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Author Topic: Download & General Information [Updated - 2018.06.26]  (Read 411055 times)


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Download & General Information [Updated - 2018.06.26]
« on: May 13, 2013, 02:21:55 am »

Ashford Academy - General information:
The game is written in python with renpy and can be executed stand alone on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

I recommend a screen size of 1280*720 but the window is resizeable.

The android version requires a high-end device and have been tested on the following:

Ashford Academy - Download & Updates:

Download (Windows/Linux):

Download (Mac):

The above link makes you wait for five seconds before download and if enough download via that one, I might be able to upgrade my internet or buy a bottle of motivation. If you by any reason don't want to support me the direct link can be found beneath.
Adf.ly is being rude, so I posted the direct links instead.

Feel free to do whatever with the game/content altho I would prefer to be able to keep stats on downloads and therefore I would inquire that you redirect fellow fappers to my download links.

     2018.06.26                Bugfixes. Updated renpy to 7.0. A few new scenes.
     ...                             Multiple unreported changes.
     r5004-Xmas - 2014.11.30 A small update including Jack Drakes Christmas countdown, a pre-game event every day until Christmas.
     r5004 - 2014.01.05     Updated to latest Renpy version. New Amagi event and new costumes. Code restructure.
                                      Jack Drake bugfix. Better support for pre-morning & night events.(Thanks clef!)

     r5003 - 2013.12.14     Bugfixes and typos.
     r5002 - 2013.12.13     Bugfixes.
     r5001 - 2013.12.11     Bugfixes some new drom events.
     r5000 - 2013.10.21     New splash screen! (Thanks Tsapas!)
                                     Buildings and buyables screen updates. (Thanks Tsapas!)
                                     Mod related updates (Thanks Tsapas!)
                                     Updated "Magic accounting" to give +10% per level.
                                     New buildings "cafeteria" and "dormitory". (Unlocked via achievements.)
                                     A few more main story scenes.
                                     "teacher_susan" is renamed to "susan_marina". Old name will be included for the next versions for legacy support.
                                     Added monthly goals.
     r4042 - 2013.09.10     Bugfix. Random (academic based) topic function. Some more code restructure.
     r4041 - 2013.08.28     Better mod support.
     r4040 - 2013.08.25     Code restructure.
     r4039 - 2013.08.19     All Marceline Ward sprites are fixed.
     r4038 - 2013.08.15     New stat functions and some general code clean up. Some mod support. (Thanks Tsapas )
     r4037 - 2013.07.23     Bugfix. Building stat bonus fixed. (Thanks Wonder Dog!)
     r4036 - 2013.07.22     Bugfix. One more event. Building stat bonus fixed. (Thanks fenris666!) Additional fixes and typos. (Thanks Wonder Dog!)
     r4035 - 2013.07.21     A few new events. Minimum value added to all stats. Include good/evil points in debug screen.
     r4034 - 2013.07.09     Fixes. Updated to latest renpy.
     r4033 - 2013.07.01     Bugfixes. (Thanks Goldo and Wonder Dog!) Game over bug fixed. (Thanks Tsapas!)
     r4032 - 2013.06.17     Bugfixes. Android related bugs and icon. (Thanks Dagoth!) Load game bug fixed. (Thanks Tsapas and fenris666!)
     r4031 - 2013.06.10     Bugfixes. Some testing of mac and linux versions. Typos and edits. (Thanks Emanym!)
     r4030 - 2013.06.09     Typos. Basic tutorial and messages. Extended the class15 event (Thanks Cypress_z!)
     r4029 - 2013.06.08     New in-game message notification system.
     r4028 - 2013.06.07     Updated several sprites and several new expressions are used in-game. (Thanks Zero_profile!)
     r4027 - 2013.06.03     Some new content and edits.
     r4026 - 2013.05.25     GUI updates.
     r4025 - 2013.05.21     Bugfixes and reputation now max out at 100. (Thanks kotogakko-san, DBH and Tsapas!)
     r4024 - 2013.05.20     Some edited and new content. New buyable, lower inhibition. Play as female in new game plus.
     r4023 - 2013.05.19     Basic support for female and futa. Some edited content.
     r4022 - 2013.05.15     Typos. (Thanks Dole!)
     r4021 - 2013.05.13     Bugfixes. (Thanks B-Navigator!)
     r4020 - 2013.05.12     Bugfixes. (Thanks Tsapas & Zythen)
     r4019 - 2013.05.09     New content using ATL (pan & zoom). Updated debug screen. (Thanks clef & Tsapas!)
     r4018 - 2013.05.08     Bugfixes, typos and edits. Additional images to existing content.
     r4017 - 2013.04.29     Bugfixes. Added debug screen. (Thanks clef!)
     r4016 - 2013.04.28     General code clean up. Re-coded game over. (Should have fixed all ' ' related crashes.)
     r4015 - 2013.04.26     New content. Revised some code and old content. Content control feature. (Thanks Tsapas!)
     r4014 - 2013.04.25     Re-balance of stat increase. Policys are now much more important.
     r4013 - 2013.04.22     Some building prices changed. Achievements! (Thanks Tsapas!)
     r4012 - 2013.04.21     Bugfixes. Typos and edits.
     r4011 - 2013.04.19     New content. Redo last planning. (Thanks Tsapas!)
     r4010 - 2013.04.16     Bugfixes. Typos. (Thanks dementio!)
     r4009 - 2013.04.13     Bugfixes. New content and edits.
     r4008 - 2013.04.12     A bit more Hina Amagi. Added a SDK document. (Thanks clef!)
     r4007 - 2013.04.11     New scenes. Some new and revised locations. Added Kazuna Satoshi. (Thanks clef!)
     r4006 - 2013.03.22     Game over bugs fixed. Revised content.
     r4005 - 2013.03.20     New scenes. Students should feel relaxed now. (Thanks Mickele) Total days added. (Thanks clef.)
     r4004 - 2013.03.19     Bug fixes. New buyables and text. Marceline Ward added. Changed price for magic accounting. (thanks clef)
     r4003 - 2013.03.18     New year works.
     r4002 - 2013.03.16     Bug fixes: "bath9-1.jpg" and "Sayer 'boy' is not defined."
     r4001 - 2013.03.15     First public demo release.

Ashford Academy - Feedback & Bugs:
Any feedback is appreciated.

If anyone wants me to add specific content feel free to make a post about it. Images should be of similar quality as the existing content. Full screen images and backgrounds should be saved as JPG in the size of 1280x720. Sprites are in PNG with transparency.
Depending on time and content, I might decline personally adding the content.
I will not add obvious loli, scat or guro content. (But feel free to add it yourself.)

We have a bug tracker:
Feel free to post any bug there, It makes it much easier for me to keep track on them.

Several fine people have created fine mods and some of the can be found here:

Source code is available in each and every download but remember:
The source code is not polished yet.
The source code is included to study it, to help resolving bugs and in case I loose interest somebody else can pick up this project.
Use at own risk.

More information can be found at the wiki.

If you want to contact me, feel free to post in the forum, PM or at Ashford.Academy.Game[at]gmail.com
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