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Title: [Mod] Grafitti and interrogation (function)
Post by: picobyte on January 17, 2021, 04:02:15 am
Attached an interrogation mod. It contains a function event, the interrogation, intended as usable for more purposes, and an example how this function can be used. Will probably trigger anyhow but..
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This time I did hunt for bugs, so I think this should already be somewhat useful, though there are imperfections.
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Title: Re: [Mod] Grafitti and interrogation (function)
Post by: fateavernicus on March 01, 2021, 02:05:31 pm
havent tried the mod yet due to some pc magic and limitation -

how does the mod interact? as in the interegation is only up to them telling who vandalized the shchool and the principal getting rep?
is there more to this?

like tools and nsfw functions?
Title: Re: [Mod] Grafitti and interrogation (function)
Post by: picobyte on March 03, 2021, 06:26:22 pm
You can see the mod as containing two events a function event, the interrogation and a graffiti event, just to show how the function event can be used. The interrogation is a kind of minigame: the task is to find the student(s) responsible. To this extent you ask questions who was there later/earlier arived at the same time, and you can accuse/let go someone. The earliest students at the scnen should have done it. Some may be lying, but most speak the truth - some may refuse to answer for reasons. You have to guess who.

Currently there's not much of a consequence to this, except for some stat changes - overseeing teacher and accused student - dependent on whether you found the right student(s) or not. The graffiti event was just to show how the interrogation event can be used, and I thought a minigame like this, once or twice in the game could be something a bit fun. One could extend the consequences with a punishment event or so.

Off topic, but another idea I had was to locate someone in the city based on who had seen him/her where, haven't worked that out yet, though.
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