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Re: Feature requests, wishlists by Hans_Wurst
[Today at 02:17:13 am]

Re: Experimental patch - Modified perk trees and autorest by kite80
[Today at 01:35:30 am]

Re: Hans_Wurst´s questions by Hans_Wurst
[Yesterday at 11:42:10 pm]

Re: Gameplay and design discussion by doujin
[Yesterday at 10:43:19 pm]

Re: Girl packs by HeyThereHomie
[Yesterday at 09:18:23 pm]

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 on: Today at 02:17:13 am 
Started by zxcv - Last post by Hans_Wurst
When I copy (parts of) a VE into a new/existing VE, the operation's IDs change to the lowest unoccupied numbers. Unfortunately the linked IDs of Reference Variables don't change in the same way the referenced IDs do. Cleaning up the following mess can be quite time consuming depending on the copy's size.

Would it be possible to adjust the copy/paste mechanics to prevent this?

 on: Today at 01:35:30 am 
Started by Goldo - Last post by kite80
Got a save where, once again, there's been a loss of stats for one of the girls: check Orihime's sensitivity, it went from 55 (max) to 5 (0 + a little bonus from a perk).
Used a cheat to give a lot of stat points to the girls, so that I could maximize them all, and speed 100 to MC. I'm quite sure such cheats are not involved, got this bug in the past when I had normal MC speed and girls stat raised with standard ways (training, chat, hypnosis etc.)

EDIT: from that point, by clicking on "next day" another girl lost all her constitution points (it was Sena this time).

 on: Yesterday at 11:42:10 pm 
Started by Hans_Wurst - Last post by Hans_Wurst
Hey there, after nearly 2 month I'm back. There weren't any big updates it seems. Since a lot of my last questions are still unanswered, I guess I'll just proceed to the next ones.

1. I'd like to have I bit more insight on the ops "Check Outfit" and "Outfit Name". And how they potentially handle custom outfits.
    To put it more simply: I want to detect, if a person wears a certain custom outfit. Is there any (simple) way to do this?
    (If possible I'd like to update the library, that handles outfit names.)

2. Would it be possible (in the future) to modify or create base operations?
    I could go on with a lot of pro arguments here (e.g. I might could have changed the "Outfit Name"-op by myself and wouldn't had to ask for help).
    But obviously there are some contras I'm not aware of. So at first I'd like to know these.
1. If you mean custom outfits as in mod outfits, they're handled just like any other outfit - you'd have to match the name against a list of vanilla outfits to detect custom ones.
As for "check outfit" - that gives you an outfit category that the given person should be wearing, based on their location and other information. It's then used by the paperdoll handlers to assign the correct outfit.

2. Unlikely for many. The code often accesses information that isn't directly available in VEE, and making all game data with no exceptions accessible from VEE would just make things very complicated.
The biggest issue though is performance: The time it takes to execute a VE is generally many times longer than the time it would take to execute compiled code with the exact same effect.
However, there are some ops that I believe could benefit from being turned into visual events without causing massive issues (e.g. "Have Sex").

Keep in mind I'm not a HHS+ dev, just sharing my knowledge :P

I indeed meant mod outfits. And by comparing them with the vanilla list I could tell apart all modded outfits from vanilla ones. But I still couldn't differ the modded outfits among themselves.

My current workaround is to define a "person relationship database" tag as something like "OutfitNumber" and set it to a certain number for every unlisted/modded outfit.
@alkalash: As I looked into Lexville VE, I stumbled across a lot of Database Queries. Since my problem isn't a relationship related one, would a Database Query be more appropriate?

Nevermind. I found a much easier solution.  ;D

 on: Yesterday at 10:43:19 pm 
Started by Goldo - Last post by doujin
doujin: You can edit BKstart.rpy in the game folder and put a # on line that begins month 11 (#1327), which will negate its effects. You would need to start a new save.

Otherwise, just give each girl weapon. Pretty easy with weapon vendor in 0.15. Also did you build bright lights from furniture? Maybe put more points in strength and save at least 1 interaction at end of day to add your strength to brothel defense.
i already max out all defense upgrade as for weapon vendor is that different than the regular merchant if so where to find him? and i play as a mage i even precast the protection spell each day and it doesnt block that group of monster invading event

 on: Yesterday at 09:18:23 pm 
Started by Goldo - Last post by HeyThereHomie
Haven't found so many pics for Mad Moxxi, there are a lot of RL cosplayers but hentai pics aren't enough for a girl pack, sorry

That's ok, thanks for looking in to it!

 on: Yesterday at 09:03:10 pm 
Started by vdov - Last post by Spinner
Upper right (top banner area): There's a Search box.
Best to be at the HHS+ level when you do search.

 on: Yesterday at 08:59:47 pm 
Started by vdov - Last post by vdov
And understand thank you

 on: Yesterday at 08:57:57 pm 
Started by vdov - Last post by vdov
how to search?

 on: Yesterday at 08:56:50 pm 
Started by vdov - Last post by vdov
как искать?

 on: Yesterday at 08:53:19 pm 
Started by vdov - Last post by Spinner
Try a search for "missing girl" (in quotes as shown)

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