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Author Topic: Troubles accessing the forum  (Read 1411 times)


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Troubles accessing the forum
« on: February 24, 2018, 01:58:17 pm »

Hi. I'm new here. I'm a fan of HHS+ since about half a year ago. And since about half a year ago I lost access to this forum. I thought it was due to some temporary issues related to forum development, so I decided to wait. But I couldn't reach the forum even in a month/two/three/etc. I had this message "Sorry guest, you are banned from using this forum" (today, when I logged in, the message was "Sorry, Sakanaburu, you are banned...", so the registration didn't help me) and couldn't do anything about it. But a couple of days ago the forum surprisingly started working again for me, and I was happy, cause I could check updates on HHS+. But I only had time to download the latest version of HSS+, cause the day after the forum wasn't accessible again. I managed to register through mobile internet (there the forum worked, even though when I lost the access the first time, mobile internet didn't help me either). I tried multiple vpn's and found the only one which helped me, but it works like one time out of five. And here I am asking for help. Have anybody faced this issue? Why could I be banned (I didn't do anything wrong, ddos or anything, it's seems that my ip is the problem), if I was, and how do I fix it?
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Re: Troubles accessing the forum
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2018, 07:45:57 pm »

This depends on how you accessed the forum, and the reputation of the sources you arrived from.

I have various plugins installed that use collaborative information to prevent spammers and abusers from using the forum site, this usually catch a very large portion of the abusive userbase. This could account for why as a guest you got a banned message. I also have honeypots and other mechanisms in place, although they didn't catch you, if they did

There is also a chance you are using a source IP that is on the banlists. When someone spams or abuses the forums I tend to ban the IP and username, and the usage of a timer is dependant on the user profile setup and other information I have in the forum db (number of other users that used the same source IP, thier reputation etc..). Again this can affect guests due to the IP bans. I do periodically review this list and remove older less offensive users, after some research again for reputation and other metrics.

I'm sorry if this has affected your usage of the forums, for example though the source IP you used today has history of bad reputation in the last 14 days on sources such as StopForumSpam (you can look this up yourself, posting the information myself would reveal your source IP). I suspect you are on a dynamic range of IPs with your ISP and there is someone who has been scripting/botting forums and being reported for it which is causing the reputation on the IP to go down and result in these reports.

None of these systems I use are "perfect", there is no such thing, as you build something and people work around it, or more innocent users get hit by it due to the nature of the data. I'm sorry it is affecting you negatively. I have looked at your last used IP, its source, and what sort of source it is, I can see the company that manages/sells the source IP you are using, which indicates a number of possibility of the style of access you use (I will not ask or encourage you to share this information on the forum, thats private to your setup and you), all these styles implied a form of shared access or reuse of IPs, which means either intentional abuse of forums has been performed from the same source IP by another, or a compromised host is doing it.

So, once again, I'm sorry you have been affected this way. However based on what I've seen in your case I cannot provide an exclusion without crafting the equiv of a private proxy just for you that I can guarantee I can trust, and add to exclusion lists. Right now I cannot see another way around this as its based on a network source which implies being shared, and I have no assurance that the forums would not be abused either automatically or intentionally by another sharing your IP.

Edit: I'm actually kicking off a more detailed review/search of your source IP, the data looks a touch old reading more of it, and I'll look at adding exceptions for the IP you have used to the controls I have in place, I suspect this would be a static IP source you are using, there's nothing alarming in the bigger enterprise employed blacklists for various other things, I have yet to find a honeypot that has caught it in the last 6 months... so I am willing to consider an exclusion due to data age and the fact that no negative activity has been reported. Please give me a day or so while I review the data I can collect to satisfy myself.
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