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Need advice with image editing


Hey guys!
I'm working on a event for HHS where a girl is painting her body to make it look like she's wearing clothes. I'd like to edit her paperdoll to match this, but I don't really know how to achieve a satisfying result.

Ideally I would want something that looks like that :
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I attached what I came with so far, but I'm not really satisfied with the results, so if anyone has some advice on how to improve upon it, that would be awesome :D

Just as a trial run, I made the image below using our KKL tool and a basic image editor.
1)  Used KKL to produce a nude body and one with a one-piece all-blue swimsuit
2)  In the image editor (using 2 layers), overlaid the swimsuit onto the nude, converting the blue to a transparent blue
3)  Did only basic cleaning up (removing most duplicated areas including the shadow)

Of course, you could finesse the blue for a better match, and you could be more finicky about the cleanup.
Also you'd need to do all that for each the breast sizes (10 images).

Anyways... just one approach.

That's close to how i did it also, i also blured the black line between the cloth and the skin to soften the transition.
The breasts layers are gonna be a little more tricky as kisakae compress the boobs when you have clothes compared to naked, but nothing too daunting ^^


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