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Author Topic: [Story] HentHighSchool F  (Read 12554 times)


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[Story] HentHighSchool F
« on: November 28, 2015, 04:12:22 am »

I had asked about where stories go, and one of the forum staff pointed me here. Regardless, this story is based on HHS+ , and doesn't have much to do with game development, which means this is going to be its own thing and it's up to the devs on whether or not some 'events' in this story will be adapted.

This story is just a spare time creation, and is not expected to update regularly and frequently. Also, due to the non-linear nature of the game, some 'events' present within the story will be modified or develop differently. The 'F' in the story title stands for futanari, feminity and finality. The central theme of the game is simply to corrupt a school, but in here, the central themes will surround each other and serve to set a tone about the premise in a more realistic, gritty and dramatic way. In other words, this story will give readers a chance to explore the greater extent of consequences behind each action of the principal, and how each consequence can spiral into other consequences that conflict each other.

Before I begin, this story will be told in 3rd person perspectives with some mental narrations of the principal protagonist included. I hope readers who read this story can offer some feedback and criticism whenever possible.


' This must be a dream.... '

Inside a dark and vague realm, a single woman, buck naked, was navigating her way through the darkness. Her skin color as fair as a fashion model's while her face was obscured. However, the rest of her body was clear despite the lack of light. Her D-cup breasts with engorged pink colored nipples matched well with shape of her buttocks. What's between her legs was an erect and throbbing penis with the length of 6 inches, coupled with a ballsack that appeared full with seeds.

She was floating in this peculiar darkness. She was hovering and had only partial control over her direction of movement, but she could see where she was heading. The realm seems to be inside a school, and wherever she went, she could see untold number of students masturbating, fornicating, exhibiting their naked bodies..... Male and female students alike, indulging in such socially unacceptable behaviour. However....

' Why can't I break away from this dream? What does this all mean? '

Soon, the dream took a more vivid turn. She was floating upstairs of this virtual school, and she could hear the moanings of women more clearly. Teachers with blurry faces were being gangbanged by extremely horny male students. In different classrooms, students and teachers alike were moaning in a sex crazed state of lust, forming a twisted symphony.

' Oh my boner..... If only -my- high school days were this steamy.... '

The woman's movement stopped in front of the staff office. Inside, another woman was waiting for her with only stockings worn on her legs and a black collar around her neck.

" Welcome back, Principal..... "



The woman woke up with cold sweat around her face after the dream. With morning rays of the sun shining down on the her and the bed from the window behind, her brown bed hair was the only thing stopping the sunlight from blinding her eyes in the bedroom. She was awakened by the mysterious woman who said 'Welcome back, Principal' to her so she had no time to process that intricate nature behind the dream.

But another thing soon got her attention, and that was the stiff morning wood that's under the blanket. Slightly shifting the pink minitop around her chest, she moved her right hand down under the blanket to stroke the manhood she was born with. The action elicited a moan from her lips, and while she did not intend to ejaculate as she was, she did not intend for the erection to last the whole morning. With an exasperated groan, she stood up and walked to the bathroom of her lifeless looking apartment.

"Principal.... huh?" The woman mumbled to herself as she turned the tap for the water to flow.

This is the life of Anita Flense. A principal, perpretator and punisher. She would later become one of the most infamous figures of modern education, shrouded in mystery to the everyday people.

HentHighSchool ~F~

Chapter 1 : Flames, Relit

After washing her face and tying her hair up into a single wild knot on the back of her head, Anita dressed herself in a lax manner at this place she called home. Around the place, there were signs that this place was inhabited by two people. The amount of cups in the kitchen, the number of cutlery, and the number of empty photo frames in the living room...

One month ago, Anita broke up with a man who rejected her due to -what- she is. A very rare specimen of a fertile, intersexed human being. In Japanese pornographic terms, she may very well be a quintessential futanari. However, such an endowment would not avail her anything. Not in the current state of the world, anyway.

(I thought I finally had a chance to be accepted...), she thought to herself.

Anita looked at the photo frames spitefully as she recalled the moment her ex-lover rejected her. And then she turned slightly to the left to look at the framed teaching license hung on the wall, which made her recall another unfortunate moment in her life. The week after the breakup, she was fired from a cram school for making 'sexist remarks' towards a student. She could not remember what circumstances led to that in exact detail, but she felt happy in the moment.

With her career and livelyhood in peril, she tried to apply for other teaching jobs in all possible ways, but she was shot down each and every time. But what was Anita to do other than teaching? She had spent all her younger life getting a license of teaching, and she now had to make do with being a jobless teacher. If there was one thing she disliked more than how her ex-lover was so narrow minded about her biological identity, it was how the school system that raised her this way was still intact after so many years.

Inefficient, consuming, merciless, without innovation....

(Fuck education. Maybe I should be a private tutor and make some small living where I die alone..... But.... that dream....)

When Anita put aside her distaste towards the educational system and thought about the dream she had, her denim shorts bulged up.

"Mmmmhhmm....." Anita moaned.

Just then, the house phone started ringing all of a sudden. The house phone, ringing, after what seemed to be forever. This made Anita stand up and walk over to answer the call in curiosity.

"Hello, is this Anita Flense?"

The female voice of the call asked.

In a rather cautious tone, Anita replied, "Yes, you are talking to her."

"Excellent. My name is Elaine Dickinson from Regional Schools Department. I assume you are still looking for a job?" The caller introduced herself and asked.

"Why, yes. Is something the matter?" Anita asked nervously. She could not recall having good impressions in her previous interviews. Why there's a job offer for her after a 3 weeks of rejection, she could not understand.

Elaine then spoke, "Well, I'm happy to inform you that we've an opening available, so if you are still interested, you will like it very much. It comes with a rent free, fully furnished single house, so you can move straight in."

"Okay okay okay, hold up!" Anita shook her head and then attempt to verify the nature behind the offer, "Where am I going to work? What kind of a job is it?"

"It's a few hours away from your current address, for sure. If you agree to the offer, I'll drop an envelope containing further details inside, into the mailing box downstairs. You have all the weekend packing up and unpack before Monday morning when school starts. Can I take your response as a yes?" Elaine replied.

"Alright, I'll bite." Anita smiled slightly, "Yes, I want this job offer of yours."

"Excellent. Hope you'll do well in your new job. Goodbye."

As Elaine ended the call in a cheerful manner, Anita immediately put down the phone, put on her pair of eyeglasses, and went out of her apartment in a race to 'catch' this Elaine. However, by the time she reached the mailboxes after taking the elevator, she could only see a fading silhouette belonging to a woman.


Back inside her apartment, the first thing Anita took out of the brown envelope was a letter addressed to her. Unfolding the letter, Anita took a careful read on a chair in the dining room.

<Dear Anita Flense,

On behalf of the Regional Schools Department, I am happy to inform you that you have been selected to become the new principal of Smallville High. >

(Smallville? Where the fuck is Smallville? Will there be a Superman in there and a kryptonite in plain sight?) Anita thought to herself before she continued to read.

<I only wish that we could've given you more time to prepare, but the last principal resigned on Friday morning after a meeting with the regional school board explaining why her school was the lowest ranked in the whole region. >

(Because someone fucked up, I'm being selected to go and pick up the slacks? Should've expected it. I knew a few hours away trip is too good to be true.) Anita thought.

<So with that in mind, it would be remiss of me not to tell you that the school has been seriously underperforming and allowed to be run down for several years under the poor guidance of numerous previous principals. After a lengthy meeting, the school board has decided to offer the task of turning this school around to someone like you. Or should I say, someone who has some fresh and innovative ideas. >

(Ok, now I know you're not being subtle with your sarcasms.) Anita frowned as she read on, (And really? Numerous bad principals in the span of several years? I will either hate this community or hate the party responsible for sacking this school's systems.)

<Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have asked all the current members of Smallville High's staff to reapply for their positions with you the first thing in Monday morning. Fortunately, the staff members in question are highly motivated and are willing to work with you despite having never met you before.

As fas as the school board is concerned, you have our full backing to do whatever you feel is required to turn this failing school around. This includes from changing the amount of classes, setting the number of students per classroom, allocation of school grounds, anything. But for the school's monthly budget, I'm afraid to say it is very limited and that we can only grant you the minimum amount of $15000 on the last day of each month. However, as the number of students in the school is likely a deciding factor in the actual expenses, we came to an agreement to increase the monthly budget if the school attracts more students to enlist.

In other words: If you do your job well and the school's reputation blossoms under your direction, you will be granted more resources from our side.>

(What the fuck can I do with just fifteen grand in this day and age? That severely limits my choices each month! And I have to make the school more popular that way?) Anita frowned.

<We will continuously monitor your progress. The students had just finished the first half-year with suboptimal grades and you are expected to improve their education for the next exams and reports. You have two and a half years to prove that you can end this school's misery.

One thing you should remember though: You represent your school, and the school represents you. If the reputation of the school hits rock bottom contrary to our hopes and expectations, we will not hesitate to depose you from your office like the principals before you.>

(Well if other principals had failed so much, how much of a success can I bring? Ugh...) Anita groaned.

<Lastly, for your sake, we decided that it would probably be for the best to keep the staff in the dark about your work experience. The last thing Smallville High needs is for the members to know that the principal's seat is taken by someone who's only a teacher for not too long ago. We only told them you will be 'different' from the usual principals.

Good luck.

Yours Sincerely, Elaine Dickinson (Secretary to the Regional Schools Department) >

"What?! So it's you!!??"

Anita yelled when she finished reading the letter. She could not believe that the person who called her for the job offer was the very same person who shoved her this large of a burden. But what else could she do? The stakes were high. If she failed now, she may never have a living ever again. But if she were to succeed.....

( ' Welcome back, Principal.... ' )

The dream. It called out in Anita's mind.

When Anita examined the other contents of the envelope, she found some spare keys to the mentioned house, attached to a piece of card with the address written, and a small envelope containing a plane ticket. When she looked at the time of departure of the airlines, she grimaced and her eyes were opened to their largest extent.

"Crap crap crap crap....!"

If there was anything Anita would dislike about the principal job offer other than the forcefulness of it, it was that it had to involve airplanes. Being someone who had an intense fear and distrust of passenger planes, Anita was most displeased about the fact that the airplane would take off in just 30 minutes' time, and that Elaine didn't warn her about it in the phone call. Like a whirlwind, she stormed around inside her apartment to put her belongings like clothes, things and personal documents. She had to stuff the teaching license and the frame together into the luggage case, and carry anything that could prove her identity as an educator.

Since the last of the brown envelope's contents included a certificate to prove that she had a right to govern a whole school, she just put the whole envelope containing the keys, letter from Elaine, and other things of interest, into the luggage. Before she left her apartment, she took a quick wash in the bathroom and put on a shirt and a pair of jeans with sneakers.


