sure you clean it up with your mouth.
G: Yesh. pwaese fowgive me.
P: It doesn't sound like you mean it, I guess I'll just have to stick it in and fuck a real apology out of you.
G: Amazing..what's going on? I feel the rotors and your cock entering me, I feel it all the way inside my pussy.
P: It's simple, because you're blindfolded you're other senses are being sharpened, you're even tighter than usual.
G: This feels way too good, I'm gonna lose my mind. I'm about to cum!
P: I'm gonna cum too, tell me, where do you want it?
G: My pussy, I want it in my slutty pussy.
*both cum and P removes G's blindfold and bindings*
G: More! I want more!
P: Ok, then get on top then.
G: How is this, can you see it going in?
P: Yes, I can see your lewd pussy quite clearly.
G: Please play with my boobs and my nipples!
P: You're such a slut G
G: That's because you taught me so many lewd things.
P: No, I didn't I tried to keep you safe from lewd things, you taught yourself.
G: There's no way I can stop doing something that feels so good, is there? That's why you have to take responsibility and practice abstinence with me every day principal. Kiss me!
P: You're so hopeless, in that case you can come to my office during any break and even after school.
G: Yesh, I will have sex with you every day.
*big final orgasm*
P: I think we've finally hit the point to where you're no longer bothered by sexual things, but we'll still need to work on your lewd pussy some more.
G: Anything you want principal <3
*at this point you can call her to your office anytime she is in school to have sex and maybe call he over to your house for sex too*

These are all the main events that I would like to incorporate, but there's a few extra things that I would like to do that aren't based on the H-manga, I'll use the next post as a placeholder until I can edit it and update it since again they are purely extra and not really related to the manga and will be my own imaginings.
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Re: Abstinence club
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2016, 06:42:25 pm »

event 13- requires dildo harness with built in vibrators. Will also require you to call G to principal office
P: I've taken the liberty to get you a special gift. Since I have to take care of your lewd pussy and I might not be available all of the time, I got you this toy with a built in vibrators.
G: So you want me to wear this all of the time? That's so naughty, how will I ever be able to concentrate? *giggles coyly*
P: I think you should start this immediately, it will be good to get the most out of this that you can.
G: I can't wait to start this new step in my abstinence with you principal.
*puts it on*
P: Carry on with your classes G, we can't have you getting any bad grades now.

event 14- random hallway encounters
**you hear a conversation some boys are having, listen?
-no (sets another random chance for event)
-yes (event continues)

random boy 1: I hear that G has been spending a lot of time after school with the principal, what do you think they're doing?
random boy 2: Wait, what? I thought that G was part of a club.
random boy 3: I think she is, but it's not any of the ones I know, I've spent a day in each to see if I wanted to join and I haven't seen her at all.
random boy 1: What about the cheerleaders?
boy 3 : Admittedly I've watched them but not with the intent to join if you know what I mean.
boy 2: I can't blame you the cheerleaders are pretty hot.
boy 1: So you think that the principal and G might be part of their own club?
boy 3: Well, maybe she getting some counseling from the principal, don't need to be part of a club for that. It seems like it's almost every day, that is kinda weird.
boy 2: Actually I've seen G going to the principals office during lunch and even during some other breaks too.
boy 1: You don't think that the principal is blackmailing her do you?
boy 3: No way, she could sue and be rich, she's one of the smartest students at the school, there's no way that she would fall for something like that.
boy 2:  Here she comes, should we just ask her?
boy 3: No, lets not be so direct, if it is something personal it could be rude, one of us should 'accidently' bump into her and start out the conversation that way.
boy 1: Let me do it, I'm not sure she likes me so much, maybe this will improve her opinion of me if I show my concern.
*boy 1 accidentally bumps into G and falls on her butt with her dildo harness entirely visible. The boys just stare speechless getting erections in their pants*
G: Oh, I'm sorry, I guess, I wasn't watching where I was going. Are you three ok?
all three boys: Y-yeah, we're fine...
*G finally gets up*
G: Umm, ok than, I'll see you later, sorry again.
Boy 1: Was she?
Boy 3: Yea...
Boy 2: So do you think that?
Boy 1: This has anything to do with her seeing the principal so often?
(thinking P: uh-oh, I need to act fast to cover this up)
P: Hello boys, were you just looking up G's skirt?
Boys: N-no principal!
P: Really, I think that your pants are telling a different story.
*Boys try to cover their erections*
P: Well, I guess it's only natural that you boys are acting like this, you're at that age. But I'll have to punish you for violating some school policies, I saw you bump into her on purpose.
Boy 1: N-no, it's not like that, we can explain, we were concerned for G, she's been acting differently lately and we thought this might have been the best way to approach the situation and ask her if she's ok. And then we saw that she was...
Boy 2: that she had a vibrator in her, and that-
P: Wait you're assuming that she had a vibrator in her and would want me to approach her about it?
Boy 3: We're not assuming, we all saw it. And if you were really watching us you saw it too. I know she stays after a lot, maybe you'll see her and can talk to her about this, it has to be somebody blackmailing her. You should be able to do something as the principal right?
P: Hehe, guess I can't really play dumb here, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do because, I'm already helping her. She came to me on her own free will and this is actually the help she needs.
Boy 2: What do you mean?
P: I found her out on the town on night acting as a prostitute. I called her into my office the next day and as it turns out there's a lot more to the story. Her mother died when she was young, making her father her only guardian. And that's where the problem is, or was anyway, at first he started just putting some weak aphrodisiacs in her food just for kicks to see how she'd react and apparently she developed sexually early. He then started to use stronger and stronger aphrodisiacs, she has become so hooked on them that if she doesn't have it after a period of time her body starts to shut down. And seeing as how she's of age now there's nothing that can really be done, there's no real way to prove that this has been done over years and years. She has an overactive libido meaning that she craves sex all the time and something like this will hopefully be able to sate her lust so she won't have to have sex with any strangers and try to live a normal life.
Boy 1: So you've been helping her this whole time, wow I had no idea she was like that.
Boy 3: I never knew she was a total slut.
Boy 2: She must be horny all of the time,
P: We've been having some therapy sessions after school. If you want to help out I'll try to arrange something. Tell your close friends, I'm sure she'll appreciate all the help.
Boys: We would love nothing more but to help!
P: Good, I'll be in contact with you all then, now off to class.

