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Hello all!
Yeah, I'm changing my nickname here - plan on using this from now on :P
Also, got a page placeholder running (will contain updates etc...):

I have been busy with RL so was away, but recently I've managed to make a bit of an application for browsing (for now) the generated paperdolls.
It comes with a bundled kisekae (and you can launch it from the program itself! )
And later will also be used to create characters and their outfit variations.

Latest version of WhiteSheepDogs Kisekae Processor: v0.4
Base v0.2:!R1NhmRrD!jQrdkGb3tmbBHc8MatRziz3za4aXRIV9ztXhQN9gyDI
Update v0.2 to v0.3!cklmHaRC!Uulz3U4XJFPRzXZVyRaY9hb68u-kPW3pGOPBH4yEkPQ
Update v0.3 to v0.3a
Download here
Update v0.3a to v0.4
Download here

To update, unpack and simply overwrite the resources folder.

1) An application to browse paperdolls and eventImages
2) Kisekae (v.40)
3) Autocutter v2.3 with the latest(experimental) update applied. [from the post at 2016-12-09 04:50:02]

Current features:
- When You go through the paperdoll generation process, You can put it in the resources\app\resources\people\Adult and You'll see what You've generated there.
... But now You don't have to do that anymore! as it has the processor bundled and will enable to do this in-tool:D
- EventImages are available through gallery in resources\app\resources\eventImages
- Display of the old(current HHS+) format and the new(with back hair etc...) via a switch
- Processor included - You can now push a button and it will process the files in it's folder
(the processor has been taken from this : hhs-kkl2-kisekae-paper-doll-editor that Spinner and Anaconda have been working on after I left ;P.)

WIP Features:
- Create a Character (add metadata like age, etc...)
- Create an Outfit (add metadata like where it'd be used etc...)
- Create an OutfitVariation ( add metadata like how "lusty" it is etc...)
- Create Head variations
- "Edit this character" feature where Kisekae receives the character you click visually

Upcoming features:
- Create BreastSizes
- Create PenisSizes
- Create facial expressions
- Create poses
- Extract from each outfit the head position so that you can switch heads/expressions whatever the pose
- Minify the event images: Change from PNG to jpg and downsize(if too big)

EDIT: And it will autoupdate too once I get around to doing this;)

Update 0.3: Included the processor
Changed the display to faciliate current default settings of the processor.

Bugfix 0.3a

I noticed a lot of my old PDs in there.  I think you'll like my updated ones a lot better.

I've noticed that things can sometimes still get screwed up if you don't delete all of the existing images before modifying them.  Sometimes things just didn't turn out right, so I deleted ALL of the images and .txt files and put my own in.

I'm not saying you need to wipe it all, but I would recommend wiping everything with Anastasia Goth and replacing them with these (they look a lot better).

The reason it's Anastasia Goth and only Anastasia Goth is (at least for now) she's the only one I consider to be "finished".

Found two mistakes.  Here's the corrected files.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Will do :)


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