30th of June, Year 2012

Anita's personal ability to spend on things wasn't great by any means, but she could at least manage a couple of taxi rides. One from her apartment to the airport, and another from Smallville's train station to her designated house in Head Street. When she took the passenger plane from her home to the airport of the nearest city, she was enjoying the ride in the first class cabin. That didn't mean she had any less reasons to be afraid of passenger planes in general however, so she had a helping of air sickness pills and sedatives to calm herself down. From where she arrived, she took a bullet train ride to Smallville's station.

By the time she reached her new home, she was exhausted from both the pills and the nervousness. She had only Sunday to organize herself and take a peek around ths local high school where she would be working for 2 and a half years, so she took out the keys from the luggage and opened the door to the living room.


By the time Anita finished napping, it was already 6:30 at evening. She barely set her things down around the house, and now more questions assaulted her mind. Who was supposed to be there at the school to vouch for her when the time comes? How damaged was the school's reputation? Who were the ones keeping the school intact from principal to principal?

The interior of the house wasn't shabby. If nothing else, it's a cozy home for a person or two, with a working kitchen and refridgerator, and a guest room that would be good enough for paperwork. The living room also had some potential. With an apparent lack of electrical appliances like surround sound amplifiers, the space next to the television and DVD player might be good for a computer set.

But first things first. Anita must find a way to contact any related parties from the school side, and as luck would have it, she found the contact details of one Lydia Swan on the dining table.

"Who would think about finding contact details at a frickin' place to eat?" Anita grumbled. She took up the piece of paper with the phone number written and started to call it through the home phone.

"Uh, hello. Is this Lydia Swan?" Anita asked through the phone.

"Yes, I am. May I know who I'm talking to?" A woman's voice replied.

"I'm the new principal assigned to Smallville High. The name is Anita Flense." Anita introduced herself.

"Oh, a new one? Impeccable timing. I was told you'd be an unconventional solution. I hope they're not exagerating!" Lydia spoke rather enthusiastically.

"Well, I prefer to save up on the phone bills so if it's alright with you, can you wait for me at the school gates tomorrow morning so I can know where to go inside my new school and what to expect? I don't want to embarass myself at the first day of my job." Anita asked.

"Certainly. I'm happy to assist, miss Flense." Anita replied in a happy tone. "What else can I help you with?"

"None at the moment. When I heard about the conditions of Smallville High, saying that I wanted to push this job to someone else would be an understatement. But from your tone, I have a feeling I won't regret coming to this place to work. You and I might be great partners." Anita smiled.

"Wawawa....." Lydia stuttered next to her phone, "...T-the pleasure is mine! I've worked with several previous principals before so it's only natural I have the experience to help newer ones get around. See you at school tomorrow morning then!"

As soon as Lydia hung up, Anita smiled to herself and felt an urge to chuckle.

(When did I get good at stealing other women's hearts?) Anita thought to herself.

When the time would come next morning, Anita put on a professional choice of clothes. White shirt covered by a black business suit with matching pair of black bell bottoms. Although her eyesight was improving, she felt the need to put on her pair of corrective oval glasses. Wearing glasses is a sign of knowledge, after all. Since the high school would just be several streets away, she walked towards the school on foot.

With bated breath, she walked past the neighbourhood.

It was time for Anita's personal reconaissance of the high school she was tasked to take control.

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Re: [Story] HentHighSchool F
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2015, 02:33:18 am »

Chapter 2 : From scratch

1st of July, Year 2012

From Anita's point of view, Smallville was anything but small. It seemed like a mashup of different urban and cityscapes, and the management couldn't figure out whether it should be a residential town, a commerce hub, or a tourist attraction. For what she could tell, what seemed to be living areas could segue into business areas in any given moment.

But she wasn't taking a walk just to sightsee. She had an appointment with Lydia Swan.

Every school has identifiable features that make it a clear establishment of education. Rectangular buildings being classrooms, a large yard for recess, a stretch of land meant for sports, and a surrounding wall. Tracing the wall, Anita found herself near Smallville High, and where the main gate was located stood a single woman. She had middle length dark brown hair and hazel eyes with a pair of red framed glasses. She appeared to be in her twenties, and her figure was well kept under her dark blue colored business attire with a small necktie.

"Kept you waiting, huh?" Anita greeted.

"No, not at all." Lydia shook her head and smiled, "Pleasure to meet you, miss Principal."

"Same here, miss Swan. Most people would have plans for Sundays. Is my coming here going to take your time?" Anita asked.

"Don't worry about that. I have nothing planned anyway." Lydia smiled, "I have the keys to your office. Now that you're here, I can hand them over to you."

Anita took the keys from Lydia's hand and examined them.

"Before we head to your new office, do you want me to walk you through the school?" Lydia asked.

"Sure. A little tour can't hurt." Anita smiled.


"First off, these are the sports grounds." Lydia brought Anita to the sports field made of tartan track and a lawn field. "Well, here you can see the changing room, the field, and the gym building. The place just beyond the changing room is the swimming pool, but one of the previous principals decided that because swimming classes in general just attract too much perversion, the swimming classes were shut down along with the whole outdoor pool. It also saved up on water expenses and maintenance."

"That's bullshit. Whoever that principal was, they had no grit about puberty. Swimming has many physical and mental benefits, and prevents creating social individuals that can't swim." Anita commented.


"These are the school grounds." Lydia took Anita to the school yard after the tour of the sports grounds, "You can see that there's a backyard that has the grass intact. The rest of the yard is now yellow dirt. A previous principal stated that this helps save up on water bills since yellow dirt is easy to keep as long as no one steals it."

"But yellow dirt creates lots of sand mess. Not to mention when winds blow, the particles will fly everywhere." Anita grimaced.

"He insisted that having a lot of grass is a source of animal problems. Keeping the school as sterile as possible is good for the students. I have to agree with that." Lydia shrugged, "The cafeteria building over there is also closed like the swimming pool. Since budget fell short and food quality was too low and outside of the principal's range of expertise, students and teachers have to make do with portable lunches."

"What kind of a school is so impoverished that catering had to be cut just to save up on the budget?!?" Anita almost yelled.


After the outburst, Lydia took Anita through the entrance of the school, where there were lockers for indoor shoes and some personal belongings of students. One could probably guess the number of 'young people' Smallville had from the size of the school building when it was just 2 storeys tall. With a tour, Lydia and Anita made their way around and upstairs past a couple of toilets.

"The building itself used to have computer room, chemistry room, biology room, art classroom, and music classroom. As ashamed I am to admit, the rooms mentioned had all been closed down due to budget and student issues." Lydia sighed.

"What the fuck!" Anita clenched her fists while her head was sinking below her shoulders.

"And finally, we're here at the upper east wing. This here was the ward but it was closed down because the previous principals couldn't hire a doctor and have enough budget to afford the essential medicines." Lydia spoke.

"What else wasn't closed?" Anita asked sarcastically.

"The teachers' office and break room, and finally, your office." Lydia answered, "Right this way."

As Anita used the room key to open the door to the Principal's Office, she looked at the teal colored room with a sense of dread. To say that the school's condition was tragic would be close to an understatement. It could be interpreted that Smallville High was on its last throes. She sat down on the black leather chair at the work table, and rested her right elbow on it to hold her own head.

"That room next to this one is the meeting room. When the school was built, it was decided that the meeting room can only be accessed through here. Maybe there was a symbolic meaning behind it, but it's lost to me." Lydia spoke, ".... You look very distressed."

"Who wouldn't be. I was told to bring this school's reputation up and bring more students...." Anita grumbled, and suddenly slammed her left palm on the table, "BUT I WASN'T TOLD THAT I'M TO MANAGE A SCHOOL GUTTED OF ITS RIGHTFUL FUNCTIONS!"

"Hiiiieeee!!" Lydia was frightened.

Realizing her own behaviour, Anita let out a remorseful look and lowered her head, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't take it out on you."

Lydia lowered her own head as well, "It's ok. I understand where you're coming from. To be honest, I'm not sure how to break it down to anyone. So many rooms and facilities closed down in the name of budget, and now we only have pocket change and this school is barely kept functioning by local PTA...."

"So you're nervous as well." Anita smiled sadly, "If anything, I commend your effort of putting up a calm smile through all this."

"You must be flattering me...." Lydia blushed slightly.

"I'm not. I'm surprised you'd be here for me -at all-." Anita laughed, "But with that said, I'm not a local and I don't know what's going on in Smallville. Just what kind of bullshit happened that could sack this school to this sorry state? I have a feeling I need to tackle that issue sooner or later."

"About that.... I may not be an expert, and what I say may not be correct, but most of the people here in Smallville are about to give up on this school to make it up from scratch. It will follow the hybrid model where the classes are seperated into junior high and high school timeslots, cram packing the classes. It's a model that's deeply concerning, but lately, there has been signs of Smallville residents seeking to move out to a better place." Lydia spoke.

"If they move out, their kids move away with them. Is that what you're saying?" Anita asked.

"I don't want to make assumptions. There may be hope for this school, but I never see many little kids outside." Lydia replied.

By this point, Anita was visibly troubled. A student would be in a high school for just 3 years. After 3 years, whatever payment a parent would give just end at at point. If there are no signs of other parents having children who were still in junior high, then this school would see discontinued use for years to come. Without use, Anita wouldn't get paid as a principal. Even if she were to succeed in raising the grades of the students, her career would be threatened by the lack of students.

"For time being, let's just do what we can. I want to believe that with people moving out, there are others moving in. Let's just hope that the ones moving in have teenage children who are at the right age." Anita looked into Lydia's eyes with resolve, "First, bring me a list of the PTA members in charge of this school."


After a few minutes, Lydia Swan finished compiling a list of names and phone numbers of the PTA members responsible for acting like an emergency authority for this school. Several of the members were current teachers, while others had their children attending this school. Together, they made up for the group of ten in charge. 6 parents, 4 teachers.

"Before you can take total control, know that most of the power behind this school is divided between these 10." Lydia explained, "Because Smallville High has a track record of repeated budget shortages and principal switches, these members had took it upon themselves to manage this school's basic expenses like electricity, water supply and maintenance. The education side has always been left to the principals. They oversee any dramatic changes to be proposed and implemented, but all they did was rejecting them so far."

Anita wasn't impressed from what Lydia had spoken, but she didn't care. She was paying attention to the facial photos of the PTA members and the names next to them.

