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Paper Doll System

The Paper Doll System is how the Non-Player Characters of the game are displayed. Paper Dolls are images of bodies in different clothing, etc that have heads, breasts, etc overlaid on them, much like traditional paper dolls. There are actually two parts to the system. One part is the Paper Doll Event System, which handles the selection and display of paper dolls, and the Paper Doll Image System that are displayed.

Prior to version 1.0, the paper doll system was hard coded into the game and could not be used by event makers. When the Visual Event Editor (VEE) replaced the Classic Event Editor, the opportunity arose to move the paper doll system out to where events could make use of it. As a result, the paper dolls are now handled via events in most situations.

Paper Doll Event System

There are numerous actions within the VEE that affects paper doll display, from setting the head, to facial expressions, to selecting the image to display or overlay. Most events should simply make use of the UpdatePaperDoll action, as there are various paper doll events that handles the behind the scenes work of determining the display.

Paper Doll Handler

Paper Doll Handler (PDH) events are located in the Paper Doll events folder with the "PD_" prefix. These are the upper level events that set heads and determine what clothing set is to be used for the display. Unique characters have their own PDH events to both ensure their designated head image is used and unique paper dolls sets if available. These handler events remote call events from the function library. Using the UpdatePaperDoll action calls the appropriate PDH, either PD_Default or the character specific PDH, as defined by the game (initially by character xml, but there are VEE actions to change that information in game).

Paper Doll Function

Paper Doll Functions (PDF) are events inside the Function Library that contain a single clothing set. A single clothing set contains all the images for the set, both male and female (if both are needed for the set), along with the Breast and Penis overlays (the BP folder). The PDF determines which image from the set will be used (via a remote event such as DressOption, followed by checking person gender. After this, it selects the appropriate body image for display, as well as the appropriate Breast and/or Penis image overlays.

Paper Doll Image System

The Paper Doll Image System handles the organization of the images used.

Directory Layout

File system-wise, it's a fairly simple directory structure. Within the Images folder, paper doll images are stored inside the People folder. Generic sets go into the appropriate category folder (Adult for parents, Students for students). Character specific sets go into the Special Characters folder. Display heads for the PTA panel are found in the PTA_Images folder.

Adult / Students category

  • <SetName>
    • Breasts
    • Penis
    • Pregnancy
    • Testicles

SpecialCharacters category

  • <First_Last_SetName>
    • Breasts
    • Penis
    • Pregnancy
    • Testicles

The SetName is the name of the set. Default choice in Work should be "Generic" for adults in case a character specific set does not exist. Student work set is selected by School rules (since student work clothes are uniforms). Identical set names increment a number on the end (like with Casual 01, Casual 02, and Casual 03).

Set Layout

One set of paper dolls ranges from one to nine images. Nearly all paper doll sets should be 4-9 images in size with some exceptions. An image set has nine slots max. This corresponds to the old paper doll system that had five slots, with four slots added between each of the original five. The five slots based on the original sets kept their names, and the new slots simply take the first letter of each word of the previous and subsequent level to create their name.

Slot Name Dress Code Level
0 Normal Strict Relaxed Progressive Liberal
1 NS
2 Sexy
4 Very Sexy Flirty Skimpy Slutty
6 Hot
7 HP
8 Pervert

Low inhibition can compensate for low Corruption + Lust to some degree, so having Inhibition at or below the low end of the range for a slot might compensate for a slot or two higher's C+L range. (Slot 1 C+L can see Slot 3 if Inhibition < 70, for example.) Likewise, high Corruption + Lust can compensate for high Inhibition to some extent (you won't be seeing below slot 7 that way though).

Strict/Relaxed type slots are generally more dressed/covered/prudish appearances. Flirty/Skimpy type slots are, as the name implies, clothes that are very revealing. Pervert/Nude slot is for the most revealing outfit or the relevant Nude PDF.

Set Types

Sets fall into one of several categories. These categories are based on the new special clothing property for locations to replace the "SpecialClothing=" field and should generally be included in the set name (School_Swimsuit, Casual 03, etc) unless category is obvious from name (Sexy Bikini, Nurse, Police, etc).


For use in areas such as the Onsen.


What characters wear when not at work (or with appropriate school policy set).


For adults, this is not used. For students, this refers to their club uniform. Since they're placed in the club folder, having "Club" in the name is not necessary.


Formal wear, like tuxedos, wedding dresses, etc.


The clothing worn in areas such as the Gym.


Sleepwear. Pajamas, etc.


What characters wear at the pool or beach. School sets should include School in the set name.


For adults, what they wear to work. For students, use Uniform in the name instead.

Set Sizes

Set of Four

The smallest generally acceptable set, the four image set covers Slots 1-4 or Slots 5-8. A variation with Slots 5-8 is to add slot 9 (whether a unique Paper Doll, or pointing to the relevant Nude PDF).

Set of Eight

The preferred size set, the eight image set covers the nearly the whole range of the system. It can be made a 9 image set by either adding a unique paper doll to Slot 9 or telling the PDF to use the relevant Nude PDF.


There are a few exceptions to the set sizes. One exception is unique one-image sets. These are generally unique purpose sets, such as the Nude display for Adult and Student, and as such should generally not be used except for such situations.


Club sets are not based on stats but on the club itself. Certain clubs will have unique uniforms that are worn during club time at the club location. Not all clubs will have unique uniforms, and not every level of a club "tree" will have uniforms. For instance, Cooking Club may have a unique uniform, and every one of its upgrades may as well, but Theater Club may not have a unique uniform for a few levels.

Club Level Set Slot Club Level Set Slot
0 uniform 3 4-5
1 0-1 4 6-7
2 2-3 5 8

Making Paper Doll Sets

The program used to create the paper dolls (prior to additional work for the overlays) is the Kisekae 2 flash program.

Control location Value
Students Adults
Breast Size Values Penis Size Values Notes
Flat 3 off
Tiny 4
Very Small 6
Small 8
Medium 9
Large 10
Larger 11
Big 12
Huge 13
Very Huge 14 currently unused
Gigantic 15 currently unused

There are also pregnancy and testicle overlay sets, but these are currently unimplemented in game.

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