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Each scenario is populated with different kinds of characters, each of whom have different stats, attributes, and inventories.


All characters have a number of attributes that may have significant or little impact on gameplay.

Basic Information

At the basic level, they have a first and last name, gender (male, female, futa), and age. The age may be different in game based on the scenario properties (minimum age limit, for instance). Also included would be the character's sexual preference (heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual), traits, children, parents, relationship information, home and bedroom locations. The physical side of a character is also covered with sizes for breasts, penis, vagina, and anal. There are also attributes to track regular/anal virgin status and determine a characters outfit level.

Job Information

All characters have a job. For students, their job would be Student. Students have a number of unique attributes regarding their school activities. When students enroll, they're assigned a Class. As clubs are opened, students can join the clubs and have that tracked. For adults, it would be whatever job is assigned to them, either in character XML or at game start. If an adult's job is as school staff, they receive a Salary field. Teachers also have a GoodInSubject field, which is the subject that the Teacher is best at teaching.

Other Information

Two other notable attributes exist for characters. Fetishes are a character's sexual kinks. Skills are the skills a character has, as well as how experienced they are with that skill.


Stats are the primary means of affecting a character and having events occur.


How amoral and egocentric/selfish a person is, but not necessarily in terms of sex. Higher corruption should give more willingness to allow or perform acts that are illegal. If used regarding seuxal activities, it would be more for kinkiness (e.g., doing BDSM stuff, erotic roleplaying, etc) type things rather than willingness to have sex. A teacher's corruption lowers the inhibition of the students currently.


How much school-relevant knowledge the person has. This is what is visible to the outer world and a measurement for your school's success. Pretty straight forward. A teacher's education is a multiplier for all stats of a subject that get passed on to the students. It also directly influences the student's education.

In a future release, Education may become the average subject experience of a Person.

Subject Experience

How much education a character has in a core subject. Currently, the core subjects are General Studies, Math, Language Arts, and Science. A class for a subject gives experience for both teacher and student.


This is basically the internal knowledge and ability to understand things. It is not measured by the outside and a clever person might still be bad at school education. This stat is not really used by anything yet, but I could see it work as multiplier on the student side for the stats that a subject teaches them. Education is more the ability to reproduce and recite what was taught in the lesson while intelligence is the knowledge of common methods for problem solving that can be applied everywhere.


Straightforward. How much the students like their school and the teachers like their job. A teacher gains additional happiness if she teaches her favorite subject. (In addition to getting a bigger multiplier for the subject stats that affect the students.)


Basically beauty of the body. This is increased by doing workouts (gym classes) and cosmetics. Possible scenarios for decreasing it are fastfood or scars from bondage lessons. This stat might be useful for modeling or prostitution events.


How much of a great personality a person has. Subjects where the person has the chance to express himself/herself help to increase this stat. Teachers with high charisma raise their students' happiness.


The fitness of a person. How long he or she can last during an activity. The principal's stamina should influence his/her energy bar and allow them to perform more actions before needing to sleep. This stat is primarily increased through gym classes and swimming but also during practical sex education for obvious reasons.


How much a person trusts you. If the loyalty is low, they may be more likely to cause you problems if you do the wrong things. You can also consider loyalty as "obedience": if the loyalty is low, students are causing more trouble and you will have more of them sitting in detention regularly.


This stat only really matters for teachers. Teachers with a high authority have their students under control, otherwise the students may be doing whatever they want. Teacher authority directly influences student loyalty.


The ability of a person to deny your requests if they don't agree with them. If the willpower is very low, the person has basically a broken will and can be much easier convinced to do whatever you want. Bondage and certain school subjects corrode will while other subjects that give students a good grip on reality raise their willpower.


How much a person has inhibitions towards being naked. If the inhibition is high, they don't want to show much skin. Lower inhibition means more and more skin is shown. Towards zero the person has no problem with going out naked in public. Inhibition is also the fear of being caught while doing something naughty in a public environment.


The sexual activity or libido of a person in the long run. The lower the stat, the more frigid a person is. The higher this stat is, the more advanced sexual acts is this person ready to perform. A high lust in itself does NOT initiate a sexual activity, though.


This is sexual desire or horniness of a person in the short run. The higher the arousal, the more likely it becomes that the person will take part in a sexual event to release his/her pressure. What kind of event that is depends on Lust. If Inhibition is low enough, the masturbation might not take place in some dark corner but maybe in a spot where you are more likely to be caught. A higher Lust will mean that the person is ready to have sex with other people to get off. After a successful sexual event arousal should decrease by quite a bit.

Character Types

There are three main kinds of characters:

  • Player Characters (Principals)
  • Special NPCs
  • Randomly Generated NPCs

For a list of the characters in the Smallville Scenario, please see Smallville Characters.

Player Characters (Principals)

The Player Character is the avatar that the player creates to interact with the world.

In Dialogue, the player character always speaks in LightBlue.

Special NPCs

Special NPCs are students and adults who have custom built configuration files, and are guaranteed to populate the school in a given scenario. They are defined in the "%SCENARIONAME%/Special Characters/" folder with an XML file, which follows the naming convention "FirstNameLastName.XML." So for example, a student named Edna Example would be defined by "EdnaExample.XML" and all of her settings would be loaded from there upon initialization.

In Dialogue, Special NPCs are assigned a text color (found in their .XML file) so that each character can be easily recognized when speaking.

Special NPCs are usually story characters, and can have events attached to them in more dynamic ways. For more information on this, see the Events page.

Randomly Generated NPCs

These characters fill out the game world, and make up the majority of the population of the game. They are created at initialization using a range of stats defined by the configuration file of each scenario. This determines things like the stat distribution and gender distribution. They are assigned random names from a table of first and last names, which in turn is used to determine which head file they should use from the ~400 prebuilt head files.

In Dialogue, the Male NPCs use one of three light blue options (LightSteelBlue, LightSlateGray, LightSkyBlue). Female NPCs use one of three light pink options (LavenderBlush, LightPink, Thistle)

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