Jenny Coppers: an intimidating looking woman who's a policewoman. Daughter, Ameli Coppers

June Perrier: a part time nurse with greyed green hair in nearby St. Marie Hospital. Daughter, Rie Perrier

Karin Hardman: a former school doctor, now freelance doctor, with radiant pink hair. Daughter, Sierra Hardman

Sandra Titsbig: another nurse in St. Marie Hospital with dark blonde hair. Daughter, Felicia Titsbig

Stacy Slutsky: a shop owner running sex toy business with tanned skin and blonde hair. Daughter, Suzy Slutsky

Susan Hooter: former school secretary with reddish brown hair. Son, Peter Hooter.

Carmen Smith: a teacher majoring in biology with pink hair.

Claire Fuzushi: a teacher with purple hair, majoring in art.

Nina Parker: a teacher with brown hair, specialized in literature.

Ronda Bells: sports teacher with blue hair and an odd work resume.

Anita sighed as she didn't know what to expect from these 10. She had a feeling she wouldn't get through the heads of these 10 because of her own age. Not by normal means, anyway. Anita herself was only 25 years old, and these women were over 30 and nearing 40. If the first 6 members had their children in school then there's a bit of leverage to be used against them, but using it too early would be detrimental to her own standing.

"Can I call you Lydia? Of course, you can call me Anita if you like." Anita asked.

"Well, I don't mind. But I prefer calling you miss Principal." Lydia replied.

"Then call me Principal without miss in front of it." Anita added, "Since there's only two of us, I want you to listen to me carefully. What I'm about to tell you, you will not like some of it."

"Wh-what is it?" Lydia gulped down her saliva out of nervousness.

"Just between us, I'm only 25 years old with apprenticeship in another school as a vice principal. The Regional Schools Department did not care about my application for a position of my own until this school is about to come down under." Anita lied about the part of apprenticeship in order to get Lydia's attention.

"No way! You're the same age as me, but you're appearing as if capable enough for this job...." Lydia remarked in surprise.

"Then as partners of same age, I want to ask you to trust me. Not just as a school secretary to a principal like me, but also as a friend to another friend." Anita pleaded.

Lydia's eyes wavered, but she smiled, "Alright. I'll trust you."

"Then, here's the part where we both don't like how it's going to be." Anita stood up from her chair, "Depending on the circumstances, we're going to do illegal things. I want you to be an accomplice."

"Why? This is just too sudden!" Lydia was taken aback from Anita's words.

"This is a desperate time for this school, Lydia! The screwups of the previous principals cannot even be summed up with just 'idiocy'. The PTA members in charge of this school have no idea what it means to have this school disappear from this town. The point of pre-adulthood education cannot be brought across unless something effective is done." Anita argued, "I can take matters into my own hands, but I need help. The more help I can get, the better. So help me help this school. It's that, or our jobs are all gone."

With hesitation in her eyes, Lydia looked away from Anita's face, "What will I get from helping you, Principal?"

"It will take time. The Department wants me to bring this school up from scratch, and that's what I'm going to do. Along the way I will try to bargain for better things. Greater funding, more power, more social credit. We can get more than what's promised. With my way of doing things, the two of us will get what we truly deserve: the trust of parents and the betterment of our lives." Anita proposed.

Anita closed her eyes for a few seconds before looking into Anita's eyes with a nod of her head, "Tell me what I should do."

"Good." Anita nodded, "I want all the PTA members in charge to gather in the meeting room tonight. The school will open late, so you'll tell the security patrols about that. I'm appointing you as my personal secretary, while Hooter will be the secretary that handles the PTA side of the budget. I will give them all a piece of my mind tonight, and I will give a speech to all students at the morning in the gym hall tomorrow."

"Ok, got it. Anything else?" Lydia asked.

"I want you to do accounting. Internal expenses and current funding put together for the official ledger book. Get another ledger book that's meant for only the two of us, detailing both legal funding and illegal in the future." Anita instructed.

"Are you going to steal just to fund the existence of this school?" Lydia asked.

"Stealing is just too crude and risky. I will have something planned as I go. Trust me on this one." Anita dismissed, "It will be a little bit reckless, but it's the only choice we have. We have to count on each other, Lydia."

"Alright, Principal." Lydia nodded.


(to be continued)
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Re: [Story] HentHighSchool F
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That night, only the school's hallways and the upper floor of the east wing were lit, as Lydia had left the lights on for the PTA members to come to the meeting room. The size of the meeting room wasn't large, and the tables were made of several school desks put together with school chairs at the sides.

Sitting at the furthest end of the room was Anita, and next to her was Lydia. The first one to enter the room was Suzy Slutsky, wearing a yellow sweater and a grey skirt which emphasized the darkness of her skin. Next was Jenny Coppers, who had a ponytailed blue hair while still in her blue colored police uniform. Then other members stepped into the room and took their seats as well, ready to let the meeting commence.

"Sorry for calling you out here in short notice under such circumstances, but I think it's best to let everyone know who I am before we run this school. I'm Principal Anita Flense. Stationed here at behest of Regional Schools Department." Anita introduced herself, "As you all know, I'll be working here starting tomorrow. From what I heard, you are the ones holding the reins, right?"

"Sounds like you're a hardworking type, coming here on a Sunday like this." Claire Fuzushi spoke. She had long straight purple hair and red eyes, while her attire was rather casual, "I am Claire Fuzushi."

"Pleasure to meet you. From what I understand, I have to employ teachers under my name in order to start? What's up with that?" Anita asked.

"For 10 years in Smallville High's history, it had seen the coming and going of 8 principals, while other schools in the same timespan would never see more than 3." Susan Hooter spoke. She had an imposing yet motherly figure that was covered by a black business attire. Her hair was long and curly but the harsh tone of her voice betrayed her appeal, "For the school to be burdened with such a track record, we have to resort to personal employment so that any fault and consequence can be attributed to each principal instead of the establishment itself."

"Funny you say that." Anita interrupted, "This school was built with all the facilities a modern school should have, so back in its time it must've been ahead of the times. Lydia has been a secretary here for more than 5 years, and you, miss Hooter, have been one for around more than that. How did anyone fail to oppose the shutdown of these facilities?"

The PTA members lowered their heads in shame. To that, Anita immediately followed.

"If there is one thing I want to make clear right now, it's that I am not some miracle worker. If anyone expects me to accomplish anything as a principal, I need money. The Regional Schools Department will grant me that, but only if we get more students and net some grades. We only have about 5 more months to do that before this school is becoming completely unsalvageable. Why I'm calling you out here is to have you decide. We can do this the hard way, or we can do this -my- way."

"And what do you suppose we should do?" Carmen Smith asked in a spiteful tone.

"Before you hear my strategy, perhaps it's best you hear why we're in the same boat first." Anita glared slightly, "From what I heard, the local junior high will be rebuilt into an oriental model middle school, because we are running out of parents who have teenage children. If we want this school to flourish, and our jobs to be secure, we all have to make some sacrifices. First, we have to do everything thing we can to stay ahead of other high schools. Not just in this region, but of the whole country."

Nina Parker adjusted her glasses and asked, "And how do you suppose we'll achieve that? It's not like teenagers these days have been obedient."

"True. Which is why my strategy here is going to be the one we use, in full blast, for the upcoming 5 months." Anita suggested, "I'm not saying you should hand over all your power to me. I'm not saying you should lower yourselves to the level of our students. What I'm suggesting here, is to give them the harsh truth, straight off."

"You want us to tell them that the school will be closed down in just a couple of years." Carmen Smith added.

"I will cover that part in tomorrow's speech. It's only fitting that a principal is to give speeches on important occasions. But the main point is that we have to be more than just educators now." Anita continued, "I want to defend this high school not only because my career is at stake, not only because I was sent here to, and certainly not only because out of a sense of duty. It's because one of the most basic things the teaching license was given to me for, was that I am mentally qualified to educate. And leadership can be used to educate other people. In life, we are all learners. In teaching, we are simultaneously taught. I learned that the advantage of high school education over the middle school model, is the environment and timespan that brings teenagers to adulthood."

"Resolve does not bring food to the table, mind you. How are you going to have us let them learn? Good results do not come out of nowhere." Jenny Coppers asked.

Anita clasped her hands together on the table and spoke, "If you are ready to agree, then this is what I planned. Currently there are only 75 students on the list. I will consent to the employment of teachers so that the salaries come from my funds. However, I want all students to feel threatened about their lives in a non-direct way. In short, I want this school to take the country's monthly exams instead of only the ones that are going on twice a year."

"Wait, you can't just decide that. Even the sports category will need to be included." Ronda Bells objected.

"I want this school to bring results so that we all can keep our jobs. Do I not make myself clear? And as things go, the existence of our jobs will help the students become better individuals." Anita growled, "I will reallocate the student classes so that the less intelligent can be mobilized to take part of the sports classes. The more intelligent will be screened to be model students and heads of study groups. That should make their learning tendencies easy to monitor."

"Good plan." Nina Parker nodded, "What else do you have planned?"

"I am looking to gradually restore the use of facilities present in the school's creation. I cannot do it using just my own funds while I have to pay for teachers. Therefore, I want everyone present to contribute to the maintenance and working order of said facilities with their own money." Anita proposed.

"This, we cannot agree. We're not walking bags of money." Sandra Titsbig objected. Her red outfit stood out among the members.

"Then without the facilities, we will not be able to improve beyond the current extent and capacity of our education, and your refusal will be the deciding factor of this school's imminent foreclosure. I understand your jobs have very limiting amounts of salary, but I'm asking you as this school's new principal to make this arrangement for this cause. I will promise you this: If I can strike a deal with the Regional Schools Department after our results, our sacrificial efforts can stop with greater external funding." Anita proposed.

The PTA members were seeing the logic behind Anita's words. Though some had reservations, they all managed to agree and come to a consensus in this meeting.


2nd of July, Year 2012

It was an ordinary morning for Smallville, and this day, the second half school year began. It was no secret that Smallville High recently had its principal 'taken out', but the students were not expecting a new one to come in this soon.

As Anita mentioned, the number of enrolled students in Smallville High was a mere 75. Because of this, it did not take long for all the students to be gathered into the gym building for the new principal's speech. The time was 10AM in the morning, and only 6 teachers were at the stage.

One of the students, Daisy Maddox, was looking at the stage rather attentively as a freshman. Among the various hair colors of other students, hers was a rather plain looking blonde with straight long hair. Because of possible budget reasons, every student was wearing conservative clothes, like T-shirts and long jeans.

"I wonder what the new principal's like. This makes our 9th principal to grace this school, huh?" Daisy overheard one male student talking to another.

"I hope the principal is another loser. I convinced my parents to come here because I heard about how easy you can get away with slacking in this school. I don't want things to change." Another replied with a snicker.

Before long, Anita the school secretary started off at the podium by talking with the microphone, "Everyone, please refrain from making idle chatter. Our new principal would like to begin her speech now. There's no need to applaud before she begins. Now if you will, miss Principal."

