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Author Topic: AAR Mods by dreamchaser  (Read 9806 times)


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AAR Mods by dreamchaser
« on: January 19, 2020, 08:14:30 pm »

This thread will collect all mods written by me which are not shipped with the game itself (because then the mods would be active by default, which isn't the intention).

Download links
easyMode-1.0 (requires AAR 0.3.3 or higher) (does not require starting a new game)
Makes the game easier by giving you stat boosts and more cash.

Each of these mods should be unzipped into the folder Ashford_Academy_Redux/game/images/, where it will add a new folder. To remove the mod again, just delete the created folder.
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Re: AAR Mods by dreamchaser
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2020, 08:20:08 pm »

Added the mod easyMode (version 1.0)

Since there where a few people complaining about the game being too grindy  ;D, I have decided to write a very small mod to give the option to avoid that.
(I have made this thread more generic just in case any other small tweaks come up later on. )

This mod does the following:
It gives you a weekly stat boost:
- +1 reputation
- +1 morale
- +1 behavior
It gives you an additional weekly income of 100.
It lowers the stress of your students by 10 (It can't fall below 0, but this means you can do quite a few things which would normally raise stress before it starts rising.)

And since this is a really simple mod, here is the whole(!) code of the mod:

Code: [Select]
init -50 python:
    Effect("easy_mode","Easy Mode","reputation_o.value+=1; morale_o.value+=1; behavior_o.value+=1",
        upkeep_cost=-100,upkeep_desc="Flat income for using Easy Mode")
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