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HHS+ Version 1.0

This version is the first major release since 0.7 came out in Feb 2013. Due to the addition of WPF features, versions of Windows prior to Windows XP SP3 cannot run the game due to the new need for .NET Framework 4.0.


Version Release Dev Build Notes
1.0pre 4-6 Sept 2013 r? two hot fixes released
1.0pre v1.x 11 Sept 2013 r? patch 1
1.0pre v2.x 19-22 Sept 2013 r? patch 2, with 2 hot fixes released
1.0rc 843 2 Feb 2014 r843
1.0rc 849 7 Feb 2014 r849
1.0rc 854 14 Feb 2014 r854
1.0 (a-h) 26 Jun 2014 r38 Official Release
1.01 30 Jun 2014 r69 First patch/minor release
1.02 06 Nov 2014 r435 Second patch/minor release
1.03 21 Nov 2014 r531? Third patch/minor release
1.04 08 Apr 2015 r889 Fourth patch/minor release
1.05 19 Jun 2015 r1116 Fifth patch/minor release


Event Editor
  • The classic event editor has been replaced with a visual event editor.
  • A new system called variable referencing has been added to allow for tracking 'quest' progression without needing hidden unique items, and can be used a couple ways. The first is using a variable like an int or double or what-have-you as a counter that can be called and modified by other events. The other is a bit array that checks bits for whether they're 0 or 1 and acts accordingly.
  • Event UI controls have been added, giving more control over the images and text boxes than before. Changes to the text boxes include transparency, vertical alignment, margin setting, and text box height. Changes to images include the possibility to place images on top of images (such as a person on top of a background image).
Teacher Scheduling
  • Instead of assigning a subject to a teacher, you have 4 periods a day for the five day school week. So you can have them teach one subject all day, every day, or you can have them teach multiple subjects.
  • Can't have the subject taught by more than one person at a time (math in period 1 on Monday means no one else can teach math period 1 on Monday).
  • Some classrooms are shared by subjects, so for example, can't schedule Anatomy and Biology for period 2 on Tuesday for different teachers. Full list in Manage School for each Room Build description.
  • Arousal - New stat. Lust indicates what they're willing to do, while arousal indicates likelihood of taking part in a sexual related event.
  • Arousal Bar - Underneath the Energy bar is the arousal bar, that tracks the arousal of the player (character). If it gets too high and stays there, events will occur in the same vein as principals running out of energy.
School Layout
  • The layout of the school has been changed.
  • Two additional general classrooms have been added, also with four specialist classrooms (Biology, Chemistry, Art, Music) that need to be purchased to unlock certain subjects.
  • The Chem Lab is only accessible through the Classroom Chemistry now.
  • Funding and expenses have been changed. Starting monthly income is reduced by $2500 compared to 0.7x, teacher salaries are now paid monthly (and they get paid when hired). Buildings have weekly maintenance costs.
  • Button events - No longer a separate folder, but are placed in relevant event location folder.
  • Detective events - Also no longer a separate folder, but are remote events called by relevant button event.
  • Native Events - These events occur when certain conditions are met in the Management Panel. For instance, hiring/firing staff, buying a building, passing a proposal, opening/closing clubs, and picking up items.
  • Item Events - Variation of Native Events for when Items are used by the Player (in inventory) or a NPC.
  • Remote Events - These events do not necessarily occur on their own, but are called by another event.
  • PersonAttached Events - These events are attached to a person and are only checked/executed when that person is in the room, in the same fashion as events in a Staff character's Events folder.
  • Stores and similar buttons (such as Investigate) have been turned into button events for each location.
  • Events are pre-cached at game start (instead of first arrival at a location).
  • Events can be reloaded via debug menu without needing to restart game to get changes/fixes in an event.
  • Event Pictures - The event pictures folder has been moved to the Images folder and reorganized into Characters, Clubs, Custom, and Locations. Nearly all pictures have been sorted into an appropriate (or thought appropriate) spot. The few missed will end up shifted around as the connected events are done.
  • Train station location added. The hospital is now available on the main map.
  • The PTA homes are no longer randomly set but hardcoded in. As a result, the PTAHome folders have been replaced with PTA member specific locations (Home, Bedroom, Child Room 1-2).
  • The system that says where parents and students and so forth are located at any given time/location is overhauled. Instead of being in an xml file, it's done via Schedule Handlers hard-coded into the game. Unique characters (those in the staff folder) can use VE schedule handlers instead of the hard-coded ones.
  • The Jobs system has been overhauled and now has the possibility for multiple people having a job in one location. The jobs list has gotten an overhaul to be more useful/used.
Build Options
  • An overhaul of the building system, Build Options allow for upgrading locations. To add a location that should be purchased, it needs a Build Option in addition to being linked in to the world.
  • Generic PTA member Edna Example has been replaced with a new character with a daughter and new 'quest' line.
  • The staff folder has been reorganized so an unique character's xml is in a folder with the character's name.
  • PTA folder has been removed, and all PTA characters/kids have been moved to individual folders in the Staff folder.
  • Person-centric events can be placed in an Events folder in the directory for the specific person in the Staff folder, as could be done with the PTA folders.
  • While quests are being converted over, some are receiving tweaks and alterations. In some cases it's due to taking into account the Arousal stat or the stats as defined by Shilo. In other cases it's to make things clearer, prevent certain issues (such as getting to level 1 clubs for cooking/music/theater without having the maid club unlock events first), or add options (such as hypnosis options for certain events). Some new events have been added, including moving cabaret from the purchase screen to an event involving a PTA member.
  • The time management system has been transitioned to use of an actual calendar. This means events can be set for specific times of the year and monthly payments occur at the end of the month, among other things. Notes can also be added to the calendar.
Un-hardcoding Stats
  • Not a very visible change, but the core stats are no longer hard coded within the game. This provides potential down the line (with several other changes needed) to have schools with fewer stats and so forth. Also un-hardcoded were the Sex Preferences and Gender stats.
  • Scenarios now allow for fewer stats to be selected from the total list of stats.
Paper Doll Event System
  • The paper doll system is the part that displays the characters on screen. It is being revamped for events to allow for different facial expressions, a wider variety of worn clothing (and more steps between different levels), and potentially the use of blushing to indicate a character's general arousal level. Paper doll display is handled within event xml.
Hacking Minigame
  • A hacking mini-game has been added that is similar in play to Alpha Protocol's hacking mini-game.
User Interface
  • The main game window has been modified to make use of WPF features.
  • The event code has been changed to make use of WPF controls, allowing for a wider range of display options when making events, such as image and paper doll overlays.

Known Issues

See here for list of known bugs for 1.x releases.

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