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Re: Girl packs by mistrun
[Today at 12:43:07 pm]

Re: Brothel King Best Girl 2019 contest by kite80
[Today at 11:02:29 am]

Re: Girl packs by kite80
[Today at 10:55:55 am]

Re: Girl packs by EvilPenguin
[Today at 09:49:12 am]

Re: Gameplay questions by Spinner
[Today at 08:22:50 am]

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 on: Today at 12:43:07 pm 
Started by Goldo - Last post by mistrun
3 new non-vn girls

Tharja from fire emblem
Kochiya Sanae and izayoi sakuya from touhou

 on: Today at 11:02:29 am 
Started by kite80 - Last post by kite80
A lot of people voted yesterday and something changed in the rankings:

Albedo jumped on a rocket and reached 8 votes, leaving all the other girls far behind her;

Wonder Woman got her 4th vote and got a place in the secure zone, which may become not so secure since there's only one more seat left and if more girls come, the 4-votes tier will become the new danger zone;

Artoria Pendragon and Keine Kamishirasawa scored 3 votes, now joining the current danger zone, will it be enough to get a chance for playoffs at least?

A lot of girls still languish in the elimination zone, having 1-2 votes, but there's still one week left to vote, a tiny chance for them. Which girls will qualify for the next stage?

EDIT: after noticed there was a non calculated vote for Captain Farah and fixed it,  the new ranking now includes 16 girls in the secure zone: the 3-votes tier has been officially inglobated by the elimination zone, while the 4-votes tier becomes the new danger zone.

 on: Today at 10:55:55 am 
Started by Goldo - Last post by kite80
It is related to a girl pack; is that my Fubuki pack? Sorry I forgot to delete a couple of things in the BK.ini file; I've uploaded a new version with that bug fixed, here's the direct links:


 on: Today at 09:49:12 am 
Started by Goldo - Last post by EvilPenguin
I got some new girls for the new release, and I'm getting this error for Fubuki - ss attached.

 on: Today at 08:22:50 am 
Started by atztek1 - Last post by Spinner
LOL... Perhaps...  ;D

 on: Today at 05:15:54 am 
Started by atztek1 - Last post by Xmortal

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 on: Today at 04:02:02 am 
Started by Goldo - Last post by GBiscuit
playing the 0.15 release, after you select the first girl for purchase, the menu for the girl persists all the way through the starter dialogue, sitting on the right side

 on: Today at 03:30:14 am 
Started by Shilo - Last post by Spinner
General guide to bug reporting (please read before reporting bugs)

1)  Make sure your game is up to date
•   All important bug fixes are posted to the [HHS+ 1.9.5] Official Release Thread
     ▪  And these can easily be installed as explained in the [HHS+ 1.9.5] Official Release: Install Instructions
•   Yet, we still get reports for bugs that are already reported, fixed, and the fix posted
•   Please check through the Release Thread, and make sure your game is up to date, before reporting bugs

2)  Check for known bugs and avoid non-bug reports
•   Please read through the known bugs and issues list below, and this thread in general, before reporting bugs (simply to avoid duplicate reporting).
•   Also, please consider if what you're seeing is a bug as such, or just behavior you didn't expect (e.g. simply a change from the previous release)
     ▪  To help with that: We've listed all the notable changes in the main release post: [HHS+ 1.9.5] Official Release About 1.9.5
     ▪  And: We have a dedicated thread for discussing the game, and odd behavior: [HHS+ 1.9.5] Official Release Discussion Thread

In case of any confusion
•   We generally receive good quality bug reports from both experienced and new players alike
•   If you genuinely believe you're seeing a bug, and it's not already known or reported, then by all means post
     ▪  Best outcome is we identify the more obtuse bugs, and worst is you will be asked to move your post...  :)
•   However, if you're asking yourself "is this a bug or not?", the first port of call is the Discussion Thread

The current known bugs/issues are:
•   Autosave not working: Regardless of auto save settings, the game doesn't automatically create saves
    ▪   Workaround: Save manually
•   Breaking in: There's a possibility that post a break-in (i.e. lock picking event), you'll return home and your sibling will think you broke in there
    ▪   Fixed internally, and fix will be in the next major update.
•   Daily Maddox story line: Dated, confusing, has various inconsistencies, and may/may not trigger as intended
    ▪   Not game effecting (in the larger picture)
•   Detention: The Teacher and Students go to the Teacher Room for detention
    ▪   Not game effecting (just not as intended)
•   Carl Walker chain (various issues):  Solution pending, see mantis 1194
•   Changing rooms (at School and Onsen), Peeking/Looking in showers:  A bunch of issues
    ▪    May lead to no image and/or no event outcome.  Not game effecting (just odd)
•   Chat with your student / Chat with the teachers:  Somewhat dated (and never really completed)
    ▪   Also, not integrated into the new chat system (so has various inconsistencies)
•   Debug - Person: Editing Inventory not yet implemented (and attempting to do so when non-empty throws an exception)
•   File Editor - Club: Editing Club Level not yet implemented (and attempting to do so when non-empty throws an exception)
•   Hardman Quests: Have various minor issues (none have a major impact on the game, but can be confusing)
    ▪   The whole thing's a bit of a mess.  So (rather than fixing bits and pieces) I'm reworking it all.
•   Mandatory Masturbation: In theory, it's possible to pass this proposal before any student would 'break the rules'
    ▪   i.e.: You pass the proposal, turn on the rule, but no students get sent for masturbation
    ▪   Not game effecting, but is potentially confusing
    ▪   Fixed internally only ATM.  For game play: just wait until your school is more 'developed' before turning the rule on
•   Two Teachers in the same classroom: If you have two teachers teaching the same subject, they can both end up in the same classroom
    ▪   As far as I can tell, this won't occur if all teachers are fully occupied
    ▪   Either way, is a known issue and is being tracked on mantis
•   Settings Window Blanks out: Sometimes the Settings window blanks out and you can't close it
    ▪   Workaround: Click Settings again (gives back control over the window)
•   Statistics (in management): Check boxes don't work
•   Town Council: Remains an unfinished WIP
•   Unassigned Students: Can cause an exception 'The given key was not present in the dictionary'.  See mantis 1300
    ▪   The exception can be associated with any event passing time (but has nothing to do with the event as such)
    ▪   As far as I can tell, this won't occur if all students are assigned to classes

 on: Today at 02:54:19 am 
Started by Shilo - Last post by Spinner
The install instructions explicitly require updates be installed in order (there's no skipping allowed).

You can of course opt to skip if you wish.
But, as requested in the install instruction, if you don't follow them, can I ask you also don't report bugs please.

It's hard enough finding and fixing real issues.
So don't need the added overhead of supporting ppl who break their game, by not following already published information  ;)

 on: Today at 02:41:55 am 
Started by Shilo - Last post by squidbit
I thought I skipped all the ones that required a new game, but I wouldn't be surprised if I put one in on accident

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