As Anita stepped away, Anita entered the stage from behind and walked towards the podium with a stern expression. The students gossiped under the atmosphere but Anita's increasingly serious expression soon put them into silence.

"Now.... Let us begin by introducing myself. I am Anita Flense. You can call me Principal Flense, and I might be the last principal for this school." Anita spoke.

The students were shocked and began talking to one another, but Anita stepped on the stage with all her might, creating a loud thump that silenced them.

"There's no need to jump to conclusions, and no need to interrupt me. I don't want to be a bearer of bad news, but I was given little to no choice. You will one day become an adult like me, and I was once a teen like you. So you have to believe me when I say I know how it feels to be uncertain of future and watch as teenage years slipped away from my grasp. You only get to be a high schooler once, so you have to make the best of it. But here's something you might not know." Anita continued, "It takes a lot of permits from the government end of things to keep a school standing on its pillars. When a school of an area fails to produce students that can score well, then to the adults in charge, they think the school would only be good for creating idiots. And there's only a few possible outcomes.

First of all, the rights to govern the school would be confiscated by the government and every student's life would be made into a living hell.

Or, a spartan authority group would come and act like inquisitors, pointing fingers into almost everything and find whatever faults they can deem inappropriate. We know that's not fun, and it doesn't make living any easier.

But most probably, that school might be demolished, and all trace of its lands would be put to more worthwhile use. After all, who would want to let a school that produces idiots keep standing and take up valuable space, right?"

Daisy was conflicted. She herself wasn't the type to spite the act of receiving education, so when Anita spoke of this matter, she was at a loss.

Anita then continued, "But it's going to happen real quick. This school isn't slated to be closed down yet, but if we don't do something, that is going to be a reality much sooner than you can ever realize. And let me tell you something. A high school is not something we can just surrender as residents of this town. Think about the adults now, who once graduated from this school. Do you want them to talk about a fading memory? Do you want to graduate from a school that's going to be gone in your lifetimes? It's bad enough that this school has a streak of bad luck with former principals, but do we have it in us condemn the effort the founder of this school put into for the sake of its creation?

But it doesn't just stop there. Even if you manage to score some good grades, if there are no new students coming in because of this school's known track record, then this school is doomed all the same. I heard from credible sources that the local junior high will be the one chosen to be remade into a middle school. And -that- means no more high school days. As someone who once had a middle school friend, I can tell you. That kind of a school is not something you would want for future students.

One good reason why high schools exist, is not because it's supposed to be a place where you learn increasingly difficult things, take highly improbable exams, and pick which college to go. If you think that's the reason why, then you're just stuck in the cycle of educational consumption like many others. The true meaning and worth of high school education, is that it's the time where you bid a bittersweet farewell to your younger and playful days, and step into adulthood where your ability to take responsibility is put to the fullest use.

So here I ask you some rhetorics: Have you been responsible children? Have you been responsible students? Before you can be responsible adults who can sustain themselves, have you been learning things outside of what the classes have been teaching you, like how many social mechanisms there are?"

Many students were gazing into the distance, as if having lost their ways.

"This school, Smallville High School, was built to have nearly all the essential things that a high schooler needs to challenge the extent of their abilities to balance dreams and responsibilities. But previous principals and their bad management had taken them all away. In order to take them back and make your own school lives more meaningful, we need to show the whole country that this isn't a school that produces nothing but idiots. It can happen not just within our lifetimes, but also before the second years can graduate. Yet in order to get enough money from the state to re-establish the essentials, you all have one mission.

That is, to score the highest in the whole country in the upcoming monthly exams!"

"Whaaaaa??" The students let out a collective uproar.

"Education is not a charity. As I am talking to you, being teachers is gradually becoming an extinct choice of career in the whole world. I'm not telling you to become teachers when you grow older, but I am asking you to not just protect this school, but to make it an example. In order to protect the fun times ahead and the fun times of new students, we all have to work hard to do so! I don't care if you had played hooky, ditched classes or sucked at maths. But now is the time to work hard like your lives depend on it!" Anita spoke strongly, "Only your grades can turn this boring school back into the fun place it should've been!"

In Daisy's eyes, the principal on the stage was like a shining star she had been waiting for. In the eyes of other students, the principal was probably viewed in a similar way. When Anita's speech ended, the gym building resonated with a loud applause.

The days ahead would be hard, but interesting.

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Re: [Story] HentHighSchool F
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Chapter 3 : Ditch effort

9th of July, Year 2012 (Monday)

A week after Principal Flense's striking entry, the teachers' lessons became hastened and concise, which would be very hard for the students to take in when the contents of the teachings had little to do with the lives ahead of them. Anita knew that it would be the case, so she had been patrolling the classrooms whenever she wasn't occupied with memorizing the streets of Smallville for possible outlets of goods she'd need.

The first deadline of performance boost was 21 days away. To maximize the performance of students in the upcoming monthly exams, Anita had already arranged the timeslots of lessons so that the students who excelled in athletics would take more physical education and training. Unlike other tests, the sports test took place twice a year. But a school must have both written and sports tests taken, in order to be qualified for national school rankings. Also unlike written tests, not everyone is compelled to participate. The chosen students only needed to take part for a whole season to represent the school.

Ronda Bells, wearing a white sports shirt with pink sleeves, purple trousers, and a pair of sneakers, was teaching basketball in the gym. A class of 15 students was assembled, and rather than practicing on how to play, the focus was placed on physical warm ups and stretching. Because this was the sports class, the students were wearing white shirts with red bloomers.

"Alright everyone. As you all know, playing basketball isn't just about running, passing and jumping. The ridiculousness of the sports test demands that you run faster than other students and across multiple laps. Since we don't exactly have a soccer test given the number of participants required, basketball is the next best thing to stress out your endurance and performance." Ronda spoke to the class.

Suddenly, Anita appeared from behind and asked, "Working hard or hardly working, miss Bells?"

"We're working alright." Ronda deadpanned.

While the students all bowed down at the sight of Anita, she simply laughed, "It's alright, everyone. Keep up the good work. But if I might add, drinking cold water right after a good workout is bad for your digestion and long term health. Make sure to have lukewarm drinks available and don't make a habit out of chugging Cola. Also try holding your breaths more as you practice. In a real match, you have to get used to oxygen deprivation."

"That's.... a sound suggestion." Ronda looked at Anita with a slight look of admiration.

"Just passing down some words of wisdom. Off I go." Anita waved to everyone before she left. However, when everyone continued to play basketball under Ronda Bells' guidance, one student in particular wasn't too happy about something. She had short black hair and olive green eyes.


"Welcome back, Principal." Lydia smiled as she saw Anita coming into the office. Those words prompted Anita to look at Lydia's feet for a quick moment, noticing how the color of Lydia's panty hose matched the ones in the dream.

"Thank you, I guess." Anita scratched her head, "I don't want to make a habit out of walking around the school like a bored old man out of his prime. But the things I've seen have been peaceful so far."

"Well, that's good, isn't it? The newspapers even said that a blank slate for this school is exactly what it needs." Lydia smiled.

"A blank slate is not good enough. I want it to be a booming record setter. All in due time, I suppose." Anita sat down on her chair and rested against the leather chair. "This is sort of a morbid question but, what do you think about home tutoring?"

"I have no special opinions about that. I think that education being handled outside school times is a good thing for others to catch up to the levels of better schools around the country. Unless you're suggesting we should have our teachers do double duty to get more income?" Lydia pondered.

"If the teachers aren't busy already, then it would be a great idea. But right now, it's going to backfire." Anita sighed, "See, why I'm asking is that from my experience, schools always produce more idiots than geniuses. The saying that talks about fools outnumbering wise people is there for a reason. I want to know if the PTA members have kids that are bad at grades. Getting to them will be a good start in approaching the PTA on a more personal level."

"I can take a quick check if you don't mind. With the help of miss Hooter." Lydia suggested.

"Yeah. You do that. I'm catching a breath of mine on my own." Anita nodded.

On Anita's work table, there was a newspaper report detailing the rise of thievery in Smallville's less populated areas. After giving it a look, another page revealed that, as both a PTA member and a police officer, Jenny Coppers announced her stance on drugs and dealers. For Anita, Jenny's stance would be a problem for her plans. It wasn't because Anita was intending to use lethal substances like cocaine and kethamines. It was because....

(Kids these days need more external stimulation. If drugs make people go to dealers, but grades are not drugs, then we need very dilated stuff that has enough kick to make kids come to school for their fix. I can't provide the fix in school if Coppers is going to meddle) Anita thought, (If only there's some way to get kids to find an addiction in education....)

Lydia entered the room while bringing a folder some minutes later. She placed it on Anita's table with a worried expression, "I've found one with bad grades, but this might be beyond you."

Anita put down the newspaper and opened the folder. The test papers, belonging to Rie Perrier, in subjects of English, Maths, Science, Geography, History and Biology, were displaying scores that were not higher than 40.

"What the hell is this!" Anita yelled.

"Miss Perrier wasn't the type who would bomb tests. Her junior high grades can tell anyone that much. Maybe the curriculum is too much for her?" Lydia pondered.

Anita thought to herself for a few seconds and then asked Lydia, "Have you known June Perrier for long? Judging from her name, she's married to someone, right?"

"Well, from what I know, June's husband was.... 'late'.... for some time." Lydia replied with some hesitation, "Ever since then, she has been taking care of the girl all by herself, but I can only imagine how the grades can be impacted by such circumstances."

Although Anita was aware of how immoral this approach could be, this was an opportunity she thought she could not let go. Time was short, and she needed every chance she could get.

"Lydia, get me Perrier junior in this office. I need to have some heart to heart with her." Anita smiled.

Lydia smiled, "Alright. I will get her here right away."


Rie Perrier was the girl with olive green eyes. From her appearance, she didn't have a lot of her mother's resemblances. Because she was in the middle of the sports class, by the time she was called to the principal's office, she had no time to change into the school uniform.

In order to reinforce the imagery of the school, Anita decided to bring back the school rule of wearing uniforms. Fortunately, the gym storage still had a stock of uniforms, wrapped in plastic and in mint condition. Every student was then required to wear the school uniform consisting of a blue long sleeved shirt with matching pants for males, or matching pleated skirt for females. A yellow necktie or bowtie is placed around the neck under the collar, depending on the gender of the student.

When Rie Perrier entered the principal's office nervously, Anita put down a teacher's manual on the table.

"Come on. Take a seat. I've been expecting you." Anita smiled.

Apprehensively, Rie sat down on one of the leather chairs in front of the table, while still covered in sweat from the sports class. The air conditioner made the sweat produce a chilling touch on her body.

"Miss Principal.... You've been meaning to see me?" Rie asked.

