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In Hentai High, you move from location to location by clicking the location on your screen. In certain locations (Beach, Beach Side, Onsen, Onsen Changing Room, Sleepy Estate, Red Corner, Upper Hollow, Mill Street, Pumkin Street (not Pumpkin?), Oak Street, St. Judas church, Head Street, Field Street, Park, Playground, Forest, Lake, Archer's Place, Train Station, Platform, Downtown, Shopping Mall, Haunting Street, Apartment Building, St. Marie Hospital, Smallville High, Principal's Office, Sport Area, Swimming Pool, School Yard, Behind School, School Entrance, Ground Floor West, Ground Floor East, Upper Floor West, Upper Floor East and Cabaret (when opened)) you can access the Map button which takes you directly to the Smallville map (the time required to move from where you were (ex: Principal's Office) is elapsed when you change to Smallville using the map). The map button is located on the bottom left of your screen next to the Calendar and Inventory buttons.

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