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Re: [WIP][0.2]Girl Creation Tips by Aren117
[Today at 06:12:17 pm]

Newbie question about an error by Herensuge
[Today at 04:02:46 pm]

Re: Test version for 0.2 by Herman
[Today at 03:38:50 pm]

Re: Off-topic, and Fun! by Jman
[Today at 02:26:41 pm]

Re: [WIP][0.2]Girl Creation Tips by OpticalMaximus
[Today at 12:39:41 pm]

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 on: Today at 06:12:17 pm 
Started by DarkNoob - Last post by Aren117
I usually just lurk around here, but I'm experienced in anime and manga redraws so I think I can help Jman here.

Thanks, I hadn't gotten around to cleaning that up.

 on: Today at 04:02:46 pm 
Started by Herensuge - Last post by Herensuge
Hi, I'm a newbie in modding and programation in general trying to learn a bit more about it. I've tried to add a new house in the game for a new special character. Each time I try to hypnotize that character, I get a bug catcher stating "GetPersonHome:Error. Unknown character passed." Any ideas what could be causing this?

 on: Today at 03:38:50 pm 
Started by Goldo - Last post by Herman
New bug. On the first visit from the banker (the one with no interest), the game crashes with the following traceback:
(click to show/hide)

This is from the latest code, downloaded yesterday from Goldo's signature.

 on: Today at 02:26:41 pm 
Started by DougTheC - Last post by Jman
I had some fun at a certain player's (and a certain fiction author's :P) expense when I created the 'good followers of Shalia' feature in Bonanza. You can do some code diving to find out the details.

I'm not a creative person, so all my brothels tend to be named 'Flesh Emporium'.

My first whore is usually a cumdump (there's a specific trait for that in Bonanza, and it's actually recommended that you custom order one as your starter whore) patterned on Morrigan Aensland and called 'Demon Cumdump' (inverted name, so she's called Demon most places). Another early hire is 'Sailor Slut', which I think is generally a Mercury clone who does dancing. There's usually also a 'Tavern Wench' built using Airi from Queen's Blade, and Korra makes an appearence as a masseuse (she's her own unique self if I can afford to headhunt her). Edit: The waitress and dancer (not the whore) have inverted names, so they are called Slut and Wench under most circumstances.

I stuff the farm with free girls every chance I get. And I make them like it so I can harvest the 'good' points for them accepting lenient training :o Then I sell them back to the slave market. :D

And my default MC name is not Nero, it's Kilroy. He was there, you know? Left his mark on Zan and everything. :P

 on: Today at 12:39:41 pm 
Started by DarkNoob - Last post by OpticalMaximus
I usually just lurk around here, but I'm experienced in anime and manga redraws so I think I can help Jman here.

 on: Today at 11:04:12 am 
Started by DougTheC - Last post by _neronero
I tend to rename my brothel to "[MC.name]'s Harem" or something akin to that.

One thing I don't do enough is renaming the girls, giving them names inspired by their traits ("Weakling Karen", "Fat-Ass Misty", etc) adds some nice nickname flavor.
I always forget to do this myself. At some point I kinda automated it through an event in Trait King, so I've got a whole list ready of nicknames ready. Maybe it'll return as a standalone mod some day.

Code: [Select]
                                "Slave Brand" : "Kosmo's",
                                "Irresistable" : "Taboo",
                                "Ferocious" : "Barbaric",
                                "Warrior" : "Heroic",
                                "Wild" : "Untamed",
                                "Strong" : "Big",
                                "Tough" : "Solid",
                                "Brave" : "Bold",
                                "Tomboy" : "Manly",
                                "Rowdy" : "Annoying",
                                "Powerful" : "Mighty",
                                "Cold" : "Icy",
                                "Rude" : "Savage",
                                "Mean" : "Blunt",
                                "Rough" : "Raw",
                                "Defiant" : "Sassy",
                                "Rebellious" : "Disloyal",
                                "Frigid" : "Cool",
                                "Prude" : "Good",
                                "Arrogant" : "Cocky",
                                "Stubborn" : "Donkey",

