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I have a couple of Japanese language Eroge I downloaded that I think have some really great pictures for this project. One, Saimin Gakuen has a few pictures that would go great for this game (I've already seen a few in other peoples albums actually). This one only has a few unique ones, so a Print Screen and Paste to paint wouldn't be too bad. Plenty of more generic stuff that could be useful though.

The real problem is Binkan Athlete, a school sport based game. There are pictures for Beach Volleyball, Volleyball, Soccer, Judo, Tennis and swimming. And I mean alot of pictures. Possibly over a thousand if you count every slight difference. And extracting all of those will drive me insane.

Does anyone know of an easier way to extract CG from games? I want to give the writers the broadest possible choices, but if I have to do this manually, I'm going to be forced to just extract memorable ones.

MagisterMagi: use this link, it has the instructions. but the picture examples are long gone  :(

Hi all

Here is the link for this CG  .There are allmost all CG´s that you want.

Cu atztek1

Yeah, I did find that album while bumming around the net. I was hoping to throw up a zip folder on rapidshare or something for mass downloading though.

Thanks for the link MagisterMagi. I'm still looking for the right plug - ins for Susie32, but for now I've copy pasted some pictures of of Saimin Gakuen. I'll upload them when I get a chance.

Well, I've given up on extracting those pictures (couldn't find the right plugins), so people will have to do with the above link to Binkan Athlete.

In the mean time, I've uploaded some pictures from a game called Harem X Sukuracchi Hadashi. It can be found at Hentaipalm where it's been listed as Harem X Scratch. 621 pictures, but a lot of them are just minor variations. Still a lot of good stuff though.

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