"As of today, yes. Let's not be so tense." Anita smiled, "I'm sure you're aware of the reason why, so I'll get straight to the point. Your grades haven't been very commendable."

"I knew it...." Rie closed her eyes in a painful expression.

"Don't get me wrong. I haven't told other teachers about my intentions yet, and I'm not going to hold you responsible in a bad way. I'm just concerned about you." Anita assured with a calm smile.

"Really? You're not thinking about.... expelling me or something?" Rie asked nervously.

"Oh, don't be so pessimistic! We're at a time where every student counts! The first thing I don't want is for any student to be expelled due to bad grades, unless I want the Smallville public to raise pitchforks." Anita laughed, "Besides, I have an idea that might be able to help you overcome your educational obstacles."

"Really? What is it?" Rie asked, appearing interested.

"Well, I have to ask some questions first. Do you think the classes these days have been too fast or something?" Anita asked.

"Yes.... If someone could explain things to me more clearly, then I would've managed. But sadly, there's no time for that in classes...." Rie answered downheartedly.

"Then how about sports classes? Can you manage?" Anita asked.

"Yes. I think that Miss Bells' lessons are rough, but reasonable. I don't know if I can represent our school later this year, but at this rate, I don't think it'll be a stretch if I do end up representing all of us." Rie nodded.

"Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. While you may need to help us score a lot of points in sports events, everyone's monthly exams come first before all else. That means you have to do your part first, and do it right." Anita corrected, "So, if you don't have too large of a personal schedule, why don't I tutor you while all the teachers need to focus their minds on everyone else?"

"You'd do that? For me? I.... I don't know what to say...." Rie blushed.

"Don't worry your pretty little head over what to say." Anita chuckled, "First, I'll need to talk to your mother about your tutoring. Then, we'll get to the bottom of your learning issue."

"Is it really alright? You're a principal. Won't you be busy with other things?" Rie asked.

"Hey, everyone's supposed to be busy in what's left of this school term. I'm just going to make the most out of our time." Anita smiled


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Re: [Story] HentHighSchool F
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Chapter 3 (part 2) : What cannot be taught....

During the afternoon, after all the students were done with their classes at 4PM, Anita walked alongside Rie Perrier, pretending to leave the school in just the same direction as Rie's home. In truth, she was going to Rie's home. As Anita did not have a car of her own, she had to make her way on foot. Fortunately for her, the way to Rie's home was within the bus traffic network of this town.

A lot of students and adults alike used the services of the local bus network to get by on a daily basis. As Smallville's mayor had been striving to turn Smallville into a tourism-dependant residential hotspot, the amount of cars here were kept under control thanks to increased emission taxes and a consistent efficiency of public transports.

And to Anita's fortune and delight, the public transport would stay this way for a good while to come. Sharing seats that were close to each other, Rie Perrier's heartbeating was faster than average when sitting close to Anita. For all Rie knew, there's never been a time when an adult figure would come to her home for such sincere reason as tutoring her.

Stop by stop, the bus would decelerate to let people disembark and others get on, then accelerate to reach other stops. All buses and taxis would stop showing up at 11PM every night. After getting off of the bus at the Upper Hollow Street stop, Rie continued on her way to her home while leading the way for Anita.

Upper Hollow Street and Lower Hollow Street were two streets spanning across the westernmost residential area of Smallville. After memorizing that one fact, Anita saw a gate opening at Rie's presence. From inside the house stood June Perrier, who was wearing indoor clothes and an apron.

"I'm home, mom." Rie greeted.

"Welcome back, sweetie." June greeted back, then gasped as she saw Anita, "Oh my, I wasn't expecting to see you here, Miss Flense. I hope my daughter hasn't caused too much trouble in your management."

"Oh no, missus Perrier. It's nothing dire, I assure you. But I have to admit, I've come here due to your daughter's grades. I hope there wasn't too great of a fallout between you two when the results came in." Anita explained.

"You're right. Her grades can be worrying to any parent. I don't work at weekends, so I help her with homework during those days whenever possible, but I'm not sure if the things are too hard to understand for her, or there's something else. Whatever the case, I don't want this to come between us or me and the PTA position I have." June explained.

"So you're facing this on a positive note. That's assuring." Anita smiled, "Actually, I'm here to notify you of Rie's new learning schedule. I want to take it upon myself to tutor her for this month and see if I can get her grades up to scratch."

"Oh, you're too kind! If you think you can really handle that to help my poor daughter, then I won't let you go unrewarded!" June smiled with a hint of desperation.

"Oh come now. It's not a guaranteed solution. I'm just doing my part to ensure that all of my students can get up to par." Anita laughed.

"You don't have to be so reserved. I know running a school costs a lot of money and you can't possibly say no to an increased income." June smiled, "I'll have my dear Rie bring my money to you for every tutoring session."

"Then I just have to accept your payment then. Out of goodwill." Anita sighed, "How about weekday nights starting tomorrow onwards? Of course, I'll teach at weekends too."

"What do you think, mom?" Rie asked.

"It's a deal." June nodded her head. "If only the previous principals were even half the educator you are...."

"Just making sure our needs are fulfilled." Anita smiled.


10th of July, Year 2012 (Tuesday)

The night after the school this day marked the first night Rie Perrier came into tutelage under Anita's supervision. Just as June said, she left a sum of 20 dollars in Rie's possession for the effort. At this rate, Anita would earn 100 dollars for weeknights and maybe extra for weekends. Since she went straight to Anita's home by following her, she didn't change out of her school uniform.

"Ok, I know it's not much, but here's my home. I was stationed to be here from where I used to live." Anita opened the door to the living room.

Because the Regional Schools Department furnished this home for Anita, the guest room had some reading material like books and dictionaries, aligned on a bookshelf. It was where Rie Perrier would be tutored, and Anita proceeded to make some tea after telling her to stay put in there.

Most classes would inevitably come with homework. Rie's share would not be one that was easy to be solved by her own effort. After a while, Rie had put down her school bag and put out the homework. Anita sat down next to her and looked at the contents of the homework in a slight sense of curiosity.

"Doesn't seem so hard, even back in my time." Anita commented.

"Easy for a grown-up to say. I can't seem to get a good clue about how to answer this." Rie pointed.

"Well, I have study material at the bookshelf there. Since you're doing homework, this is going to be a good start. Why don't you take a look on which book interests you?" Anita suggested.

Not long after saying that, Anita watched as Rie crawled to the bookshelf to find a book. What's distracting was that Rie was on all fours, with her buttocks raised high and her white colored panties were visible to Anita. When Anita thought about calling Rie out on this, she held back.

(Hmmm..... I didn't know girls can be so open when not around a guy. Times like these, I wanna thank myself for being a woman with a dick)

Without looking too much at Rie's rear, Anita couldn't help but notice one crucial detail. The fact that the spot of the crotch had become moisted and transparent. At this point, Anita decided to stop talking about it. Her curiosity towards Rie had been sparked, and her own penis was going to rise underneath the pants. Anita's only course of action was to concentrate on how to teach Rie for the evening.

After taking out a book, Rie went back to the table.

"Ok, see, this kind of thing can be tricky if you don't know what to do." Anita spoke, "That's what happens when you are trying to get lengths of triangles in circles."

"O...k....?" Rie mumbled.

"And, for someone trying to do maths, you picked up a book on geometry." Anita deadpanned.

"How's this different -from- geometry?" Rie asked.

"THIS is in maths exam, so it's not going to be in geometry. I'll get to that more later. We need to do this now." Anita lectured.


After the tutoring session was done, it was 8:30PM at night. Rie went back home by taking the bus along the routes, and she had a happy expression on her face. However, her expression soured when she reached the door of her home. It wasn't frustration, fear or anger. It was more like she had a sense of uncertainty.

When she entered the living room, the dinner was covered under a nylon basket.

Before she tried to call her mother, she heard what seemed to be sexual moans coming from the master bedroom.

"Aaaaah.... oooohho.... oooohhmnnn...."

Rie inched closer upstairs, and heard faint sounds of electronic buzzing. June Perrier was masturbating when she thought she's be alone. Soon, Rie's thighs spasmed, and she started to masturbate as well by putting her fingers beneath her panties, leaning against the wall.


12th of July, Year 2012 (Thursday)

"Rie? Rie, can you hear me?" Anita asked Rie in the middle of tutoring as the latter was spaced out.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I can hear you. So I have to calculate the total length of this multi-curve, using a triangle ruler? Even if I end up with decimals?" Rie asked.

"Yes. That's how it's done. How did your sports classes go?" Anita asked.

"They were alright. It's the normal classes I'm struggling with.... " Rie explained with a sigh.

"Ok, now that your homework is done, how about you go and pick a book and I'll try and whip up some education?" Anita suggested.

"Alright...." Rie nodded.

The day before, Rie had been posing herself in an increasingly sultry manner. Her thighs would spread out more than the day before, and now she was making her own butt perk out more by doing a spreaded squat. And another thing that was increasing was Rie's panty stain. The area of the stain appeared to be larger than 2 days ago.

"Are you a frequent masturbator?" Anita asked while looking at the table.

Caught off guard, Rie gasped, "Wha?!?"

"Because, from where I'm sitting, your panties have been getting wetter and wetter. You doing it in school toilets?" Anita leered.

"Wh-why are you asking me that??" Rie blushed heavily.

"Because I'm concerned. It's very natural for teens to keep things to themselves, but too much of that will take you away from both sports and studies. Being turned on will force you into more passionate thoughts, and that will be bad for the goal I set for the whole school. Every student counts." Anita explained.

"So.... it's all about grades for you?" Rie asked while looking away from Anita's eyes.

"Not entirely." Anita went up to Rie's side, "I want you to know that I'm not doing this only for the income. You matter to me and you will matter to the whole country. While I'm not expecting you to be a professional basketball player after graduation or a booming genius, I want you to at least be a proper student with the right learning mind."

"What does that have to do with my.... masturbation?" Rie asked.

Anita grinned to herself, "You have a bad habit of speaking the wrong body language."

"Huh?" Rie looked at Anita in confusion.

"The first day you came here, your crotch had some wetness to it, and then yesterday and today, the wetness has increased. Not only that, but the way you were taking books from the shelf is becoming more and more provocative. What if I were a man? What would happen?" Anita explained.

Rie had no words to say for herself.

"Well, if your body acted like that without you knowing it, then you must be subconsciously yearning for something. Confronting that which you yearn will help you keep yourself under control. Maybe we can even help you be less scatterbrained during classes." Anita smiled.

"I'm not sure if it's something that can be .... uh.... confronted...." Rie blushed.

"On the contrary, I think it is." Anita smiled, "Teenage years are rife with sexual instincts. If you want sex, don't hesitate to admit it. It's alright to want something but don't touch it."

