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Author Topic: Bonanza mod  (Read 291622 times)


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Re: Bonanza mod
« Reply #1155 on: Today at 07:21:44 am »

If you're unlucky, you didn't get a girl with a charm boosting trait.
Headhunter. All my regular girls are from her. And I'm probably paying 3 times as much for them as you do.

As for the purchase of pears, everything is debatable, is such a meager increase justified?
Maybe, maybe not. Usually they're worth it when you're at a result threshold. Which you very well might be. Food also lasts for a whole week and isn't very expensive at the start.

I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't actually worth it, but it's not really clear either way.

What was the point here? Yes, it takes a considerable investment to create a good jobgirl. She'll be paying for herself after a while, and boosting whores to boot.

It seems that taxes take into account what you have collected in the city...
They don't, at least not for the MC. The only city activity that is taxed is girls on quests. I think that's why your fines were that big, too. It should have been 8-12 gold + 25% earnings, including quests.

And before I forgot, girl ran away (she is displayed in the screenshot), I accidentally pressed option 3 (just let go). And now she hangs constantly as an escaped girl(she is not in the city). Make confirmation to let go.
Yeah, that's unintended. Fixed.

She probably is in the city, but if you can't find her, wait a week for her to come out.

The problem with the game rank F is very weak. But when you raise it, the girl's unkeep doubles on 2 week...
Price of success. If she was not earning her pay, she wouldn't get the 2-week upkeep increase.

...they usually don't want to go there and fight with gizel and monsters.
I wouldn't want to go to Gizel's, either. :P

And it's worse for me, because they now fight resting at the farm, too. :o

If you make Gizel your trainer, they'll probably be good for holding.

In fact, the whole problem is to have a lot of charisma.
Ornate bow and/or Trader.

But if you start playing traider, there will be a problem in attacks on girls (I tried it and it's strange that girls are attacked much less than with a warrior...)
Probably confirmation bias. Crazies are only deterred by overwhelming security, but they're also random.

If you can support this with something specific, maybe I can look into it and see if there are any bugs.

She got jaded for a 5 month stay in a brothel.
A bug due to differences between the released and unreleased versions. Fixed.

And something tells me that 6 will also be jaded...
No double Jaded. Or double anything. 

...she got the jaded trait and she still has a free slot (it's scary to imagine what will be there).

Аnd what will the game give out after jaded?
Ice Queen? :o :P
We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.
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