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Here's a small but well made CG set of a female teacher for anyone who's looking to make one

Hi all

Very nice find. Maybe I can use it in my new attempt to code a better version of my old demo.

I have only coded the front by now and this is far from complete. When this is done i will code the guts.

This is not the program that zythen is coding. Its far simpler i think but i have borrowed some code and some ideas.

So when the program is more complete i will make a alpha release.

I wont to be look like the bad guy, when zythen has a realy needed pause from his project. I have only began the new program because i have now some time and iam bored right now.

Cu atztek1

We all greatly appreciate any contribution to the project anyone decides to bring. Particularly you, Aztek, since you did make the entire last version of the game and all.

And no, I'm sure no one holds it against you for doing cool stuff like this. Least of all Zythen.

Good luck, Aztek.


I downloaded this from somewhere before, if the pics in here are useful to you guys I can try and find the link again


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