"I.... want sex?" Rie asked. As she looked at her own fingers with which she use to write, and used to masturbate, she was assaulted by feelings of guilt, confusion and conflict.

"Just tell me everything. I've been trying to help you with your studies, and I can help you in this for free and with utmost secrecy." Anita nodded, "Was it something unspeakable? Gay porno? Into another girl? Thinking about a hot stud in class?"

"It's.... it's my mom...." Rie lowered her head.

"..... Huh?" It was Anita's turn to look confused.

"Ever since dad passed away... my mom's been masturbating. 2 days ago, when I went back home late, she thought I wouldn't be back until much later. She didn't lock her door and left the dinner on the table. When I went to find her, she was moaning so loud..... I couldn't help myself. I never gave it much thought until then. Sex must've been something she really needed another person for, but she didn't want to remarry." Rie explained.

Anita was hit with an idea after Rie explained herself, "Indeed. Sex is something that goes much better when it's two people or more. But hmm, this is troublesome.... We don't live in a world where we can simply ask another person out for sex. Your mother must've hit the same wall, and between you and her there's a thicker wall."

"What are you saying? Are you suggesting I'm to make out with my mom??" Rie asked.

"Who's the one jumping into conclusions here? That aside, how about you?" Anita asked, "You envy your mother for how good she felt. You're a virgin, so you wanted to feel like she does as a non-virgin. But you can't talk to her about this, and she can't talk to you about her frustrations."

"But.... just asking someone else to make it out with me.... isn't that seriously wrong?" Rie asked.

"It's more wrong if you end up soaking more than your panties. If there's an urge, you have to find a way to sooth it. We -all- have to." Anita suggested.

"I.... I guess you're right. Hehe.... You're experienced in this, aren't you?" Rie asked.

"I guess.... But now's not the time for more sexual exploration. I'm paid to teach you, and that's that. However..... if you ever feel like exploring this topic further, then say the word in other days. It's not something that can be taught. You have to learn the best way out yourself." Anita smiled.

With that Rie came to trust Anita more than before. She had never dreamt of getting to know a principal willing to improve her studies, let alone helping her in sexual urges. But what she didn't know was that Anita is not a woman either.

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Re: [Story] HentHighSchool F
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Chapter 3 (part 3): Point of no return


14th of July, Year 2012 (Saturday)

It's not clear whether it was a placebo effect or sheer confidence, but in just under a week, Rie's learning concentration had seen some improvement. She came to Anita's home at 10AM in the morning, wearing a green shirt with an orange skirt. However, just when she thought she could get back home after 12PM for lunch, the clouds above started raining. Some raindrops made their way on her hair and shirt, prompting her to return inside.

"Ugh.... no one told me there'd be any rain. When did the raincloud get above here?" Rie whined.

"Well, there's no helping it. Can't risk getting both of us all wet and soggy with an umbrella above our heads, so you have to stay here until it passes. On the bright side, you can learn something extra for more than my pay." Anita laughed.

"No thanks. I feel like my head's full already when I'm going to revise." Rie objected.

After a moment of silence, when Anita tried to make lunch for herself at the kitchen, Rie asked while approaching the kitchen so that her voice could be heard against the falling of raindrops, "So, did you have sex? What was it like?"

"Asking that all of a sudden? Well.... it was marvellous, but for my case, it might be different compared to everyone else." Anita answered.

"When did you do it? Was it with a guy?" Rie asked.

"What are you hoping to achieve once you know?" Anita laughed, "The thing about sex is funny. It's best if you never experienced it. Because once you do, it stops becoming special unless you seek a greater meaning behind it."

"You said I have to confront my urges, right? Well, promise me you won't get weirded out by what I have to say." Rie clenched her hands together as she soon spoke out her confession with a blush across her cheeks, "I think I love you!"

Anita stood still for 3 seconds before turning to look at Rie with serious eyes, "Do you really know what love is? It's nothing like in TV dramas, I can tell you that. You really think that highly of me?"

"I don't really know. I know that it's not right to love another female as a female if it's not a platonic kind of love. Y-you know, like how parents love their kids? I think I have the same kind of respect-based love for you....." Rie blushed heavily, "... However, when I think of you during masturbation, my body becomes hotter.... Is there something wrong with me?"

"To be honest, I don't really know. But you opening up to me is the right thing to do. Telling someone else that you find arousal within them isn't easy, especially if it comes across as very weird." Anita smiled, "I can keep your feelings secret, and I have no issue with you masturbating to the thoughts about me inside your pretty little head."

"Really?" Rie smiled as if a heavy burden was released from her shoulders.

"Yes. But you know, I have to return the same amount of courage you showed to me. I myself also have an incredibly embarassing secret that not many can know without ruining my life...." Anita spoke.

"Don't worry. Y-you can count me, like how I'm counting on you." Rie clenched her fists together in a display of approval.

Slowly but surely, Anita unzipped and unbuttoned her pants. When she pulled it down, her pink-panties-covered crotch would be the first thing in Rie's point of view. It was bulged and slightly protuding, but was also soon increasing in size. When Anita pulled down the panties, she revealed herself to the student before her. Completely and utterly. Penis throbbing and erecting, it was soon pointing at Rie's direction.

"Miss Principal.... wh-what is that?" Rie was backing up.

"This.... is my penis. I asked what would happen if I were a man, right? Well, I'm not completely a woman either. I am an intersex. Fertile and potent. I know how it feels to be on both far ends of the gender spectrum." Anita explained.

"Does that mean.... you were rejected because of this?" Rie asked.

"Yes. I used to get along with a guy but, when he saw what was between my legs, he ran away faster than a ship's crew abandoning the sinking ship." Anita explained while she used her right hand to stroke on her own cock to keep it hard and stiff, "I devirginated myself with a dildo and a cock toy. I never got into a proper relationship since the break-up. Not yet...."

Feeling sorry for Anita, Rie approached her and touched the tip of the cock with her pointing finger. Rie's panties were wet now. She never knew that her lust for Anita during masturbation would be closer to reality than she thought.

"M-maybe he ran away because he would be smaller than yours?" Rie asked.

"Pffft, hahahahaha!" Anita laughed, "Good one! I never saw his size but, that's a nice possibility."

Rie smiled and looked into Anita's eyes, "Maybe this is meant to happen. I'm not afraid. You are my principal who happens to need someone to thrust your love into. I am ready for you."

"It might be painful during first time, you know." Anita grinned.

"If you wanted to take me hard and fast, it would've happened already, wouldn't it?" Rie blushed.

"Yes...." Anita smiled.


Inside the same room where Rie was tutored, Anita and her were now naked with clothes on the floor. Anita put her glasses on the table and showed that she wasn't as nearsighted as people were led to believe. With a gentle groping of Rie's developing chest, Anita kissed with her lips on top of Rie's, while her tongue lapped against the other, heads turning in opposite directions. Rie's learning hands that played basketball were tracing Anita's chest for the nipples.

"Mmmhh...." Rie moaned into the kiss before pulling off, "Miss Principal.... is this how kisses are supposed to be like?"

"There are different kinds of kisses. Hershey's Kisses, for example." Anita giggled and then lowered herself to lick on Rie's nipples in turns.

"Nnnggghh!!" Rie shuddered with intense pleasure surging from the stimulation of her chest.

"If these boobs aren't worked.... you'll lose them after lots of basketball lessons. And that would be a big hit on your sex appeal points." Anita teased.

"Geez! I'll try and get them back somehow! Aaaahh!" Rie moaned on.

"I hope you try." Anita smiled and ran a finger along Rie's belly and down to her labia. It was already moist and easy for 2 fingers to slip into the folds, "My, what a naughty, hungry hole this is...."

"Th-that's..... " Rie stammered.

"Am I right? You're naughty and hungry for sexual experience? That makes two of us. No need to be ashamed."

With a gentle push, Anita let Rie sit back on the bed for the legs to be spread so that the foreplay could be continued. With her head between Rie's legs, Anita sticked out her tongue to lick along the slit.

"M-miss Principal.... you're making me feel too good!" Rie moaned.

"I can tell. Your precious juices are telling me that much. These are the juices of a girl yearning for her mother's sensations...." Anita commented before wrapping her lips around Rie's vagina, sucking out the fluids while the tongue was still inside.

"W-what about your cock? D-does that make it a student predator cock??" Rie retaliated in words.

"Perhaps.... The thought -had- crossed my mind." Anita answered with a wink.

After she stood up, she let Rie do the foreplay. Rie grabbed on Anita's cock curiously while the other hand's fingers were travelling into Anita's folds.

"Mmmmhh.... you're learning faster than I thought." Anita moaned softly.

"Maybe it's because I have an effective educator...." Rie winked up at Anita.

While Anita's dick was kept hard and throbbing with Rie's touch, her pussy was moistened and her ballsack played by Rie's other hand. It didn't take long for Rie to muster up the courage to open up her mouth to try and blow Anita's cock.

"Yes. You're doing it nicely. Even though a penis may smell, everyone's odor is different. It will smell even after being washed, and I wash mine seriously." Anita commented.

"Then, how should I give a successful blowjob?" Rie asked.

"Just put your mouth to it and move your head back and forth with your tongue and jaw doing the work. If you want to take the rest of the length, get ready to have your throat and breathing blocked by the cock." Anita explained.

"Like this?" Rie asked and her right hand gripped around the base of Anita's shaft. Her mouth wrapped around the front part of the length, and Rie soon moved herself against and away from Anita's crotch. The tip of Anita's shaft grazed against Rie's throat, and feeling Rie's mouthwork friction, sent heat of lust to Anita's spine and mind. The mouthwork was aided by Rie's hand which pumped the base of the shaft.

"Nnngggh, get ready.... Here's my cock juice....!" Anita moaned.

Rie's eyes shot wide as her mouth was filled by a powerful ejaculation from Anita's cock. She didn't swallow immediately, though some of it had already went into her stomach. Pulling her lips away from Anita's cock, she swallowed slowly and found herself conflicted with the bitter and salty taste of Anita's sperm.

"I hope it's not a de-appetizer." Anita sighed.

"It's not.... Just, different from what I used to eat, that's all...." Rie blushed.

"I could've lasted for a bit longer but, I had been holding myself back...." Anita giggled, "But here comes the main part. I hope your body is ready for this."

"Be gentle...." Rie spread herself wide on the bed.

After wrapping a Durex on her shaft, Anita pressed the tip against Rie's folds. In a single push, she entered Rie's body and soon grinded her crotch against Rie's pelvis. Blood was trickling from the edges, and Anita wasn't going to keep on thrusting until it stopped.

"Aaahhh.... am I.... still bleeding?" Rie asked.

"Nope. Your hymen is an uncorked bottle no more." Anita grinned and began to work up a gradual rhythm. Virgin pains can be hard to overcome, but with cooperation from both sides, it would be a wonderful experience afterwards.

