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Author Topic: *IMPORTANT!* HHS3 Writing Team and Event Developments!  (Read 9538 times)


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*IMPORTANT!* HHS3 Writing Team and Event Developments!
« on: February 05, 2011, 06:33:22 am »

Due to recent developments with the core writing team for HHS3, HHS3 will be taking a different direction than the other projects right now in terms of events and writing.

Although we will still incorporate random events, our plot event trees will be planned beforehand and incorporated into the game at that time.

Events that have already been written or that are labeled as random are still free to be used in other versions of the game, and no restrictions are being placed on what goes into the other versions of the game other than what the programmer wishes to incorporate.

However, there will be plot events and characters set aside specifically for HHS3 and tied closely to how it will be programmed. Those interested in becoming a part of the core team need to submit TEN events in a thread in this forum (this one will work fine). These will be random events, although teacher events are fine as well. Even if an applicant is chosen, there is no guarantee all of the random events will make it into HHS3.They must then show that they are willing to work as a part of a team and are committed to the project. This will be discussed on the Chat.

If the quality of the work is up to snuff (which should be fairly simple, to be honest - we're simply checking that you can indeed write; grammar and spelling are rather unimportant) then we will incorporate you onto the core team.

Slots are limited, so please try your best.

If you do not make it into the core team, do not be disappointed. Your events may still make it into HHS3. The core team is solely focusing on story events for HHS3 for the near future, and the best random events from elsewhere on the forum may still make their way into the final game.
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Re: *IMPORTANT!* HHS3 Writing Team and Event Developments!
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2011, 01:57:48 am »

Ok, here are my entries


“Whilst practicing her calligraphy, one of the younger students gets very excited about showing you how she has been developing her personal brush technique.”


“As a regular punishment for defying the school uniform regulations, students are stripped and made an example of during recess. The other students are actively encouraged to take part in the “correction” of any such offenders.”


“A craze of exhibitionist pranks sweep through the school. Students contend with each other to publically commit depraved acts in front of staff and fellow students alike.”


“One of your teachers catches a student spreading malicious lies about the other female members of her class. Fortunately you know the student’s parents are incredibly strict and would severely punish the girl if they found out about her misbehaviour. Blackmailing her with this, the student readily agrees to take part in a series of afterschool detentions. Acting on your advice, the teacher takes strong measures to ensure that the student does not utter any more hurtful gossip.”


“Induction into the highly-selective “Hellfire” club involves a rigorous and physically demanding ritual to satisfy the dark Gods. All members participate in welcoming inductees and are encouraged to show their devotion through ruthless defilement of any chosen to join the order.”


“The installation of a glory hole joining the male and female toilets is warmly received by a number of students.”


“An influential parent confronts you regarding the deviant behaviour of your pupils and the active encouragement of this by your staff. In exchange for his silence, he readily agrees to the services of your personal assistant. A small pay bonus ensures that she is satisfied with taking on this additional responsibility for the good of the school.”


“One of the runners for the student presidency uses persuasive methods to ensure the votes of her fellow students whilst taking time to develop her oral technique.”


“The school bondage club work hard to ensure that the discipline of students is kept high and you occasionally assign them tasks regarding some of the more minor offenders. Having thoroughly and visibly enjoyed her lesson, this student won’t be missing any more homework deadlines...for a while.”


“As punishment for repeatedly falling asleep in maths class, steps are taken to ensure that these students are kept constantly stimulated for the entire period.”

Feel free to use whatever takes your fancy. If anyone likes what I've written and/or has any specific requests please feel free to let me know with a PM and I would be more than happy to oblige!

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