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These games within the game are used for various purposes. The hacking minigame on your home computer is used to increase your hacking skill, lockpicking allows you to unlock homes or objects, other minigames can be used to gamble money.

Information applies to version 1.01 and the Smallville scenario unless otherwise mentioned.


When you choose to pick a lock (on a home, a safe or other object), a scale will show on your screen, with a moving light bar running top to near the bottom, then resuming at the top. Clicking on the "Try" button in the good section near the top gives you the best chance of unlocking the target. Higher levels of lockpicking, gained by practice (to a low level) or training, increase your chances. Eventually you can pick most locks with average or even bad tries.

There is a "Choose your break-in tool" drop-down at the top of the window. The lockpick from the trainer currently is more effective than the one you can buy from the security store.

The top meter shows time remaining before someone notices your attempt and you lose a large amount of reputation. Each try subtracts a large amount from time remaining.

Note when you break into a home, if you are seen by a person there (unless you are on very good terms with the person), they will probably shout an alarm, and you will have to run, and lose a large amount of reputation. Having received a key from a resident of the house will allow you to enter the house without lockpicking (even without having key with you). Having the key with you will prevent the trespass/alarm event.1)

In Smallville, lockpicking lessons are available for a cost from an event with the Thief, Jeremy Hood; he is most often met in the Park in the afternoon. Lockpicking lessons from "The Master" are not yet available (the character and events have not been added).

Hacking Minigame

The hacking minigame is similar to the one in Alpha Protocol.

You need to overlay your two yellow/gold pieces of code over the matching parts of code on the screen. There will be two matching pieces of code (numbers/letters) on the screen that aren't changing every other second - you spot them and move your pieces into position.

Click your mouse on the arrow buttons to move the left or right code, and click the center "OK" when it lines up. (Keys WASD can be used to move the left code, and arrow keys to move the right code.) Successful placement and clicking OK locks the code and it changes to green. An invalid OK gives a time penalty.

Both code pieces need to be lined up and OK'd to be successful. When the red timer at the bottom runs out, it moves where the code pieces are on the screen (does not change matched and OK'd piece). The blue timer at the top is your overall minigame timer.

Different sites have different code lengths and timer settings, according to their security level. Successful hacking will gradually raise your Principal's hacking skill, which should make hacking easier. Hacking skill can be increased to a low level by reading the Windows for Dummies book.

In Smallville, hacking lessons are available from an event with the Librarian, Anastasia Goth.


  • Where: Downtown
  • When: 8:00 - 20:00
  • Conditions: 10% random chance of appearing; appears maximum one time per day.

You can buy a ticket for $2. The large majority of the time, your ticket will not win. Prizes range from $5000 to $10000 cash.

Shell game

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