Rie felt as her body was being filled again and again, organs bulging around and about with Anita's repeated thrusting. She could not help but have her mind filled with this exchange. It was far different from the sensations her fingers could offer. The feeling of having a real penis entering her body and retreating in same speeds was one thing. When the penis belonged to the one who taught her and commanded her admiration, Principal Anita Flense, a 'her', was another thing entirely.

"Aaaahh.... aaahh! I think... aaah.... I'm cumming!!" Rie shouted.

Anita could feel Rie's climax like a sizzling sausage on a frying pan. In a burst of heat and rapid throbbing, Rie's womb canal convulsed around Anita's shaft. All the pain of hymen breaking was now gone and replacing it was a dull but increasingly vivid sensation of utter satisfaction. A blank look was in Rie's eyes and her mouth broke into a wide grin.

Anita pulled out and took the condom off. With a few strokes, she ejaculated on Rie's face. After several seconds of lag, the fact that Anita ejaculated on her face was then registered into her mind. She struggled to move her limp legs back to proper positions and sit up as her fingers picked up the semen on her face.

(Heh. This girl's hooked to her first time experience. Now....) Anita thought.

"Now that you know how proper sex feels like, it's time to take your tutoring up a notch." Anita spoke, "From now on, you only get to have sex with me if you do well in my personal exams and in school exams. You are also not allowed to masturbate in school. I can't have you be a sexually insatiable individual in such an important stage of this school's transformation."

"Yes. I suppose it's fair.... I will work hard so that I can experience more sex with you." Rie blushed and smiled, "Thanks for everything."

"Just doing a teacher's work." Anita patted on Rie's head and leaned forward to lick on Rie's face.


After the rain stopped and Rie returned to her home, a bright smile was on her face. June, the mother, was curious.

"Honey, did something good happen? You look like you're on cloud nine." June asked.

"You can say that~" Rie giggled and sat down on the chair to the dining table, ready for lunch.

"So? Did you learn a lot from miss Flense today?" June asked.

"Yes, I learned lots! She's quite educational, and I'd hate to see her go. Our school needs a more long lasting principal in its history and I want her to be the one." Rie smiled.

"If my dear little girl is putting that much faith in her, then I see no reason to doubt her." June giggled.

However, June misunderstood the meaning behind her daughter's smile. While June was having hopes that her daughter's grades would improve when the exams approach, Rie was having different plans. She was close to Anita now in both sex and relationship. In order to satisfy her newfound addiction to sex, she must study hard.

And neither of them would know that they had become a part of Anita's scheme to corrupt the whole school....


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Re: [Story] HentHighSchool F
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Chapter 4 : Mind over matters


15th of July, Year 2012 (Sunday)

Northwest of Smallville's coastline is where the local park was built. It had a path that was connected to the adjacent woods of a forest, and a different one connected to the town's lake. The park also had a broad playground where children would come to play. This day, Anita was walking around in blue shirt and jeans to study more of Smallville's locations, but a figure caught her eyes. A man wearing a broad hat and dark grey trenchcoat was looking around suspiciously before entering the path to the woods.

As the people visiting the park were numerous, whatever the man was up to would be easy to conceal while being hard to follow. However, Anita's observation skills were enough to let her walk the general direction in which the man travelled. Staying discreet and while pretending not to follow him, Anita pretended to walk along the park's path as the suspicious man stopped at a rock. While she wasn't watching him, the man slipped a brown paper bag with certain contents under it. He meant to conceal the item under the rock which he slightly lifted, for reasons unknown.

After he left without looking around suspiciously, Anita spent a moment to check if he really went away without returning. After confirming that no one else was around in close proximity, Anita pried up the rock with her left hand and took out the brown paper bag with the other. Inside the paper bag was a strange black colored device that looked like a small gun with strange symbols on the sides. There were a couple of buttons.

According to the piece of paper that was in the paper bag, the device was called 'Mind Altering Weapon Prototype' and it was designed to run with AA batteries. Although the paper had no schematics, it described that some of the components used in this prototype's construction were made of precious materials which would be hard to acquire without legal means. Considered a defect due to being hard to use as this prototype must be used in close range, Anita deduced that it must've been slated for disposal.

Putting the gun and the paper back into the paper bag, she made her way out of the woods lest the man would make his return to ensure the prototype's more 'permanent' disposal.

If the prototype device must be used in close range to take effect, then she might be able to use it when someone's loyal or defenseless enough, or when someone is asleep since that would be when the device's rays most likely be absorbed. The first thing Anita thought after having this paper bag covered device in her hands was that she could use it to mentally enslave whoever she saw fit. But as there are many unpredicable elements in life, a wrong move in mental conditioning would backfire on herself, and she'd be incriminated before long. To avoid such a blunder, Anita assumed that she'd need to get a book on hypnosis.


After minutes of continuous walking, although Anita's feet were starting to ache, she managed to go from the coastline to some roads that led to downtown. She was still carrying the paper bag, but it wouldn't attract a lot of attention since it could easily be seen as an edible take-away. Going past the local bank and police station, she made her way to the shopping area. The main shopping lane was as well kept as others, which spoke volumes about the amount of budget and work spent to maintain the tidyness and hygiene.

When she tried to look for a bookstore, some things caught her eyes. The fact that there were a sex items and adult pornographic shops located just upstairs in open view, and a shop that openly sold items that security professionals would use. As memory served, Anita recalled that she once saw on the newspapers that Stacy Slutsky advertised her sex item shop. She thought about the questionable nature of someone like her being a PTA member, and how it meant that Stacy would be the toughest nut to crack when it comes to sex. Buying her wares too much would make her spread rumors, Anita assumed.

Taking a turn to the security items shop, Anita looked around for anything useful and relevant to her plans. What she saw were several: keyhole cameras, lockpicking sets, video recording console and computer sets. Fortunately, thanks to June Perrier's payment for Rie's tutoring, she could afford a couple of cameras, a lockpicking set and a video recording console for wireless reception. Deciding not to spend more time carrying more things around, Anita went straight to Smallville High to put the things to use. Since it was Sunday, there would be no students around to catch her planting cameras.


However, the school was not devoid of people. While Anita wasn't looking forward to do anything high profile, she still had to explain what she had to do. To one particular Lydia Swan.

"Uh, what are you installing a CCTV for?" Lydia asked while in Anita's office.

"Wireless cameras are a good way of knowing what happens at where." Anita explained, "I only had enough money to buy 2 cameras, but I'll think of it as testing."

"Isn't it drastic? What exactly are you keeping a lookout for?" Lydia asked.

"Lydia, that's old fashioned thinking. If a country is allowed to surveil its citizens through phonecalls, then why can't a principal look at her students through cameras? Catching acts on cameras allows us to decide the proper course of actions. As cliche this might sound, the gym storage is potentially the greatest source of improper acts, and you know what stress does to people. These are stressful times and our students can find ways to relieve them desperately." Anita explained.

"Well, if you put it that way, then should I record it on budget?" Lydia asked.

"Better not. I only spent a bit more than what June gave me for Rie's lessons." Anita shook her head, "If it's not too much of a bother, can I get you to sit down and relax?"

"Why, sure." Lydia smiled and sat down on a chair in front of the principal's table.

From behind, Anita took out the prototype device and turned it on. The back of the device had a microphone which could be used to administer commands to the recipient, so Anita placed the device's microphone close to her mouth as her finger squeezed on the trigger to activate it.

{Now, just relax and don't do a thing. You just stay put and do as I will say}

The front of the device released faint green particles at Lydia's way as Anita used it. As soon as the particles went into Lydia's brain, her eyes turned blank and she entered a state of trance, ready to be commanded and listen to Anita's words. She only had a gist of how to hypnotize someone so she couldn't proceed much further without a book of hypnosis. However, she could take good advantage of Lydia's current state.

{Answer my question. What is your name?} Anita asked through the device.

"Lydia Swan..." Lydia answered without question or awareness.

{Who are you working for?} Anita asked.

"Principal of Smallville High, Anita Flense...." Lydia answered.

{Good. You will do whatever the principal wants. If she does something questionable, always agree with her. Do you understand?} Anita asked.

"Yes. I understand...." Lydia nodded and smiled.

{After 5 seconds, you will be fully relaxed as you stand up} Anita turned off the device.

In a brief moment, Lydia's eyes returned to normal and she looked at Anita with a slight look of confusion, "Whew.... I'm feeling kinda tired. Makes me want to go home. I guess sitting down too long does that to me."

"You haven't sat down for that long though. Only for a minute." Anita tucked the device into her pocket, "Just between us, I'd rather not let anyone know about this camera business. Understand?"

"Yes." Lydia nodded, "I will not say anything about surveilance to another person."

"Good. Go home and take a rest if you like." Anita smiled.

"I'll do just that. Goodbye." Lydia waved.


After making her way to the gym storage, Anita searched around for a good place to install a wireless spy camera so that no one would find it. However, when she moved a gymnastics stand, she found a small hole in the wall containing suspicious looking pills and tablets. It would only mean...

"Drugs? In this school?" Anita asked.

She put the stand back to cover the hole and used a hurdle to get high enough to plant a camera at the corner of the ceiling. The angle would be enough to capture the figure of anyone who would come for the drugs. Perhaps if all would go well, Anita could make her move on the drug addict, and remove the addiction to replace it with sexual addiction.


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Re: [Story] HentHighSchool F
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Chapter 4 (part 2): Make right with two wrongs


16th of July, Year 2012 (Monday)

After reading about a quarter of the book named 'Hypnosis For Therapists', Anita learned a great deal about hypnotic suggestion, states of judgement and triggering of responses. Hypnotism is both psychotherapy and manipulation, to say nothing of how society manipulates its members to fulfill its own ends. Hypnosis fails if and when the recipient rejects the commands and speech of the hypnotizer, contrary to popular pornographic belief. In order for future hypnosis to be conducted, repeated sessions and further suggestions must be made.

But in order to have a person enter a state of suggestion or trance, the conditions must be very specific. There are those of skeptical mind and there are those who are resistant to company, like doubters and antisocials, who pose the most trouble for hypnotherapists. While Anita's newlyfound mind control device would help things immensely, she wouldn't be able to avoid the fact that some hypnotic endeavors have to be repeated constantly so that personality changes could be established.

She would have to find and control someone who had technological and mechanical knowledge to upgrade this device later. In order to have it work on multiple people, at a longer range, and with increased effectiveness.