event 15-  *occurs in hallway during last class hours/before clubs start*
Random boy 4: Hey, look, here she comes, take a look. My friend told me about her.
*boy 4 'accidentally' bumps into G, vibrators are clearly visible*
G: Ahh, I'm sorry, this has been happening a lot lately.
Boy 5: No way! it's true!
Boy 6: she's a total slut, look at that.
G: Huh, what? it's not what you think, I'm practicing abstinence.
boy 4: Is that what this is abstinence hahaha, you don't have any idea what abstinence really is do you?
P: That's enough! Boys to my office, G to the club room.
(thinking this is going pretty much according to plan)
*goes to office automatically*
P: Boys, I'm not sure what you were told, but G has a pretty warped sense of reality. She is in a fragile state of mind. I've been giving her therapy sessions, but I fear that she's not making any progress. I believe that we need to take a big step here if she will ever be a part of society again.
Boy 4: What do you mean?
P: I've been trying to council her privately for a while now for her overactive sex life, I fear it's detrimental to her mental health, I mean just look at what she thinks abstinence is. She needs a shock of reality, a real moment of revelation of how things are supposed to work.
Boy 6: So you want us to go in to that club room and have sex with her don't you?
P: Yes, I think this will be what she needs to bring her into reality, but first let me call her other friends.
*goes to the clubroom automatically*
P: G, I think it's time that you graduate today from your abstinence.
G: What do you mean graduate from my abstinence?
P: Well, you're no longer bothered by sexual experiences, and I know this because I've seen you in the hallways, you're practically flaunting your vibrators, I'd say that you're able to graduate. However, I thought that I could teach you how to control that slutty pussy, but for some people, people like you that are just sluts and nothing more, that's not possible. While you are graduating, lets just say you would be at the bottom of your class if there was one, it's almost like you're a failing and not graduating.
G: What are you talking about?
P: How many times did you cum today during classes?
G: I lost track, I don't-
P: Don't lie, I know what a slut you are.
G: 42.
P: See, you're not even trying to hold back, all you want is pleasure thru orgasms. I don't even think you can hold yourself back at all to give any pleasure to your partner.
G: But don't you see, this is a good thing right? I'm able to cum quickly and not be distracted by it, I can do so many things while pleasing any partner I have. Any partner would love me.
P: You're not even listening to me, you're so focused on getting pleasure from orgasms that you won't think of your partner. Didn't you just hear yourself? You said you're able to cum without being distracted...you're not supposed to cum until after you satisfy your partner.
G: What...
P: I said you're not supposed to cum until you satisfy your partner. As a woman, this is the most sacred unwritten law. As you can't think of anything but orgasms, you're just a slut who has thrown away what it means to be a woman. So with that said, it's time that you graduated to becoming a fully fledged slut. You can come in now boys. Have as much fun as you want with the slut.
**orgy sex scene, tbh idk if I could write an orgy, if I ever think I can I'll make a new post here and quote the area, it's a lot of dialogue and descriptions between 6 boys and 1 girl, anyone is welcome to try and fill the void here**
P: So G, how does it feel to be this schools number one official slut?
G: It feels amazing, I love being a slut, all I want is sex. I can't live without sex.
P: I'm glad that you love what you've become, now that you've graduated I suppose that you'll need to get a job now. I'll arrange a private stall for you in the boys bathroom, your job at school will be student relief. You'll be tied up and in between relieving the students, you'll have vibrators in your pussy and ass while you have vibrators on your nipples and clit at all times.
G: I can't wait to relieve all the students...all of them...

*generic repeat event in bathroom afterwards*
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Re: Abstinence club
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The end of the abstinence club until someone (maybe me eventually) writes the orgy scene


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Re: Abstinence club
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Reads like a nice new story. Any images to go with it?


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Re: Abstinence club
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Reads like a nice new story. Any images to go with it?

no, but i'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find some stuff for it
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