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The core of the game centers around scenarios. These are the worlds that the user plays through. There's no limitation on what a scenario can be, as long as it fits in the limits of the game engine. Scenarios are built using the World Editor to set the map, link the locations, set the initial stat ranges, and all the other background details needed to have it operate. Once the world has been designed, the Visual Event Editor is used to create the events that bring the world to life.

Playable Scenarios


Smallville is the default selection when the game is started. The player is in the role of Principal of Smallville High (formerly Normal School), a fairly average school in the town of Smallville.

In-development Scenarios

Technical Education Snow Town

Technical Education Snow Town or TEST is an testing environment scenario for the game, not playable. It was unintentionally included in the v 1.05 release.

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