While she was reading the book, she turned her head to look at the middle-sized LCD monitor placed on top of the video recording console. She placed a camera in the gym storage and another one at the ceiling of the females' changing room for the closed swimming pool and currently operating sports grounds. While looking out for contraband would be a good reason, it would also be seen as an excuse to peep. If anyone distrusting were to know of Anita's actual gender, she'd be put into question. However, Anita had no intention of letting anyone else know of the video recording console's existence, hence her hypnotic instructions to Lydia.

Soon after the end of the 3rd sports class of the morning, Anita saw a student heading for the hole in the gym storage. The student even went so far as to block the doors with a hurdle temporarily. Anita immediately stood up and looked for Lydia while Susan Hooter was at a different table in the staff office as she worked on calculating school spendings.

"Lydia. Come." Anita whispered.


After showing Lydia who went after the hole in the wall, Anita put a wooden case to disguise the monitor and the video recording console. Meanwhile, Lydia searched for the list of students to find out who it was that took the one of drug pills and swallowed it.

A first-year who had short and straight purple hair with amethyst colored eyes and a decent looking figure. It didn't take too long for Lydia to comb through the list of 75 students. After minutes, Lydia entered Anita's office just as the book of hypnosis had been put into a drawer of the table.

"I have the name of the student taking those drugs. It's Felicia Titsbig." Lydia reported.

"That would be Sandra Titsbig's kid, right?" Anita asked.

"Precisely. But, why would Felicia become a drug addict?? Who put those drugs there?" Lydia asked.

"All in due time, but.... I guess we can't just wait to find out." Anita sighed, "Use the broadcast and call her here. I need to have a word with her like how I dealt with Rie Perrier. Oh, and make sure no one comes in when she's with me. Not even you, understand?"

"Yes, Principal." Lydia nodded and then left the office.

After a few minutes, Felicia entered the door to Anita's office while looking somewhat flustered. She was breathing a little loudly and her cheeks were red like in hot weather. Her eyes were not very focused.

"Is there.... anything in particular you wish to talk to me about.... miss Principal?" Felicia asked with a flighty voice. A little friendly, but also distant.

"You know, miss Titsbig, just because we have to rush the lessons for exams and a lot of stress is piled up as a result, it doesn't mean you can just suddenly take drugs from a hole and eat them." Anita spoke.

"Umm.... I don't know.... what you're talking about... ?" Felicia looked from side to side before back to Anita in doubt.

"You will when you see this." Anita stood up and lifted the wooden case concealing the LCD monitor. Holding a remote, she replayed the footage when Felicia entered the storage, blocked the doors, took the drug, and unblocked the doors.

Frightened by the fact that she was caught red handed, Felicia screamed, "NO! I know what I did! Please, don't kick me out of this school! I'll do anything! Please!"

"Shut up, you fool! Why are you slipping into a panic?! I only expel students if I see absolutely nothing redeemable about them, but you are far from a goner!" Anita chided.

"R-really?" Felicia looked at Anita's face with teary eyes.

"If I wanted to bust you down I would've done so already without calling you over." Anita put the wooden case over the LCD monitor and turned to Felicia with a gentle smile, "Do tell me everything. I won't bite."

"I...." Felicia hesitated, "...The drugs.... were from my mom...."

"Really? Why?" Anita asked.

Felicia bit her lower lip and struggled to find words, but couldn't say a word about the circumstances she was in.

"It's alright. You don't have to answer right away. I know how it feels to be confronted, so I want to make this easy for the two of us. Sit down and relax." Anita instructed.

As Felicia sat down on a chair, Anita used the mind control device from behind.

{Stay still and listen to what I say. If your mother is taking drugs away from her workplace to get you addicted, it's not only you who will face problems. Even if I don't tell the cops, once someone -else- finds out that the storage doesn't match up, and link your addiction to her theft, she'd be charged with crimes she cannot hope to appeal to the court for. Jailing would be a kind fate. In the worst case scenario, she may not be there for your graduation ceremony, your wedding ceremony, your day of childbirth, and more.}

While Felicia entered a state of trance in the middle of Anita's words spoken through the device, tears were trickling down her cheeks. Her fear of her own fate and her mother's was very real.

{You do understand, don't you? What you're doing and what she had done are very wrong. She may be kind to you by giving you drugs that take your mind off of the stressful school life, but she's endangering both of you. With my help, you can put a stop to that. Redirect your addiction. Believe in yourself}

With blank eyes, Felicia looked at Anita's eyes with her head turned, "Believe.... in myself??"

"Yes. Tomorrow you will come back here, and I will give you a therapeutic course of developing drug independance." Anita nodded and used the device again, {I can keep what happened a secret, but you must not speak this to anyone else. Not yet....}

"Yes. I won't say a word...." Felicia nodded without awareness.

{Just be ready, though. Tomorrow, you will do anything I say. My words will be your command for they are necessary to break you out of a destructive drug addict life.} Anita stopped the device and put it back into her pocket.

Felicia nodded and her eyes returned to their hazy look, "So, I'll just return to my classes?"

"Yes. Just so you know, though, I will keep the drugs myself and give them back to the local hospital when the time is right. Patients need those more than you. I promise you, there are better ways to cope with school stress." Anita smiled.

Felicia smiled and she stood up, "Thank you, miss Principal.... For being understanding...."

"Nah. Thank -you- for your co-operation. Tomorrow will be your big day." Anita smiled.


At night in Anita's home, she tutored Rie Perrier once more. However, unlike the days before, she wore no panties. Without crawling to the bookcase, she flashed her nude crotch at Anita's way.

"What do you think? Am I dry enough?" Rie blushed.

"What did I tell you about masturbation?" Anita asked with a skeptical look.

"I did not mastubate. That's why.... I'm horny...." Rie grinned with a look of lust.

"Really? Then how much have you learned in class today?" Anita smiled.

"I finished my homework in the middle of class.... Have a l-look." Rie presented her homework to Anita for verification.

"Hmmm.... only a few mistakes. Not bad. You will not only make your mother proud, but also help save the school." Anita smiled.

"So.... can I get fucked now?" Rie asked.

"Yes. Just a moment." Anita took out the mind control device and squeezed the trigger in front of Rie's view, {This is my education tool. You will not pay attention to it and you will not speak of this to anyone else. Reply if you comply.}

"Yes, Principal...." Rie answered with blank eyes.

{You are doing great in following my orders. You will carry on improving your studies by emptying your mind for everything except for what's taught to you. In return, after you've done well enough, you are free to become hornier.} Anita grinned.

"Yes, Principal...." Rie smiled while her body fluids were leaking from her vagina.

Anita stopped the device and spoke normally, "This time, let's try some anal sex."

"Doing it in my ass?" Rie asked, her face flustered at the thought. The hypnosis took effect and her eyes returned to their normal state.

"You know, if you keep on improving yourself like this, I will have no objections if you walk around this place buck naked." Anita giggled.

"I look forward to it!" Rie laughed.

"Don't get too excited, dear. I'm only doing it in your ass once to congratulate your effort. It's not a one-time only thing. Work hard for more." Anita reminded.

"Yes, I understa~nd" Rie rolled her eyes.

After Anita bend Rie down on all fours, she unzipped her pants and pushed her cock against Rie's anus. Besides wrapping a Durex around her length, Anita prepared a bottle of lube beforehand and squeezed some onto Rie's butt and smeared it into the anus. To Rie's surprise, Anita continued to finger the lube into deeper reaches of the rectum, causing the student to moan sultrily.

"Stop teasing me...." Rie moaned.

"Patience. You worked for hours. What's with a few more moments? I gotta clean out your ass. Next time, you will have to wait for days." Anita spoke. In reality, Anita did not wish to 'run out of juice' by having too much sex. Not only Rie, but she also had Felicia now.

Rie twitched under Anita's fingering, and not to be too cruel, Anita finally placed her condom covered cock against the lubricated anus and started pushing. Slowly but surely, Rie's rear parted ways for Anita's shaft to be buried.

"Nnnhggggghh!!" Rie closed her eyes.

"Relax a bit more. You can do this." Anita smiled. After a minute, her firm penis had gotten to the point of pistoning Rie's rectum.

"Oooooooh..... this feels good.... in a different way! Aaaaaannn~~" Rie moaned.

Anita increased her speed in minutes, and worked up more strength against Rie's body.

"I didn't think that.... anal sex feels soooo goooood~~" Rie's eyes were rolling into her sockets when the lubricant and Anita's shaft worked to drive Rie's erotic sensations to new heights.

Before long, Anita groaned and pulled out her cock to remove the condom. In a single push, she filled Rie's rectum with both her shaft and cum. Rie's tongue rolled out of her lips as she hit climax from her pent up libido and her first anal sex.

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Re: [Story] HentHighSchool F
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Chapter 4 (part 3): Addiction VS Addiction


17th of July, Year 2012 (Tuesday)

"What did they put in this stuff anyway?" Anita asked to herself as she drank a bottle of energy drink. She 'removed' the empty bottle by throwing it into a nearby garbage can while patrolling the classrooms when classes were in session.

In their attempts, the teachers were trying to get as much of the curriculum into the heads of the students as possible. The sad fact of the matter was that no matter how much teachers educated, there would always be students who could not learn and therefore be left behind by the education system. While Anita walked by the classrooms, she saw some students who did not pay attention, while some were outright sleeping. Since a male student slumped his head on his table and he was close to the corridor, Anita nudged him till he woke up.

"I know it can get boring and tiring, but you have to do your best. The future of the school depends on you." Anita encouraged gently.

Bolting up immediately after, the student focused on the lesson and nodded at Anita's direction a few times, expressing embarassment.

When Anita walked upstairs for another patrolling walk, she returned to the staff office. Lydia stood up and whispered, "Felicia has just entered your office."

"Good. Make sure no one enters." Anita nodded, "And do get along with Susan. I don't want her to feel like I'm giving you a special spot."

"Understood." Lydia returned to her spot.


Although Lydia would stick to Anita's commands, the latter was more careful. She installed a door bolt herself so that she could bolt the room's side, in case anyone would want to barge in later and catch her red handed in the process. Immediately after bolting the door, Anita turned around to look at a desperate Felicia, whose face was flustered while sitting on a chair. The shuddering of her body signalled the strength of the withdrawal.

"P-principal.... I've come, like you told me to.... Help me...." Felicia pleaded.

"Yes. Try to calm down and relax." Anita approached Felicia and smiled.

(to be continued)
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Re: [Story] HentHighSchool F
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I like all the subtle cheeky criticism where you touch the fourth wall when it comes to some of the game's story loopholes and mechanical flaws. Almost makes me feel bad when I actually get around to improve upon those parts. :P


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Re: [Story] HentHighSchool F
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Glad you liked it. Maybe this will give you some ideas so that you'd stop feeling bad altogether? The start-up funds of the school is stupidly low, after all.

I'm currently too tied up by my job to update the story. But I will try and update whenever possible. Thanks for reading.
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