                                "Insatiable" : "Goddess",
                                "Noble" : "Highborn",
                                "Loose" : "Easy",
                                "Sensitive" : "Pussy",
                                "Vicious" : "Evil",
                                "Delicate" : "Crumbling",
                                "Temptress" : "Siren",
                                "Dominatrix" : "Tyrant",
                                "Thief" : "Rat",
                                "Drunkard" : "Party",
                                "Jaded" : "Worn-out",
                                "Distrustful" : "Cynical",
                                "Fearful" : "Pants Pissing",
                                "Depressed" : "Sad",
                                "Deceitful" : "Crafty",
                                "Vulnerable" : "Naked",
                                "Greedy" : "Rich",
                                "Naive" : "Ignorant",
                                "Lazy" : "Trifling",

                                "Ferocious" : "Ravenous",
                                "Uninhibited" : "Unleashed",
                                "Cum Addict" : "Thirsty",
                                "Bimbo" : "Slut",
                                "Pervert" : "Wet",
                                "for Public use" : "Public",
                                "Cumslut" : "Hole",
                                "Orgy girl" : "Group",
                                "Uncouth" : "Cheap",
                                "Scruffy" : "Run-down",
                                "Vulgar" : "Fucking",
                                "Strong Gag Reflex" : "Choking",
                                "Clumsy" : "Shit",
                                "Sickly" : "Dead",
                                "Unlucky" : "Black",
                                "Weak" : "Crippled",
                                "Timid" : "Quiet",

                                "Caster" : "Magical",
                                "Sexually curious" : "Wandering",
                                "Open-minded" : "Heretic",
                                "Exotic" : "Foreign",
                                "Naughty" : "Foxy",
                                "Submissive" : "Sheepish",
                                "Meek" : "Shy",
                                "Fast Orgasms" : "Cum Comet",
                                "Exotic Tattoo" : "Canvas",
                                "Disfigured" : "Defaced",
                                "Frail" : "Broken",
                                "Paranoid" : "Insane",
                                "Dumb" : "Thick",
                                "Oafish" : "Simple",
                                "Slow" : "Dreaming",
                                "Godless" : "Devil",
                                "Trauma" : "Used",
                                "Scars" : "Struck",
                                "City girl" : "Village",
                                "Circumcised" : "Cut",

 on: Today at 09:54:15 am 
Started by DougTheC - Last post by DougTheC
So, I thought this could be a place to post anything, usually somewhat BK-related, that you think would be fun for others to read or discuss.

One creative thing I like is naming the brothel, usually upon creation but could rename it after some momentous game event.

Past choices have included SeaWhorses, Docking Station and Docking Stuffers.

Another is not the Royal Arms (a hotel), but the Noble Legs. (I had them lengthened; now they go all the way up.)

I also have inventive names for my MC, but that's for a later post...

 on: Today at 02:59:48 am 
Started by Umgah - Last post by Umgah
Is there any documentation on the these status effects?


Are these effects processed internally by game engine?

 on: Yesterday at 10:28:53 pm 
Started by narf0815 - Last post by picobyte
It appears the issues being described above in the winehq bugzilla are distro specific.

That could be. Mine is linux arch. I tried again and now managed to get hhs+ running again, though it wouldn't install dotnet46 without a force install, and I had to kill stale processes running in the background several times during install to get it to complete.

 on: Yesterday at 05:45:21 pm 
Started by KungFuCharly - Last post by Shilo
Full color control for individual body parts was one goal of the fabled "new paperdoll system", not just for ethnicity reasons but also to create color variation in clothing without requiring an abundance of different asset files.
But alas it's kinda been put on the backburner due to being quite tough to implement and probably requiring way to much manual labour to bring the assets up to par. (As well as there simply being more beneficial things to implement first)

And there once was a black teacher in the game - her name was "Afra Putina". She was scrapped not only for that uncomfortable name but also because the art style did not fit the rest of the game at all (she had a western cartoonish look with thick outlines) and there was no content for her at all other than the paperdoll.

But yeah, if you start introducing different ethnicities in the paperdolls but don't have actual image content to follow through, it stands out in quite an unwelcoming way. Then we might have to consider things like filtering persons by their skin tone, so the event images can fit the participating persons, which would require yet another massive rework of many of the game's events. I just think we are too far into the game's development to introduce something like that at this point. Other scenarios might benefit from it, but Smallville may stay Caucasian for practicality reasons.

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