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Management Panel

The management panel, which can be accessed via the Manage School Command available in your office at school or in your home, allows you to do a number of important things. The first is to review your principal, it also allows you to manage your staff, look up info on your students, manage policies, have the PTA vote on policies, and look over you financial books. It also allows you to manage upgrades such as new classrooms, and open or close clubs for the students to join.


On this tab is the image of the principal of the school, and a dropdown list to see their skills.

Also on this page is a location to select a Helper, if one is available, to perform a task for you. To do so, select a helper from the helper list (if any are available), then select a task from the "To do" list and hit OK. Most actions require spending a small amount for expenses. To get a helper you need to corrupt or befriend key characters. This can be done by certain events.

(In v 1.07, the tab will be eliminated and Principal information will be available from hovering the mouse over the principal's name on the lower right of a normal game screen. Helper actions are done through the new Smartphone, "Call a person" → "Ask a favor".)


On this page is the hiring and firing of staff.

Available Staff is filtered by their job type, and the filter can be changed via the dropdown box under Staff Type. At the start of the game it would be just School Secretary and Teacher, but adding buildings can add more staff types to the list. If you select a staff member (whether hired or simply available), certain information appears. Their picture will be displayed to the right and important stats will be displayed below the Hired Staff box.

To hire staff, locate the staff member you wish to hire and select them. Then press the Hire button. Hiring a staff member immediately pays them one month's salary, which is not possible if the school doesn't have the money. How much money is available is located below the selected staff member's stats and monthly salary. The total number of teachers that can be hired is capped by the number of classrooms available (not including the Gym and Swimming Pool).

To fire staff, select the staff member from the Hired Staff list and press the Fire button. Do note that staff members are paid on firing for the part of the month they worked, so principals can't fire them just before the month ends to avoid paying them.


The students tab is where a principal keeps track of their own students. Here you can decide the number of classes being taught, see what students are in what class, and more.

Selecting from the class list (the box with numbers in it) brings up the list of students in the class. The students per class increases or decreases based on desired number of classes and total students attending school. Students in a class that have detention can be seen with the "detention students" filter button.

Selecting a student brings up their picture to the right, along with known information. A principal can add a student to their favorites list, which then allows the principal to order the student to the principal's office. To do so, simply select the student from the favorites list, then select "Order student to your room". Students can also be removed from the favorites list by selecting them in the list and pressing the "Remove student from list" button.


The PTA consists of parents and teachers, and votes on proposals affecting the school. There are two parts to the PTA, the parents and the teachers. The parents part of the PTA is made up of six parents, while the teacher portion is all hired teachers (not all staff, just teachers). In order to get proposals to pass you need to get these people on your side via events, hypnosis or even drugs.

There is a dropdown list here for proposals ranging from Bondage uniforms to the easier to pass Theoretical Sex Education Class, some of these cost nothing to vote others will cost you money. You cannot see what they will vote until you ask for a vote, so make sure you have a decent income if you plan on trying your luck often.

To vote on a proposal, select the proposal from the Your Proposals dropdown box, then press the vote button. For a proposal to pass, it needs majority approval from both parts of the PTA and no opposed. Failure trying to pass a lewd, corrupt or immoral proposal will hurt your reputation.

Green boxes above/below the PTA member or teacher means they support the proposal. Red means they oppose the proposal. Black means they have a veto against the proposal, which completely blocks it from passing. Yellow boxes indicates the person is abstaining from the vote. Too many abstaining can also block the proposal.

(In v 1.07, the tab will be eliminated and PTA meetings will be scheduled: early versions weekly, Wednesday 1800–1900; eventually manually scheduled through School Secretary. Votes trigger a response from all PTA members present; no vetoes plus a simple majority needed to win. A second proposal can be submitted if the first is unsuccessful.)


The school tab handles Rules and settings the subjects for teachers to teach during the week.

Initial rules involve detention and the school uniform. This list of rules and policies can be expanded through buildings and proposals. The swimming pool adds swimsuit rules for example. To set the policy for a rule, select it from the top dropdown box under Rules. The selected rules provides a brief description of what the rule covers. The second dropdown box displays the currently set policy for that rule, with a brief description underneath. The policy can be changed by selecting the bottom dropdown box and picking another option, if any are available.

To set a teaching schedule, select a hired teacher from the dropdown box under Subjects. This displays a headshot of the teacher along with important stats and favorite subjects to the right of the box. The principal can then set each period individually, or they can Set All Subjects to a specific subject using the "Set all Subjects to" dropdown box. As you build more classrooms, and get certain propsals approved by the PTA you will have more different subjects to choose from for the teachers to teach. The swimming pool adds swimming classes for example.

Do note that a subject can only be taught by one person at a time, so two people cannot teach the same subject in the same period (7:50-9:25 on Monday, for instance). Also, certain subjects require certain rooms, and only one subject can use a classroom at a time, so some subjects cannot be taught at the same time as other subjects due to room conflict.

Each class changes certain stats for both the student and the teacher. Which stats and how strongly they are effected can be seen in the lower left corner. The changes are as followed:

  • + = + 0.1
  • (+) = + 0.05
  • (-) = - 0.05
  • - = - 0.1

Notice that multiple symbols simply added up. For Example ++ = +0.2 and -(-) = -0.15

Each teacher teaches only one class, so it is a good idea to choose for each teacher a mix of different subjects. Otherwise some students have only certain stats changed.


The Buildings tab handles the construction and upgrading of buildings. The list of available buildings and upgrades is listed on the left side of the window. Selecting a building option gives a picture of the location (if available) to the right, along with information below the list.

The + in from of a building name indicates that it is not yet built. To the right of the Build button are three stats. Available money indicates how much money the principal has available. The construction cost indicates how much will be spent making the location ready for use, while the maintenance cost is how much is spent weekly on keeping the location maintained.

The description below has a number of sections. The "Build" section names the location to be built, along with a brief description of the location. Once built, the "Build" section becomes "Current." If an upgrade is available, the "Upgrade" section is shown with upgrade name and a brief description. Also, buildings with upgrades have the Build button renamed Upgrade. If no upgrades are available, the Upgrade button does not show.

Some classrooms are shared by subjects, so for example, you can't schedule Anatomy and Biology for period 2 on Tuesday for different teachers. Full list in each Room Build description.


The Clubs tab is a fairly straight forward section. The most recent club selected (whether in the Open Club dropdown box or the Close Club box) has a picture displayed (if available) to the right, with stats above it.

The stats are pretty clear. Club costs, member count (only using the school's own students), club corruption level (on a scale of 1-5, determined by the specific club in operation), the club president (if one is currently set), the club's meeting location, and the time the club meets on school days.

To open a club, select it from the dropdown box and press "Open Club." To close a club, select it from the bottom box and press "Close Club." Some clubs are opened through an event (after, say, a proposal passes, a club upgrades, an event occurs, etc), and so show up in the bottom box without needing to be manually opened.


The Accounting tab displays the school budget. The budget is only available if a School Secretary is currently hired.

Pay periods are broken into three groups, depending on how often the pay occurs. Monthly payments only occur at the end of a month. Weekly is once a week, and daily is each day. An asterisk (*) next to a daily total means that the payment is only on a weekday.

The various income and expenses are listed under Accounts, with their payment listed under their pay period. In the Results row, the total for the column is added up for each pay period. The Weekly total includes the daily totals for each week. The Monthly total includes the Weekly totals for the month.

A negative Monthly result is a possibly bad situation and could eventually end a principal's job if it drives the school into debt too frequently.

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