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About the Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to the HentHighSchool+ game and the editing tools that are included with it. As such it has two distinctive purposes:

  • to list information about the available events (especially those that include multiple follow-up events in a major story line), their effects and the underlying game mechanics (locations, items, characters, proposals, rules, etc.) in order to serve as a guide for both new players and those who to explore all aspects of the game.
  • to document the development tools of the game such as the Visual Event Editor, its functionality, the individual operations and variables in events, and the World Editor.

HHS+ version 1.9.5 has been released.
It's available here.


Due to the nature of this wiki, viewer discretion is advised. Consent to the viewing of this site is done through that of the parents of any children younger than 18-21 (the lowest required for your state or location).

If you are not 18 or older, leave now!

This wiki contains a lot of out-of-date information

Rather than keep the wiki up to date, more work is going into in-game guides and assistance.
This includes Help, Journals, Items and Item descriptions, the Calendar, story-line text, etc. etc.
So you should focus on those, and only refer to this wiki for back-ground information.

This wiki may also describe content of the internal development build, even if it was not released to public at that point.
This depends mostly on the users maintaining this wiki, since some have access to the internal build while others don't.
Preference is for public release version, with unreleased content being clearly labeled as such.

The wiki is not editable by everyone. If you'd like to contribute to it and feel good about your writing and your knowledge of the game or its tools, you may request permission in the forum.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask in the respective forum thread.

Smallville This is the master page for information related the city of Smallville, the main Scenario of the game.

Smallville High This is the master page for information related to the school you run within Smallville.

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