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HentHighschool Development Forum Official Rules

  1. No Flaming. Flaming, as far as policy is concerned, is in respect to personal attacks in debate or general discussion. As a rule of thumb this is considered to have got out of hand when the integral points being debated have degenerated to a secondary position to the personal attacks being thrown. Debates DO get heated, and all moderators take this into account, but they should never reach the point where insult takes precedence over the points raised. Personal attacks include attacks based on intelligence, race, sexual orientation or preferences, or religious/atheistic belief.
  2. No Lolicon/Shotacon or Excessive Violence. Lolicon is considered to be the posting of pictures or artwork depicting sexual activity of clearly underaged girls; Shotacon is the same thing with underaged boys. As this game is in a high school setting, some discretion is allowed in this matter. In any case of questionable content, the final decision will be left up to the Moderator staff. Excessive violence is considered to be pictures or videos which contain real or realistic use of excessive gore and which can be considered to be far outside commonly accepted rules of decency.
  3. Remain on Topic. Nearly all topics will drift, and this is something that all the moderators are aware of and take into account. It's what makes debates interesting. BUT the act of outright thread hijacking (deliberate or accidental) is not permitted. An example might be a debate on in-game events and time costs with the mention of the swim club and someone deciding to use that as an excuse to talk about the swim club exclusively. Perpetrators will be asked to form a new thread on the subject or post in the appropriate thread, persistent perpetrators will be punished.
  4. No Spamming. Spamming includes but is not limited to nonsense posts and posts that are commercial in nature. A little bit of fun here and there is usually good for the forums, but as with the flaming rules if the actual points being debated have become secondary to the nonsense being thrown around they have reached an unacceptable limit.

    This is specifically to discourage members from posting links to products that they will personally profit from. Such posting is in bad taste and will be dealt with harshly.

  5. Linking to and Discussion of "Pirate" Sites is not Permitted. This includes peer to peer sites like "Kazaa", "Napster" and sites cataloguing bittorrent files. In gaming this would relate to "warez" and websites allowing the downloading of games. If in doubt, don't post it.
  6. No Hate Speech. This includes the advocating of genocide or active discrimination of a particular race or religion. We are willing to allow for many unconventional and unpopular opinions to be discussed on our forums but NOT to the point where one could be considered to be hate-mongering. An example of this would be the proposition to nuke the Vatican, or Mecca. If you discuss topics bordering on hate speech you will be expected to have solid and factual reasoning to back up your opinions. This is a game creation forum first and foremost and, in addition to being an attempt to incite flame wars on the forum, any such discussion is off topic.
  7. Plagiarism will not be Tolerated. Members posting material they did not write and claiming it as their own must provide proper sources, and claims of plagiarism will be seriously investigated.
  8. Follow Standard Discussion etiquette. There shall be no pile-on style posts. This includes such things as "You're a sockpuppet of X" or "+1" style posts. If you have a legitimate concern that someone is a sockpuppet then please contact an appropriate staff member through PM with your concerns. This policy extends to pile-on situations other than "you're a sockpuppet", which is used for illustration only.

    Basically when in a serious debate you are to follow standard debating etiquette.

  9. Harassment is not Permitted. If someone does not want your company outside of the forums (or inside, via PMs) you have no right to force yourself on them. Members are under no obligation to respond to your IMs or PMs. Harassment of the female population is most especially unacceptable. If you have a bad history with another person from real life or another forum don't bring it to the Hentai Highschool forum. Members found to be outright harassing another can find themselves under staff review, and possible permanent banning.
  10. This Forum Is Not A Chan. The Hentai Highschool Forum is not a chan, do not act as though it is. As such, habitual use of chan-like behavior will lead to punishment. Furthermore, if an offense against any of the other sections of the Official HHS3 Policy is deemed by the staff to be the result of chan-like behavior your punishment for said offense may be further extended on those grounds (at staff discretion). Chan-like behavior includes (but is not limited to) the following:
    • Excessive use of chan-speak, in particular the addition of fag to the end of a descriptor (eg. newfag). This includes attempts to disguise the use of this construction (eg. newfa..., newfan).
    • Excessive use of memes, image macros and/or motivators outside of areas which are deemed to be acceptable (threads specifically made to showcase these materials which have been created or approved by the staff).
    • Habitual posting of highly inflammatory opinions (particularly focusing on highly misogynistic, racist and/or xenophobic comments).
    • Excessive discussion of 4chan, anonymous and related concepts. Exceptions will be allowed for discussion of news stories or documentaries focusing on these topics in the off-topic forum, but must be limited to the matters addressed therein.
    • Rickrolling a member of the staff. This is a permabannable offense. :p
Note: The definition of excessive in the above stipulations is entirely at the discretion of staff.

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