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About HHS+

HentHighSchool+ is the currently active incarnation of the HentHighSchool games. It has been in development since 2010 or early 2011, and been fairly actively updated and improved ever since. Currently it is on its 1.0 release, with a number of major changes from the previous release.

The general goal of the game is to corrupt everyone you can without dying or getting fired. This is done via a variety of methods, from items to policies to events.


Scenarios - The actual locations and events being played. Details of Locations, Events and Characters are listed under the scenario's wiki page.
Movement and Time - How you get around places and the flow of time.
Events - How players interact with the NPCs within a scenario.
Characters - the NPCs that live and work inside a scenario.
Paper Doll System - The system used to display the NPCs within the game.
Character Creation - The process of creating the player's character.
Items and Inventory - How items are handled and used by player's character and NPCs.
Management Panel - The panel within the game that the player uses to set policy, hire and fire people, and various other tasks.
Minigames - These minigames pop up under certain conditions, such as trying to pick a lock or hack a computer.


A variety of editors are available for creating and maintaining files, events, world specifications, and other game elements. The following list includes most of them, although description pages need to be filled in as time allows.

World Editor - The editor used to design and modify a scenario's framework.
Visual Event Editor - VEE - The event editor for 1.0 onward.
Character Editor - Creation and modification editor for special characters and Principal.
Item Editor - Item editor, including specifying image and some properties.

Legacy Event Editor - The event editor for 0.71 and earlier versions. This is the only editor run from its own executable instead of HHS+.exe

Debug/Modify Events and Values

Debug Info window - The debugger used to view/modify many values for characters' attributes, to modify statistics (a "cheat mode," easily abused), to debug live execution of specified events, and to reload events from (modified) disk files.


Future Features Roadmap

The first non-demo version was HHS+ 0.2, released in February 2011. The next update was a month later with 0.3. Version 0.3 received three patches in July (0.36, 0.38, and 0.391). Version 0.4 appeared in August, with eight patches over the next two months. Version 0.5 came out in October 2011 and received nine updates between then and May 2012. Version 0.6 was released in June 2012, receiving twelve updates by the end of January 2013. The previous release was Version 0.7. It was released in February 2013, and had one update that month.

The current major release version is now 1.0x, released 26 June 2014. Pre-release versions of it were released in Sept 2013 (1.0pre, 1.0pre v1.1-2, 1.0pre v2.1-2). Three snapshots of the current state of the dev build were released in February 2014 (1.0rc 843, 1.0rc 849, 1.0rc 854). Fairly regular status updates can be found in the HHS+ 1.0 Status and Feedback Thread on the forums.

Starting with 1.0, major version updates will have their own pages linked below.

Version 1.0

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