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Event preview? by HypnoKitten
[Today at 09:39:30 pm]

Re: [MOD][1.9.3][YAOI Event] Late Game GYM event Version 0.5 by Tyralion
[Today at 08:49:37 pm]

Re: Girl packs by Bakkis15
[Today at 08:43:59 pm]

Re: Futanari Overhaul Mod!! (v1.0) by Llamaking
[Today at 08:37:52 pm]

Re: [Renpy] Dragon Ball Infinity V0.3 by Masquerade
[Today at 07:48:08 pm]

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 on: Today at 09:39:30 pm 
Started by HypnoKitten - Last post by HypnoKitten
It's been quite a while since I played hhs+ but I still check in once in a while.  Not going to ask the dreaded 'are you ready yet' question but I'm curious if someone could provide a peek of what new content might be in the works?  Content as in 'new stuff you'll see' rather than the underlying (though certainly necessary) balancing, refactoring, bugfixes, etc.  But like.. New important characters, event types, locations, etc.  If not, no worries, just keeping my excitement alive for this project that y'all are working so hard on

 on: Today at 08:49:37 pm 
Started by Daran - Last post by Tyralion
I get this message too.. How can I fix this?

 on: Today at 08:43:59 pm 
Started by Goldo - Last post by Bakkis15
If possible, can you do Velma and Dapne please.

 on: Today at 08:37:52 pm 
Started by Devient_Futa - Last post by Llamaking
Mega link says it needs a decryption key.

 on: Today at 07:48:08 pm 
Started by Masquerade - Last post by Masquerade
Dragon Ball Infinity V0.4

You can start the Android 18 content by talking to Jaco!

Windows: MEGA


Linux: MEGA

Android: MEGA

Look out for our next release on the 16th of next month!


Main Changes:

- Graphic overhaul

- Menu overhaul

- Image and text scaling issues

- Introduced CYOA type gameplay


- Added Android 18

- Added Android 18 path and scenes

- Added Heles

- Added Oracle Fish

- Added Reputation stat

- Added Morality stat

- Added Tuffle soldiers art

- Added Towa warriors art (Placeholder)

- Added Player's field background

- Added Prayer system

- Added Planet destruction minigame

- Reduced Training numbers

- Reduced stats required to progress

- Many more

 on: Today at 06:56:16 pm 
Started by Umgah - Last post by randomq98
This has the potential to become an amazing mod. Love your work

 on: Today at 06:55:54 pm 
Started by Devient_Futa - Last post by Devient_Futa
Hello Everyone!!

So for the past year I have been enjoying this game however I found that there are not enough Futanari based events (Little Biased) so I thought why not do it myself! Now disclaimer this is the first time I have ever modded a game but through a lot of testing this 1st version of the game is a version which I am happy with.

For now this Mod is only a Futanari Overhaul i.e. just adding more events for existing areas, However in the future I am planning on revamping the town and school.

As of the 1st Version I have added a new Sauna area to the Onsen, as for now this area only has Futanari events however soon I will add events for both Male and Female characters. Also I have created a Futanari Onsen on its own so Futanari Principles have to use the new area.

So If you like the idea of this mod here is the download link: (Mega): https://mega.nz/#!LnInzYzI

So please down leave all your feedback. I am hoping to keep this Mod up to date.  ;D

Thank you!

 on: Today at 05:39:08 pm 
Started by Titus - Last post by harmi
There are enough ppl who play it tbh. But its a niche game. + not everyone is 'shouting'from the roof that he / she is playing a school corruption game cause yea why would they. :P + there could be guides there as in written but the game changes alot ea time, so than you get aswell the; ahhh the guide is wrong GG rip bla bla bla.
Cause yea common sense isnt a thing always....

+ thing is aswell the purpose off a game as in what goal is it made to earn money or have it as a project to learn stuff coding wise, or other reasons.. Tbh i enjoy the game alot when i play it and like the game alot as in i keep on comeing back to it once a while. So that says something about a game right? ;)

Anywho as usual awsome work devs. ;)

 on: Today at 05:03:16 pm 
Started by f1rf13 - Last post by f1rf13
Hi everyone,
I started working on small flavor events to get used to using the editor before I start actual work on a larger scale mod/content pack.
Can I get some feedback on the example events I have attached? Preferably on:
  • Art Style, is it appropriate?
  • Writing? (Not a native speaker, sorry!)
  • Technical side of events. Do I use getphysical correctly? Are there any best practices I haven't followed?
  • Balance of positive/negative effects?


 on: Today at 11:16:12 am 
Started by Goldo - Last post by kite80
It's because they feel loved and trwated like princesses that they raise their head and claim better treatment like the best room you can afford, a lot of free time etc. Don't be afraid to punish them if they go on strike even once, send the most rebellious one to the farm a couple of days, have them work as whores if they refuse standard jobs.

Another suggest: before changing brothel be sure to raise a lot of gold to afford the best rooms you can buy in the next quarter, it helps a lot!

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