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Items and Inventory

This describes how items are handled and used by the player's character and NPCs.


Items are physical objects that can be interacted with by the player's character and/or NPCs. (Hidden items have sometimes been used as markers for event progress (deprecated), rogue student indicator, non-scheduling, and other technical use not covered by this page.)

Item Getting/Giving (game version 1.01)

There is an Inventory button on most screens that display a location. This button will have a "glow" highlight when there are objects in the location you can pick up, use or look inside of. Clicking the Inventory button will display items visible to the player character (PC), containers to search, and a list of NPCs that can receive items from the PC and possibly let the PC take items from them. The PC's personal inventory is also shown.

You can click an item in the visible items list on the right, and use the left-arrow button to move it into the PC's inventory if possible. Similar select and right-arrow button moves an item from inventory to the location.

Items left in a location (like drugs) in release version 0.71 were usually picked up by NPCs, but are not in version 1.0 and later.

To give an item to a NPC in the location, the NPC needs to have Loyalty at least 25. Click the Inventory button, then select the NPC name from the top-left list. The bottom-right box will be labelled "Items of (NPC name)" and you can select the PC's items and right-arrow button to give them items. In this way, once a NPC trusts the PC enough, you can "gift" the NPC with items and drugs that can affect the NPC's personality and behavior. Consumable items given will be used about 10% of the time each night.

When an NPC has Loyalty at least 25 but less than 40, selecting the NPC will display a grayed-out "Items of (NPC name)" box. You can give them items, but cannot see their inventory or take items from them. When an NPC has Loyalty at least 40, their inventory will be displayed and you can transfer items freely between PC and NPC. See "Known Issues" for gray-out box problems.

Click "Items in Room" to switch back to location inventory.

Item Getting/Giving (future version after 1.01)

Item getting and giving will be done by PC action menu instead of the inventory system.

Item Using (game version 1.01)

After clicking the Inventory button, click an item in the PC's inventory on left, and click Use Item. Reading the newspaper, using an energy drink and using a body modification drug are some possibilities. Note that some items will not give obvious messages of effects, and some items may have no effects but not give an error when used. Items available will vary in different Scenarios.

Item effects are controlled for the PC by item event scripts when present, else by item XML effects. Item effects for NPCs come only from item XML effects.

Item Using (future version after 1.01)

Item effects will be controlled by item event scripts for PC and NPCs.


The top-right box lists "Furniture you can look in or under," and includes also items like safes that may require lockpicking. Once the container is selected and successfully opened, you can transfer items in and out. Click "Items in Room" to switch back to location inventory.

Known Issues (game version 1.01)

Choosing on the inventory screen an NPC with Loyalty at least 25 but less than 40 will display their inventory as a grayed-out box. This gray-out disabling can remain when trying to view inventory of the location or containers.

Saving, exiting the game, and reloading will reset to re-enable the inventory box (may need to re-select Number of Classes in Management Panel). Selecting Inventory for an NPC with Loyalty at least 40 will also reset not to have gray-out (another reason to build Loyalty with students and other NPCs).

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