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Author Topic: Custom Image Packs  (Read 5236 times)


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Custom Image Packs
« on: July 24, 2011, 01:38:31 pm »

Ive noticed a lot of these games run on code that presents an image depending on the code running. e.g. Gym events run Gym images and certain stats affect which images are shown more.

as a result people(with more free time than me) can make custom games with completely new images (e.g. replacing the Gym01 file with your own image) and then send them to one of the authors to look through.

it would be the exact same game with the exact same mechanics and events but different images. (lets face it the events are only half the fun ;D)

custom games that meet the mark can be posted for downloads. this would give people interested in development to add to this website and make the downloads page more appealing to those waiting for the new versions to existing games (e.g. HHS3)

ive noticed the huge amount of images on the media section. with the posters permission one could use those images to make custom games. essentially once you have the images you want it would only take an hour to rename them and replace the old images.

lastly(ye i know ive said a lot) usually the HHS2 (i think) lasts 1 or 2 years (depending on version). as a result most of the images are seen several times by the end making the last few weeks (in the game) repetitive, especially if two years are selected. therefore a custom game that lets say had 3x the amount of images would require more replays to view all images.

my two cents. lemee know what you think or if this has already been done (if it has LINKS PLZ!!!! :p  )
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