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Character Creation

This is one of the first steps to starting a new game. A player has two options regarding their character - they can load an existing template, or they can create their own.

Load Character

This is accessible either from the main menu of the game or via the load button on the Character Creation screen. From the box that pops up, you select the principal file you want, then select Open.

Create Character

This option is available from the main menu for the game. It brings up the creation window. Once the character is complete, it can be saved for future use. To leave, simply select the Use Character button.

The following options are available to be modified.


These two fields are for first and last name, and will be how you are referred to by other characters in game. Provide a first AND last name.


The character's age. This currently has no effect on anything in game.


The options are male, female, and futanari. This does affect events in game, as they'll play out differently in some cases depending on your gender.

Sexual Preference

This determines if your character is heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual. This likewise has an effect on events.


There are two size fields available. If the character is Male, the Penis Size field is available. This determines, well, exactly what the option is named. This can have an effect in game, as you may turn out to be too big to fit in some events. If the character is Female, the Breast Size field is available. What it determines is also quite evident. Finally, Futa characters receive both options.


These are a list of sexual fetishes available to the character. Only six can be selected at character creation. Fetishes can have in game effects, from bonuses/penalties with certain actions, to "bonus" arousal increases when certain things occur that match the fetish.

Fetish Effect Notes
Exhibitionism Inhibition - 15
Forced Sex Corruption + 10, Lust + 10
Mind Control Hypnosis Tutorial book Placed in inventory
Lactation Lactation Drug Placed in inventory
Drugs Slut Maker I, Corruptor I Placed in inventory
Nymphomania Stamina + 10 Placed in inventory
Sex Toys Male: Deluxe Dildo
Female: Deluxe Onahole
Futa: Random selection of one above
Placed in inventory
Big Breasts Breast Enlarger I Placed in inventory
Big Cocks Penis Enlarger I Placed in inventory
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