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How to change location image


So I created a new location, I customized it a bit, conected it to another world location and I set image path which is inside images\locations\... but the image doesnt set.
What do I have to do?
Another problem is that I exit the game and when I open the world editor again my custom location disapeared and I had to make it again

You make the new location outside the game (in the 'Development' tab -> 'World Editor') and save it, then start a new game - I think the ingame location editor might only be for debugging (haven't used it).

For the image, you need a folder with the 3 versions (look at other location-folders) then use the path for the folder, not the image.
You find the right folder, and then select it, not the images inside.

Thank you  :)

This is a suggestion. And challengingly I think about it.

It's easy to understand. The owner of the summary text is excellent.


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