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Features Roadmap

In Production

Features in this section have begun being worked on. No statement on when release of the feature is intended by being in this section, other than the fact that it's in the works.

No Time Frame

Just a general overview about what features are currently have planned for future releases of the game. These are in no particular order and without any concrete idea for a release date.

Management Panel Overhaul

The School Management Panel is a central component of the game, yet it's really old and somewhat hacked together. We plan to replace it with a new WPF-based version that fits more in line with the main window's style and is easier to maintain. Some things like the Accounting tab can be overhauled in this process to make them more readable or to reorganize the layout of some tabs.

Class and Teacher Scheduling Revamp

The current system of assigning subjects to teachers and how teachers are then assigned to the number of desired classes that you set in the Management Panel is really suboptimal, hacky, difficult to debug and often breaks. We intend to change the system completely, so that you assign the subject schedule per-class and not per-teacher (that way we would also avoid issues like Sierra Hardman never attending a sports class). On the teacher side you would only set which subjects are allowed to be taught by a specific teacher and then the system should take care of assigning a teacher with the respective subject to whatever school class needs one according to their schedule.

Subject Experience

Students and teachers should also both earn "experience" in the individual subjects so that they get better at them (or at teaching them) the more they attend a particular subject. We could then introduce exams to the game where you need your students to pass in multiple subjects with good grades, otherwise there would be repercussions for you are principal. This would introduce a mechanic that actually requires you to care a little about how you manage your school instead of just going on corrupting everyone. It would also open up more event ideas like having students help out each other with studying if they are good in a particular subject, so knowledge gets shared.


Make use of the already existing fertility and intercourse mechanics in the game so that girls can get pregnant. This is merely a visual change and a status flag in the person. No new entities will be added to the game world by having the girls give birth. For one because I don't want to introduce interactive babies to this game, but also because a larger population would result in a slower game and so it would only be a matter of time in a playthrough until performance becomes an issue again.

Pregnancy is optional and can be disabled by filtering the respective fetish out.

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