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Author Topic: HHS3 - School evolution  (Read 10634 times)


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HHS3 - School evolution
« on: January 07, 2011, 08:47:50 pm »

Before starting: remember i'm not english native so sometimes i won't be able to express my concept well, but i'm sure you will take the gist of it.

My idea is that when you meet certain condition you can choose a path for your school evolution.
Right now (well hhs2) the evolution is just of one type. Yes you can choose to activate or not naked rule but it's not that you have a real control on the school evolution. I'm pretty sure that in hhs3 it will be slightly different, because with different type of school (ex: magic school) there will be some difference in the evolution from school to school.
But i'm proposing more:

At the beginning you choose the school as it is now. But there is a page/tab were you can choose the path of your school. At the beginning the options are all not clickable. To make a path avaible you must reach certain condition. after that the evolution path's button became clickable. After you choose an evolution you cannot anymore change it, and that will be your school.

To make an example for a normal school there could be these evolution:
A) only girl school (leasbian)
B) only girl school (futa)
C) enslaving school or slave school

and each of them need some condition to be choosen these can reguard school stats and particular condition for every type of evolution for example the only girl school (futa) will need:
- a minimim value in certain stats
- a combo of ward and scientific club (or one of its evolution) to create futanari
- maybe a min number of futa student

while the enslaving school will need the bondage club, really high level in obedience (max?), etc...
(of corse other condition can be applied, like resolving some event in a particular way to unlock the school evolution).

NB: this can be the evolutions avaible for every school, while particular school can have particular evolution only for them, for example
scientific school -----> engeneer path: focalizing on the develpment of machine of every type, i mean sexual machine of corse
scientific school -----> animal-girl path: focalizing on biology subject to genetically transform the girls: cat-girl, dog-girl, cow-girl and even worse... (mermaid too!!)
magic school----->animal-girl path: this time obtained trought magic
magic school-----> tentacle breeding school: i really want to see the festival of this school... it will be called "Day of the tentacle", hope someone know what i'm talking about^^
rich school------> high class prostitution path: focalizing on refinement and something like that
rich school------> tawn/world domination path: focalizing on the subjugation of VIP trought their son
criminal school -----> yakuza path: no need to explain^^

So as you can see there are many possibilities that are interesting and give tha game longevity because every time the player can choose a different path. And the adding this path should be something easy, they will work like the a club, simply adding content to the school when they are activate (well and sometimes blocking content like the only girl school, that should block all the event with boys)
These path are easy to develop since like the club the development can be done separatly.

Of corse someone can choose to not go on any path and simply use the school normally. The evolution path is just a way to add content to every school.

NB: of corse the only girl school (futa) is not the only way to have futa, you can have them normally, but is a way to exagerate them and add some special content. And the engeener path is not the only way to obtain tecnology that are not avaible in other schools, you can obtain some of this just choosing the scientific school, while choosing the engeener path you will have even more content. problably that content could have been inserted in the scientif school directly, but this is a way to add longevity to the game and give the player more possiblity to personalize the school as he prefer.
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Re: HHS3 - School evolution
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2011, 10:54:49 am »

I liked it,something new and original,vry interesting the option do choose a path,i hope it will be implemented in hhs3


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Re: HHS3 - School evolution
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2011, 10:37:13 pm »

Well, Since this games intention is more heavily based upon a sandbox type game. This idea will probably be integrated more indirectly rather than a distinctive decision to move a school towards the path. The evolution will be dependent on the stats of the school, and specific events triggered. I know that this would be a prerequisite to attain it, but it would be more automatic if anything. So its more like BECAUSE you did this, the school becomes like this... Instead of, you have just unlocked this path... I mean either or works, and it can still go either way in terms of how the game is going to be made, like all ideas presented for the game. I can see how it would be better to do the unlock type evolution, if each prerequisite is too similar to one and another and it makes it hard to get a specific school you want without it changing to a different one already.
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