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Characters of Ashford Academy

Please note that there might be spoilers.

Jack Drake

Jack Drake is known to be one of the best educated teachers of Ashford and have some recognition in the academic world. He has a Ph.D in cognitive neuropsychology, Ph.D in bioinformatics and Sc.D in informatics. As a person Jack is humble and laid back and tries to avoid any kind of confrontation.

Jack mainly teaches psychology and philosophy but he likes to fill in for other teachers every time he gets the chance.

He very rarely talks about his age or private life, but when he does it's over a drink. According to the other teachers he had been working on several businesses and research projects before he took his first teacher job at Ashford Academy.

Hina Amagi

Miss Amagi is a student at Ashford. She's a bubbly girl and a bit of an airhead although she has a kind heart and tries to be friendly to those around her. More than a few times her friendliness was mistaken as flirting and got her into trouble with her fellow female students.

She gained entry to Ashford Academy by having good results as an athlete and particularly in swimming. Hina Amagi was greatly disappointed when she found out that Ashford's swimming pool had been closed down.

She is currently living alone with her father after her mother passed away a few years back.

Marceline Ward

Working as the home room teacher for class C, Marceline takes great pride in being a positive role model for the students. Though she's a bit of a hopeless romantic, she knows what she wants and is not ashamed of admitting so. Until her prince comes riding in on his white horse to sweep her off her feet, she's determined to do her best to keep a positive mind.

Officer Adaki

Adaki has been working for the Metropolitan Crime Unit for several years. After an incident that happened some time ago, he got transferred to work on MCU's national unit that focuses on assisting local police with cases they might not be familiar with or lack the needed experience to handle. He's not afraid of what others might think of him and this can be seen in his methods.


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